MC Review of #CMAConfidentMinistry in a Complex World, June 2017

How MCing Improves Your Organisation, Capacity to Think on Your Feet and Readiness to Serve! You recognise it don’t you when you walk into a room and the atmosphere is welcoming? That’s how I felt one recent Tuesday morning in Melbourne, as I was greeted by the team from CMA. A

Change Management – Leadership Book by Tarran Deane

Now There’s a Book That Deals with Change Management and Real Life @ Work! THE ALPHABET PRINCIPLE: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader   Fulfilling, and at times incredibly consuming, downright frustrating and challenging, many individuals find themselves torn between executing well, rapid change, limited resources and conflicting

[Video] Authenticity – Stop Selling Yourself Out! Chapter #01 The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader

You’ve seen the people who seem so naturally at ease with themselves, whatever situations they’re in? The kid who isn’t self-conscious, the woman on stage, the man trying his hand at something new – they captivate you with their authenticity.   Our capacity at work and in the community is enhanced

Bold Boards: The Cause, Community, Confrontation & Coming Together

You know how LinkedIn sends those notifications of a work anniversary, right? Well, unlike Bernard Salt, I actually like those notifications. LinkedIn has become an extended type of virtual office where your colleagues drop by and say, “Hey, well done on your anniversay!” The only thing missing is the cake!