Let Patience Have Its’ Perfect Work

Patience: The Important Virtue of Leadership [Faith]

I’ve been taking some time this season focusing on my faith walk and relationship with God. 

You see I have big dreams. Time is short and the stakes are high. I can’t and don’t want to do it in my own capacity.

Leadership across every spectrum of our lives is important; so is knowing how to follow, how to sit and rest, and quietly listen and correct our course. 

There’s one brand I want to be greater than mine: the Jesus Brand. 

Folks watch how we live our lives ‘on and off line’. It matters how they see us waiting. 

We are not perfect, but we are perfect in our imperfections, submitting our plans to God – boldly and humbly. Understanding the seasons, developing our critical thinking and the virtues of prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

Prudence, the skill of pausing and thinking.

Temperance, the skill of pausing and thinking before reacting

Justice, the skill of pausing and thinking before judging

Fortitude, the skill of pausing and thinking before drawing on strength and determining our next course of action.

I’m learning to be patient in my progress and let God have His perfect way”

In the Book of James 1:4 New King James Version (NKJV), it reads “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing”.

To work patiently, we have to learn to take what’s uncomfortable or learn how to BE comfortable with the uncomfortable. Growth happens in the midst of the stretch.



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Patience: A Virtuous Work for Every Leader. In all our striving we occasionally forget the importance of pausing and reflecting and reconnecting with why we do what we do... What does your brand say about you? Is there a bigger BRAND you want the world to see when they connect with you?

Patience: A Virtuous Work for Every Leader. In all our striving we occasionally forget the importance of pausing and reflecting and reconnecting with why we do what we do… What does your brand say about you? Is there a bigger BRAND you want the world to see when they connect with you?

Mothers Day: How One Woman Called Deborah Stepped Up When Gender Equality Wasn’t Even a Thing

Why Mothers Day? One daughter wanted to recognise her Mother and earnestly pursued the initiative through letter writing and giving a voice to her Mother, and Mum’s everywhere, who sacrificed for their families and community. American President Wilson in 1914 signed a Bill for Mothers Day to be recognised on the 2nd Sunday in May. You can watch the whole video here.

This is the intention, to honour the act of sacrifice women make at home, in times of war and in the day to day. I love it and have fond memories of crayon cards and little fingers touching my face.

In a video clip on Motherhood by The Skit Guys, a radiographer is completing an ultrasound on an expectant Mum, who asks “What’s it like? Is it worth it?”

My answer. Yes.


Guest Preaching this Mothers Day at my home Church I was considering all the women in the Bible, and I knew immediately who had influenced me. I knew whose story would take centre stage.

I am considerate and recognise we’re all on this crazy journey called life and, well, life can be messy, relationships imperfect and families on a scale rating from pain through to flourishing vitality. You’ve got to know the likelihood of who will be sitting in the audience, without shrinking back…


Daniel Grothe in his Blog shares how Mothers Day evokes a range of emotions for some who gather in church services and we need to be mindful of them: 

  • “their Mum has passed away, old or young
  • a mum’s child has passed away, from miscarriage or stillbirth, a prolonged sickness, at someone else’s hand or their own, or through a crazy gut wrenching accident or war
  • there will be those who yearn to be Mum’s and for whom it hasn’t happened yet or don’t fit someone’s criteria or mould
  • There are those who have chosen a life of singleness or not to have children 
  • there are those whose life with their Mum has caused them deep sorrow, through addiction, absence or disappointment and are simply not close
  • there will be those Mum’s who’s children have caused them great pain and remain at a distance.” 

God see’s you wherever you are.

And then there are those

  • who have suffered at the hands of other women and  are reframing their thinking about what it means to be a daughter, a woman, a person of value.
  • who are finding their way in foster, blended or step families, 
  • those who have made their peace with their circumstances, 
  • and those who have forged their identity in families with love and diversity, strength and wisdom

We are all seen and valued. Let’s acknowledge that. Honour it and not over think it. Let us focus on GOD over our circumstance and allow faith to mobilise us.


It is a different world now than it was in 1965 when singer, lyricist and artist Joni Mitchell, gave up for her daughter for adoption. It was 33 years before they were reunited… 

Thank God, legalism has given way to reason and grace!

Singer Celine Dion describes her journey through 5 failed IV attempts and miscarriages, before giving birth to twins, 10 years since she gave birth to her first son Rene Charles. Celine set clear boundaries – no business in the house. Everyone has a story, right?

