Change Consulting that Empowers Your People to Deliver on Your Company Objectives

Do you feeling like closing the office door, putting your head against it and just for a moment…. sighing or wondering why how you’re going to get everything done and cope with the fall out?

Is the pace of change and growth so rapid that you’re not able to consolidate one thing before you’re moving onto the next project?

Are the financial reports and KPIs telling more and more of a gloomy story or are the problem generators just getting you down?

Are you frustrated as you walk back to your car, late again leaving work, preoccupied that things didn’t get done and you haven’t a clue how you’re going to switch off tonight and spend time with the family?

These are common threads amongst leaders when outcomes fall short of intentions…

You and your colleagues have real time priorities and you need real time solutions.

Our Change Management Consulting Services cover core elements of business to ascertain:

  1. Organisational capability: scalability, systemisation, automation
  2. Strategic and operational planning: Facilitation, aims and objectives, written document
  3. Workforce development: people, management practice, process and protocols | Training Programs
  4. Individual and Group Coaching: for Leaders, Managers, C-Suite

We do Business Consulting on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and selected locations that combines strategic and operational solutions for business leaders and teams.


Our clients have come to us at various stages of the change process and have achieved wide ranging results: Saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by recognising the money, time and energy drains in their business, increasing individual buy-in from middle management, reducing friction between key influencers, embedding clearer communication strategies with all stakeholders, demystifying disruptive technology to meet growing demands and promote stronger engagement.

You may want our set of eyes and skills coming into your business to help with

* Exploratory Tours – Understanding your business; Strengths, Weakness, Threats & Opportunities, Team dynamics, the interplay of policies and procedures vs the reality of life in action

* Drafting an Observations Report – and tailoring services in response to agreed priorities. This is a favoured strategy used by many organisations who call us in to undertake an onsite visit, walk around, meeting with the senior leader(s) and perhaps board or committee representative. Offsite research results may be added to our findings and included in our Recommendations Report, used for the purposes of Culture identification, Rebranding, QA Compliance, Risk, Increasing marketplace presence, diversification of marketplace offerings, decreasing dependancy on government funding (if applicable), and delivering the best possible customer services to internal and external clients and suppliers.

* Change Readiness – to implement quality improvements and minimise the impact on business of not undertaking them i.e. safeguarding inventory, risk minimisation, litigation, loss of IP – intellectual property, brand reputation

* Facilitating Strategic Planning – Developing 3, 5 & 10 year plans to protect your core Vision, Mission & Values and empower your people and support network to know what you’re aiming for! It’s one of our favourite things to do. As a former national executive of a $55 million not for profit, I’ve been on both sides of the table and love working with leaders and teams to facilitate these vital conversations

* Guiding the Development of Operational Planning – Developing INNOVATIVE goals ensuring your business, service and Leadership are positioned as authority figures in the marketplace to grow your Leads and nurture your clients and customer base

* Delivering Leadership & Professional Development Training for Your Team – Bringing your people together ‘corporately’ or ‘in unity’ to achieve ‘Cinderella’ or ‘transformational’ results. Building trust underpins our high success rate with the organisations we work with. The majority of training is conducted on the Gold Coast, Australia

* Trusted Advisor – Identifying where we may become a trusted advisor, investing our expertise in leadership & change management and strategies including succession planning


Let’s start with a Discovery Conversation:

A. Phone | Skype: Complimentary 30 minutes CLICK TO SCHEDULE >>>

B. an INITIAL Face to Face within Gold Coast – Brisbane CBD region is: minimum 1 hour @$1,697 includes an audio report within 3 days of meeting of our recommendations. We generally prefer to attend your workplace for observation purposes and meet with both the CEO.

* If your business is outside the immediate Gold Coast area that’s no problem. We’ll simply chat about logistics including travel time, fares and accommodation, agreeing on terms prior to the engagement taking place. 

If getting this sorted is important to you, then let’s do something about it!

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Programs are customised in collaboration with our clients, using a mix of face to face consulting, inclusions and agreed messaging via a range of technologies such as audio, visual, text, email and membership access.

Consulting Timeframes run for fixed periods of 3 | 6 | 9 | 12 months to embed change with various inclusions.

If you are considering providing key support to your c-suite and management we can customise programs from our leadership and professional development programs available through Tarran Deane Education Leadership Suite [<<< Click to View]

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You Want to Focus on This?
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