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Is Your Leadership Compelling?

Perhaps it’s time you took a fresh look at how you’re leading, what you’re sacrificing and where you could be refining your approach.

You’ll know it’s time for change if:

  • you’re having difficulty with your direct reports delivering projects on time?
  • you’d like to exit problem generators from your workplace?
  • you have increasing amounts of responsibility and a lack of resources to meet demand?
  • you’re trying to rollout culture change in your workplace and meeting with resistance?
  • you’re feeling inadequately prepared for presenting at events and conferences, or to Boards, stakeholders and government?
  • you’re spending too much time on social media instead of picking up the phone and making the sales calls, liaising with your stakeholders or dealing with problem generators at work

If you’ve answered yes to any of these, you’ll find award-winning entrepreneur and leadership keynote speaker, Tarran Deane a great fit for your company and event.

We know how you feel and what it’s going to take to fix the problem and make a change!

Tarran Deane is a highly sought after Executive Advisor & Coach, Leadership Speaker and Change Management Consultant. Tarran and her team also deliver inHouse Professional Development and Training through Tarran Deane Education. Join us to implement your values, and drive capability and communication to adjust to take the lead in a time of positive disruption! Contact us today +61 417 654305






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