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Links to Booking Your Coaching Sessions with Tarran through www.meetme.so/tarrandeane:

Book Here: Need a quick 15 Minute phone call? 
Book Here: 1 hour, by Phone or Video Calls

^ All phone and Video calls are initiated by you as an act of prioritising your coaching session. We do use Zoom Video Conferencing with the option to record and extract .mp4 and mp3. for playback for you. However, we recognise due to some organisational infrastructure, your employer may have their own preferred supplier like Webex by Cisco.

^^ TIP: Try and be comfortable away from distractions, disturbances and listening ears, so you can freely talk about the real issues you’re navigating through!

Book Here: 1 hour in person, face to face on the GOLD COAST

^ When you book a face to face at Burleigh Heads bring a comfortable pair of walking shoes so you can ‘walk the talk’ around Burleigh Headland and shake up the status quo. We firmly believe in the power of walking meetings. In our western society, we sit traditionally more than 9.3 hours per day. Let’s get you active as you grow professionally. Watch the TED Talk here and consider how we can reframe your thinking. Walk the Talk!

Now, what else is here: 

– Your Coaching Journal – yes, the discipline of coaching invites you to pause and reflect. This is an editable pdf you will need to compelte during our coaching partnership.

My Reflective Journal [1_6_10_15 Session] copy

– Links to your PRIVATE Dropbox folder where Tarran adds her notes arising from your sessions. If internet bandwidth allows audio files of your session will also be available here

[After each session you’ll be able to log directly into Google Drive and view notes and/or recordings using the link emailed to you by Tarran. If we’re recording the sessions, our team will aim to also update the link here against your session date for easy hyperlinking. If you are recording your session, we encourage you to also upload the link or recording to this shared Google Drive so both coach and coaching recipient are able to review the content. This link will remain active for 12 months from the commencement of your coaching program, subject to technology outtages]

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  • Relevant Bonus Value Inclusions as per YOUR COACHING PROGRAM PDF
  • Links to Tarran’s latest Blogs HERE 
  • the Signature 7 Leadership Infographic HERE
  • Your Coaching Registration Form and Self Assessment Outcomes. This is an editable pdf and will be made available on payment of deposit




We are cheering you on in your Leadership Journey and we’re alongside you believing that the year ahead will be your best yet!


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This will be a brilliant and bold season ahead for you! Remember to book your next session using the Links at the top of this page, to ensure you don’t miss out!


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