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What Happens When Some of Australia’s Certified Speaking Professionals and Top Earners Come Together and Tarran Deane Shares on Technology for Leaders?

Ah-haa moments everywhere! Comments from people like, “I follow you on social media and I love what you post. Now I see behind the scenes and how you’re doing it and I’m both blown away and encouraged! I can do that!”

You and your executives, leadership team and conference delegates can too.

Some of the Memories from the CSP Platform Professionals Summit, Sydney Australia.

Tarran Deane Shares on Technology for Leaders | Speakers | Managers | Executives using the iPhone for Greater Influence, Impact and Outcomes. Book Tarran Deane Speaker by emailing our office info[at]

Tarran Deane was asked to present to Australia’s leading Speakers in Sydney on Socialising their IP, through leveraging technology and being the leaders in their field. Your Leadership can extend its’ influence when you develop a framework for your business and use it daily for routine, results and fun! – Tarran Deane

Creating real time examples with people in the room to demonstrate technology leadership, iPhone productivity and iphone efficiency for c-suite leaders and executives by Speaker Tarran Deane

Creating real time examples with people in the room to demonstrate technology leadership, iPhone productivity and iPhone efficiency for c-suite leaders and executives by Speaker Tarran Deane


Showcasing talent, communicating with your team, leveraging technology in real time with productivity hacks to extend your brand position, and demonstrate intentional leadership that bridges internal silos, creates a buzz and mobilises the troops is easy when you’ve got the right tools as shown by Tarran Deane, and Karen Jacobsen The GPS Girl and Voice of Siri.



Sometimes you've just got to spell it out and hit the shift key, if you want to be better and you want to confidently know you can rely on your team to have your back and deliver on promises. Pre-Order

Sometimes you’ve just got to spell it out and hit the shift key, if you want to be better and you want to confidently know you can rely on your team to have your back and deliver on promises. Available for pre-order and delivery at some point in the near future, in between speaking gigs, coaching, parenting and doing life. 35,000 words and still hitting the keys just for you! Pre-Order your copy here. 

Tarran Deane AFAIM CEO Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, is a Keynote Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Change Consultant and Author. As Tedx Melbourne Convenor Jon Yeo recently said, “You want someone to do something remarkable? Get Tarran Deane”

Need to hit the “Shift” key at work? Feel like you’ve got to spell some things out? Pre-Order Tarran Deane’s new Book “The Alphabet Guide ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling LeaderOrder your pre-release copy here!

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[VIDEO] What’s in a Speaker Kit and Other Interesting Questions

What’s a Speaker Kit?

Queensland Business Group’s Phil McGregor Interviews Tarran Deane Leadership Keynote Speaker & 2016, 2015 President QLDNT Professional Speakers Australia

If you’re a Meeting Planner or Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), you’ll already have a handle on this and know quite clearly what you need to see to pitch a Speaker to a client.

But what if you’re the inHouse personal assistant of a Government Department tasked with going out into cyberspace to ‘find me a speaker’ or on the flip-side, the guy with the great message who wants to add professional speaking as a revenue line item?

There may be a few things you’d like some more information on.

Professional Speakers are running a business and have a lot to do before they go anywhere near a stage, much of which is marketing and promotion. The peak body that many align with here in Oz is “Professional Speakers Australia“, a non profit company limited by guarantee. Speakers who have attained accreditation with PSA will:

  1. have passed a criteria assessment
  2. have an online presence
  3. have visuals – photos and video testimonials on a youtube channel
  4. have a commitment to creating maximum ease throughout the enquiry and decision-making phase
  5. and delivering a fantastic presentation for the conference organiser

Pre-event phase:

Online directories, marketing packages and Speaker Kits usually in PDF format are easily accessible by the PCO.

The Speaker Kit generally includes:

  • Website Screenshots – with separate SPEAKER menu tab, regularly updated, contemporary, SEOd, keyword rich. you can add a submenu “meeting planner”
  • Topics: Keynotes | Breakouts | Workshops
  • BIO of 150 words
  • 3-5 images – head and neck, half body, signature shot
  • social proof – testimonials and reviews; hardcopy or video
  • in the media – press clippings
  • companies you’ve worked – logos
  • VIDEO footage of you presenting
  • contact or enquiry form with a “call now” phone number
  • blog and social media hyperlinks

Speaker Tip: Recommended Track the downloads or activity on your website page for statistical purposes. Your web guru can help you out with that. You may wish to include an “opt-in” feature to nurture enquiries and better serve your customer

Meeting Planner Tip: Ask your Speaker for their >

Relationship agreements for the engagement

AV Audio Visual Checklist confirming technology, microphones and stage requirements at the event

Promotional Images

I recommend accessing Professional Speakers Australia -PSA “Find a Speaker” Directory, if you’re looking for a particular subject matter expert. All ACCREDITED PSA Certified Speaking Professionals and Members, like myself commit to supporting the 8 Core Values of PSA and the governing Code of Ethics.