What steps do you take to implement boundaries in your home?


Maybe. Not in our household. Simple actions, treasured moments and cherished conversations. Sigh. I’m happy.

Around the world spending has been taking place on cards and flowers. In 2014 more than $21.2 billion was spent on Mothers Day gifts in the USA.

There will be burnt toast and handcrafted gifts, hushed tones and loud noise in many households. 

DEBORAH: The Woman Who I Would Have Over for Dinner

Thank God for daughters. These girls become women and influencers at work and home, they may parent their own or others peoples children and shape the course of history. 

Our world is a different place but there have always been women who have shaken the status quo throughout biblical times. Some we know, like Ruth, Naomi, Mary and Martha. 

There is a woman written about in the Book of Judges 4: who I look forward to sitting at the table and having TEA with. 

Deborah the Prophetess

Her name is Deborah. In an age where gender equality was not a theme, but rather where the focus was on relationship with God and anointing, one woman forged a path that shaped her country and led to peace in the land for more than 40 years.

I feel like my spirit cries out as I read of her character and spirit, this woman who was trusted by God, loved by the community and positioned herself halfway up a hill with a view of what took place, who was accessible to the people. Her garments rustling in the breeze and the stones of the river bed glistened in the sun.

Here was a woman whose story demonstrated three key traits by the way she lived her life. Deborah

T: was Tenacious in life

E: Exhorted Others, encouraging them in their faith and skills

A: Walked in her Authority as Prophetess and Judge.

T: Deborah was Tenacious in life

Oh she was feisty this Deborah woman. Can you imagine it? Talk about the old boys club. Different to other women of the day, she held her ground

Judges 4: 4 Now Deborah, a prophet, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading [a] Israel at that time. 

  1. Deborah, known by name. Her Identity is secure in her relationship with God Psalm 139. She was known and loved by Him, as we all are. The root word of her name ‘Darab’ which translates in Hebrew as Word or Speak
  2. A Prophet – a spiritual call . You know that ‘something different’ you recognise on someone when you meet them. theyre different
  3. A Wife – relationship. Part of a team. Released. protected. covered. Not ‘controlled’ by her husband. But rather supported by him. We hear nothing about children and for all we know never had them.
  4. A Leader – role. Anointed to influence and bring about change. Honoured in that role as evidenced by all the people who came to have their disputes resolved. 

Judges 4:5 We Find Out What She Does

  • Holds Court – knows her role, understands her calling
  • Hears Disputes – listens intently
  • Gives Her Verdict – is trusted for her counsel 

E: Exhort Others

Judges 4:6 Read it here

Barak was a military man

Deborah was a judge. Barak was used to submitting to the authority of the role. He understood the protection and insight, yet sought to negotiate with Deborah. 

We see that he knew the anointing was on her. Could he have not wanted to go with her for this reason? Was he fearful without her? 

Deborah could see that someone else would have the victory, beyond perceptions, the scriptures do not suggest that it would come by a different woman’s hand. The reader can naively interpret the passage in isolation to infer it comes by Deborah. 

Deborah knows the power of unity. 

Here she exhorts the woman who has no name until we are introduced to Jael in verse 17.

She exhorts Barak that victory will come into his hands.

As a parental figure she calls to the people ARISE! ARISE!

A: Walk in Your Authority

Deborah models how to walk in your authority, with boldness and humility, confidence and certainty! 

  • Hear God’s voice
  • Declare what you see and hear
  • Speak victory
  • Lift others up
  • Own you achievements to His glory. The Hebrew scholars remark the song of Deborah is poetically one of the 

Deborah’s efforts brought peace. We may not fight a physical war. We may not have our own children. We may be facing our own distractions. 

Ephesians 6:12  “We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of the unseen world.”

Ephesians 6:10 Cladding ourselves in the Armour of God

We have a choice. Will you make yours to encourage your sons and daughters, brothers or sisters, to

  • eliminate fear
  • maximise talent
  • accept responsibility for their actions?

We could all have a little touch of Deborah in us and find our voice to Live Boldly and Rise Up! Remember these three things: 

Time for TEA

  • Tenacity of Spirit
  • Exhortation of Others
  • Walking in our Authority


Yep, I’m looking forward to meeting this woman one day who was called the Mother of Israel, who heard the voice of God, spoke her convictions, lifted her voice, saw the big picture and came alongside others like Barak, felt the loss of people and loved and helped pave the way for people to achieve freedom.

My kind of Mother.

Suits me to a T.E.A