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Consultation does not abdicate decision making QUOTE with _opt

Consultation Does Not Abdicate Decision Making


In an environment where everyone has an opinion, both online and off, organisations that get the balance right between consultation and making the tough decisions, actually inspire confidence and ultimately, have a competitive advantage.

And yet, it’s not always easy.

Healthy teams respectfully offer viewpoints as it relates to process, procedure, policy, product, program or even positioning, without making it ‘personal’, damaging workplace culture or eroding their professionalism.

They also recognise through the importance of self-reflection and are accountable if they miss the mark and slip into attacking a person, rather than a problem.

This type of behaviour raises its’ head most often, when the decision made by a leader or designated authority, is not something you want or would personally do.

Leadership requires leaders to make the tough calls. Trust in the role. Trust in the person and the portfolio of responsibility they have.

Leaders aren’t parents, and yet they are seen as people in authority. At times, team member hang-ups from childhood cloud judgement, rejection raises its head, social justice tries to find a hook to hang its’ hat on and come hell or high water, a small minority may object to the decisions made by the leader.

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, Adolescent Psychologist, in his book “Princess Bitchface Syndrome, available on Audible, shares the importance of adults having a healthy mindset of positive expectation before engaging in challenging situations. Believing the best and anticipating a warm response from the other person, psychologically puts you into a more positive mindset where you won’t be primed for offence and are less likely to be reactive yourself. And, you know, it’s not so different in adult to adult encounters either.

Next time you’ve been asked to consult on a matter, or offer feedback, check yourself.

Are you getting caught up in the emotion and being dishonouring or disrespectful, perhaps even lacking in civility or are you role-modelling what it means to contribute from a place of boldness and humility?

Embrace boldness and humility and with wisdom, process the results of feedback and present a united front to your client base.

Trust is a two-way street.




[Video] Authenticity – Stop Selling Yourself Out! Chapter #01 The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader

You’ve seen the people who seem so naturally at ease with themselves, whatever situations they’re in? The kid who isn’t self-conscious, the woman on stage, the man trying his hand at something new – they captivate you with their authenticity.

Our capacity at work and in the community is enhanced when we give ourselves permission to grow and practice, fail and succeed at things. you see we need each other – not all the time sure – but ultimately teams need to know what we stand for so we can genuinely connect, better understand and unite beneath a shared purpose.
We can all be intentional when we have a clearer understanding of who we are and what we stand for, embracing boldness and humility and setting aside comparison and rejection.
In the first of 26 Chapters, the opening chapter ‘Authenticity’ from  “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” sets the scene as we talk about real life at work, the opportunities and challenges, including: 
📓Just Who Are You?!
📓Stripping Back the Layers (and really, Tim Ferris can’t have been thinking about mainstream leaders when he wrote the 4 hour work week!?)
📓What Alternatives Do You Have & the Impact at Work
📓Trusting Yourself
📓a Bunch More Great Stuff
📓a cautionary reality stocktake
📓 and Your Authenticity Checklist
Here’s a quick video on being your #authentic self as a leader and some background vision from #ColourConf Sydney Australia during March 2017. When I first attended this conference back in 1998 the female host was truly breaking new ground. It was the first time I had witnessed genuine authenticity from a main stage presentation. Bobby Houston was disarming, engaging, feminine and strong. This Leader walked in her authority in her own style, pushing the boundaries of stereotypes. 
As I listened over those few days I realised I ‘caught’ something. It was a seed of authenticity, that I have continued to water in my own life over the past 20 years.
So now my invitation to you:  water your own sense of authenticity and realise when you do, you give the rest of us ‘permission’ to be ourselves in the process.
🎬 Watch the raw video below filmed while I’m waiting for this next 8,000 delegate strong conference to resume after the lunch break

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