That right there,provides peace of mind to many event organisers when making their initial enquiries. The rest is down to mutual fit.

Speaker Tip: Many Speakers have dedicated software and checklists to streamline the whole event process and their part in it for PCOs and Meetings Planners. If you’re starting out as a Speaker make a point of finding a good CRM that enables you to stay in touch. Many options are available e.g. Chrome extensions for google including Streak; Mailchimp, right htroguh to the high monthly subscriptions like Infusionsoft, ConvertKit and Ontraport.

All of this provides infrastructure for your business.

At every touchpoint, leave them something to remember you and invite change.

We’re in the transformation business.


If you’d like a copy of Tarran Deane’s Speaker Kit visit or call us to request one today +61 (0)417 654305

SpeakerMagazine Interviews Tarran Deane Keynote Leadership Speaker, Author, Executive Coach & Corporate Cinderella

speaker-magazine -marquesa-pettway-interviews-tarran-deane-ceo-corporate-cinderella-psa-director-on-one-of-her-big-moves

Speaker Magazine Author Marquesa Pettway New York City interviews Tarran Deane, Australian Keynote Speaker for the upcoming December 2016 edition


It’s the Saturday morning of the AFL Grand Final here in Australia, and a Friday evening in New York City. My husband gone motorbike riding and I’m here with this gal filming our interview for the December Edition of Speaker Magazine.

Just like players on the sporting field, entrepreneurs, who happen to be professional speakers, need to know when to make their move. We need to know what plays will give us the greatest returns, which players are on our side, which voices to listen to, how to engage the crowd without getting caught up in everyone’s opinions and simply play your best game.

In our interview Marquesa Pettway of SpeakerTalk and Speaker Magazine Author asks me what was one BIG move that shifted my business. In the interview, I:

  • debunk the myths about Speaker Show Reels
  • the importance of understanding right message, right method, right time
  • gaining ROIs on your finances, time, and physical energy
  • how vital it is to be surrounded by people that catch your vision and help draw out your message
  • and importantly to embrace a new sense of boldness and the power of ‘yes’ and ‘no’

If you’re an event professional or a member of a professional speaking body around the world, like Professional Speakers Australia, or National Speakers Association of America and other GSF member countries, do whatever you can to get your hands on the December 2016 edition of Speaker Magazine when it goes to print and follow #SpeakerMagazine on your favourite social media channel.

As the recording becomes available in December 2016, we’ll be sure to provide you with a link right here, so check back in. Set your calendar alerts!

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Tarran Deane is a professional Keynote Conference Leadership Speaker. Helping Leaders Lead through her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, this CEO and Founder of Corporate Cinderella is one of Australia’s most influential women Leadership Speakers. Visit to enquire about Tarran speaking at your upcoming event.

Got Yourself a Little Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety?

Got a little stagefright? They say public speaking is right up there in the top 10 stressors. It’s normal for even the most experienced Speaker to have that little twinge of performance anxiety.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The old adrenalin rush before you speak…In my 20’s I could feeeel the colour blush up my neck, to my cheeks and into my ears. I am so grateful for every opportunity to refine my skill and increase my ease with presenting public. Executive and c-suite roles provide great opportunities to showcase the achievements of your team or business to a wider audience.


I’m seeing more and more Leaders finding their voices and stepping into the spotlight and that’s a good thing!

Businesses are seeking recognition as disruptors and shakers of the status quo. If you have someone in house, brilliant who can coach your team to enhances their communication skills to this public persona and brand ambassador standard, hold onto them. Your firm is the exception.
What if you see a gap, you have an upcoming speaking opportunity – sitting on a panel, presenting a paper, or offering main stage speech?
Want Three Quick Things to Help You Overcome Performance Anxiety?


  1. know your stuff
  2. hone your craft,
  3. serve them well – pre, mid and post event


Here Are My Insider Secrets for the First 2 Hours Before I Go On Stage to Speak or MC:


who’s the client? why them? why you? why not you? what do you know? who are you representing when you stand up on stage? what are the stakes? Settle this ~ are you the best person for this role? are you putting the time in to know who’s in the room and nurture the audience before you even get up on stage? Few things for you to think about, right?


Before I go anywhere near the stage I know I’ve prepared. I am a subject matter expert who is skilled, competent and My content answer the Brief and delivers additional value.


I’m upholding the values of my own organisations and the code of ethics of our Peak Body, Professional Speakers Australia.


