[Video] How to Use Canva to Position Your Brand and Communicate Your Leadership Message with Tarran Deane

How to Use Canva to Create Graphics that Position Your Brand & Communicate Your Message as a Leader in Your Field _ Host Tarran Deane Professional Speaker, Leading Change Consultant & Author
[Video TeleClass] Leading Change, Influencing Others, Positioning Your Brand or Creating a Movement is Enhanced When Your Leadership Embraces Different Modalities to Get Your Message Across. Working for one of Australia’s key banks many years ago, I had the privilege of communicating a change message across 17 branches and witnessed at

How to Set Up Your Youtube Banner with Canva When You Want to Lead Change Online

Canva - Now see what it looks like on the laptop version - Youtube Banner_opt by @tarrandeane #Leadingonline #online #Leadership
Do you have curb or even kerb appeal online? “Location, Location, Location!” they cry in real estate and your online real estate is no different. Here’s how you can set up your Youtube Banner with Canva when you want to be positioned as a Leader Online! Did you at one

B. Bosses – An Extract from The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader by Tarran Deane

B. Bosses n. Bosses: individuals who are usually the immediate supervisors of a number of employees and have certain capacities and responsibilities to make decisions – the term itself is not a formal title and is sometimes used to refer to any higher-level employee in a company, including a supervisor,

100 Days to Christmas and It Just Got a Whole Lot Easier to Give!

TarranDeane.com Leadership & Life Store - Tarran is a Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach, Online Leadership Course Host, Commentator & Author Christmas Gift Ideas.PNG
It’s Saturday and I Realised We Have 100 Days to Make Sure We’ve Remembered Everyone this Christmas! We don’t want you stressed as you run full tilt towards the end of the year. We can hear you now, wondering how you’re going to finalise your calendars for the rest of the

A. Authentic – An Extract from The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader by Tarran Deane

A. Authentic Leadership   adj. AUTHENTIC: not false or copied; genuine; real; reliable; trustworthy; having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience; authenticated; verified.1   When we speak the seed of value over the lives we are entrusted