The Case for Change: Innovation Checklist for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Teams and Those in Leadership

Discover where you, your organisation & Leadership team stand on Innovation and Positive Disruption. Draw your own conclusions, build a case for change and organisational planning and increase your confidence and momentum. When it’s laid out clearly you’ll feel more empowered and ready to engage in evidence based conversations with your decision makers!


Encourage others to participate in this survey and increase your shared understanding of your organisations position – it’s yours with our compliments! Simply share this link with your colleagues.


In the Checklist below you’ll be asked to complete 40 multiple choice questions, 3 comment fields and  contact details. At the end you have the opportunity to print out your answers for your records. It shouldn’t take you more than 5-8 minutes.


*Graduates and Interns ~ this is also a perfect tool for you to complete in preparation for those Interviews you have on the horizon. What point of difference will YOU bring to a new employer? Answer everything you can, based on where you’re working or volunteering now.


Please note: This may take a moment to load …. it’s so worth waiting for. Oh and when it does simply scroll down to complete the fields and at the end, request a copy of your individual PDF report by emailing us  and we’ll have it to you as soon as possible!


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Seeing Things As They Could Be!

Seeing Things As They Could Be!



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Tarran Deane AFAIM CEO Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company. Tarran is a Leadership Commentator, Keynote Speaker at Conferences within SE Asia and Australia. Placing value on Executives & Leadership Teams to stop the outward loss of good people leaving senior roles, to the detriment of the individual, their employer, stakeholders and organisational profit & performance.


Tarran and her team deliver Executive Coaching, Change Management Consulting, Training and Education strategies to a variety of Australian sectors inc. Health, Education, Engineering, Mining, Finance, Government, Churches, NFP, NGOs, Boards and Small Business. Tarran is also the Creator of the Success Clique Program promoting the development of emerging and current women leaders.

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