I’m physically feeling energetic and vibrant. I’m bringing the best version of me


En Route to the venue I practice vocal warm ups. I went to singing lessons with this firebrand of a teacher, all 5 foot 2 of her and gee could she belt out the ballads! Marissa taught me the ‘Ba-Si-Noor-or-rah-haaaaa’. I sing. A lot – and not always well but it makes me laugh and lifts my spirit.


If, on the random occasion a headache threatens, I’m onto it fast. I drink plenty of water 24 hours before and in the hours after my presentation – not during unless I really need it, because I don’t want to be running to the restroom with a radio mic battery pack on my belt.


My AV requirements were emailed through weeks before, with my preferred microphone listed, the details of media images, presentation formats and versions. With corporate presentations, keynotes, breakouts, panels and MC work contributing to 35% of our revenue year to date, we make sure the numbers are done, agreements signed and financial terms are signed off well in advance, so we can focus on the upcoming delivery.


  • Need an AV Checklist? I’ll send you mine for inspiration. Email us subject line: “AV Checklist Template Please” and we’ll send you mine for inspiration.

On the day, professional speakers are being remunerated to expertly deliver, present and facilitate. We’re not there to practice on you. We’ve been honing our craft for years before we even undertook paid engagements. This is what we do for a living. if you’ve recently spoken at your brothers wedding or a networking event, it doesn’t mean you’re ready for the main stage. There’s a lot more to do!


Here’s one of my tactics for overcoming stage fright:


I arrive with more than enough time to meet the Audio Visual Team and through sound checks. We troubleshoot dead spots in the room, looking for issues that can draw attention away from the flow of the event or cause discomfort to participants, VIPs and venue staff. I check for emerging issues with the host and PCO. I mingle with the audience, check the details and run sheet. I breathe.


Remember this fun. It’s Show Time!



As much as it’s about you, it’s actually nothing to do with you. You’re a conduit for information. Sharing key learnings, research, breaking down information into bit size chunks, in fun, informative ways. You may leverage personal stories that entice the different learnings styles, seal your authority as a goto company or individual


Where possible provide opportunity for people to continue growing and by “taking you home”. Make available resource and marketing collateral that cements your content and leave a footprint.


Engage the Audience. Embed the Learning. Extol the Host


That’s a Wrap!

Got a Little Performance Anxiety? Speaking Leadership with


Those three things you must remember: Prepare, Hone Your Craft and Serve Others!




Tarran is a Strategic & Operational Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Conference Speaker. Author of the upcoming book “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran is also Queensland President for Professional Speakers Australia and Board Member for Newlife Uniting Care Services. A Wife, Mum, Ducati rider and sought after speaker at conferences in the Asia Pacific, Tarran equips leaders and executives using her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, to build connection and culture that drives business and organisational success.

Tarran and the team do short, sharp daily posts on one aspect of her Signature 7 Leadership Framework™. Check it out and join the conversation for your key interest areas:

  1. Sunday: Personal Leadership
  2. Monday: Toolbox Leadership
  3. Tuesday: Strategic Ledership
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“I Need a Hero!” The Awesome Show Leadership Podcast with Russell Pearson & Tarran Deane

BONUS Season 01 Podcast: WHY Everybody’s Looking For a Hero!

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In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss: what it means to be a hero, how positive role-models and even the anti-hero, influence you in every day life. Hot on the heels of recent movie releases, Russell was keen to go and watch DeadPool; Tarran wasn’t so sure about that. We can still learn a lot about Leadership and ourselves whether they’re politically incorrect, or unpolished. 

This episode like all of Season ONE of the Awesome Show reflect the warmth, banter and straight talking of from the executive and entrepreneur, with insights for current and emerging leaders.

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ABOUT THE CO-HOSTS: Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

Tarran and Russell met during an International Leadership Institute in Arizona, during November 2014 where they were representing Professional Speakers Australia in volunteer Leadership positions in Queensland and Victoria. Both flat out with work, and loving their spouses and kiddywinks, Tarran and Russell weren’t even sure if they’d like each other. Then they met and a madcap, crazy brother-sister relationship emerged. They came back from the states with some great ideas, purposefully kept in touch, launching The Awesome Show as a Pilot Podcast Season for Emerging Leaders.

Since launching the Program and partnering together they’ve both enjoyed a great sense of community, strengthened the bonds between their respective PSA states, grown their businesses, spent time with each other’s family and reached more Leaders together!

Now that’s simply awesome!

Tarran Deane: Speaks and Consults to Executives and Senior Leaders on Change, Connection & Communication to Drive Results from Brisbane – Gold Coast Australia

Russell Pearson: Speaks and Consults to Companies and Organisation on Brand Design and Execution from Melbourne Victoria