I don’t know about you, but I’m busy. Speed to market is an imperative in my business. I have a plan and the plan is working – and only if I work the plan! 

Sound familiar?

To help you gain momentum, let’s help you achieve #speedtomarket. It happens when you #speakup.

Here’s a few of the resources I may have mentioned during my presentation, plus a few more things to help you in your business.



  • Client Qualifying Sheet: Tarran’s Corporate Cinderella “Does the Shoe Fit” Client Qualifying Sheet. This is the single most important checklist I developed in 2012 that has guided my decision-making framework and how I engage with potential clients. The language IS unique to my brand, so please… consider your company name or your ‘trigger as Jay Baer called it, and create your own using YOUR personality and your own metaphors. Then it MEANS something to YOU, and you’re not using someone else’s IP. Thanks for honouring the spirit in which this is shared….


Download (PDF, 133KB)




  • Canva Teleclass Video: How to use Canva more effectively in a way that communicates your message and positions your brand whether it’s for creating Youtube Thumbnails, Social Memes, Templates or even… powerpoint slides.



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