If You Want Me to Get Naked at Least Tell Me Your Name! How Customer Service Can be Improved in Business & the Health Care Sector [Media Interview]

If You Want Me to Get Naked at Least Tell Me Your Name! How Customer Service Can be Improved in the Health Care Sector [Media Interview] 6PR & Tarran Deane #Mediastable #corporatecinderella #leadershipspeaker #customerserviceIf You Want Me to Get Naked at Least Tell Me Your Name! A Customer Service Story…

“A trip to a medical centre got a listener fired up about customer service and the protocol to approaching those awkward medical procedures that requires us to get naked,” said 6PR’s Perth Tonight Radio Host Chris Ilsley.

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Customer Service in the Health Care Sector

CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, Tarran Deane told Chris Ilsley of Perth Radio Station 6PR, the four basic principles of customer service that everyone should follow, with a focus on connection, privacy, dignity and self-leadership

If you want me to get NAKED, please:
1. CALL me by name; please introduce yourself!
2. Be ATTENTIVE – don’t lose the paperwork;
3. RESPOND to your Clients really well. CHECK that everything has gone okay
4. EVALUATE next steps and ways that you can improve your service better.





Tarran Deane Intentional Leadership Speaker, Breakout Speaker, MC, Executive Coach, Change & Trust Consultant #Leadership Tarran Deane Education Training Courses tarrandeane.com/courses #womensleadershipprograms #inhouseprograms #mediacommentator #MediastableexpertTarran Deane is a Workplace Culture & Change expert, with more than 41,000 hours of leadership across diverse industries including finance, tourism, NGOs, disability and small business. Tarran is the author of “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”  published April 2017. Her second book “Clique” is due for release June 2018.

Thrown into the media spotlight in 2005 Tarran Deane brilliantly handled multiple hot seat interviews with A Current Affair, Talk Back Radio, national & local print media, over community concerns relating to disability respite within the suburbs & Gold Coast City Council proposed zoning changes. 

Tarran’s a keen Ducati 800 Monster owner and Australian Ambassador for the Smart Rider Safety Program. Tarran regularly keynotes in Australia, Asia & the USA. Tarran is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, National Vice-President of Professional Speakers Australia, Director of Gold Coast based Charity Newlife Care Inc. & Founder of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company

Contact Information:

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SpeakerMagazine Interviews Tarran Deane Keynote Leadership Speaker, Author, Executive Coach & Corporate Cinderella

speaker-magazine -marquesa-pettway-interviews-tarran-deane-ceo-corporate-cinderella-psa-director-on-one-of-her-big-moves

Speaker Magazine Author Marquesa Pettway New York City interviews Tarran Deane, Australian Keynote Speaker for the upcoming December 2016 edition


It’s the Saturday morning of the AFL Grand Final here in Australia, and a Friday evening in New York City. My husband gone motorbike riding and I’m here with this gal filming our interview for the December Edition of Speaker Magazine.

Just like players on the sporting field, entrepreneurs, who happen to be professional speakers, need to know when to make their move. We need to know what plays will give us the greatest returns, which players are on our side, which voices to listen to, how to engage the crowd without getting caught up in everyone’s opinions and simply play your best game.

In our interview Marquesa Pettway of SpeakerTalk and Speaker Magazine Author asks me what was one BIG move that shifted my business. In the interview, I:

  • debunk the myths about Speaker Show Reels
  • the importance of understanding right message, right method, right time
  • gaining ROIs on your finances, time, and physical energy
  • how vital it is to be surrounded by people that catch your vision and help draw out your message
  • and importantly to embrace a new sense of boldness and the power of ‘yes’ and ‘no’

If you’re an event professional or a member of a professional speaking body around the world, like Professional Speakers Australia, or National Speakers Association of America and other GSF member countries, do whatever you can to get your hands on the December 2016 edition of Speaker Magazine when it goes to print and follow #SpeakerMagazine on your favourite social media channel.

As the recording becomes available in December 2016, we’ll be sure to provide you with a link right here, so check back in. Set your calendar alerts!

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Tarran Deane is a professional Keynote Conference Leadership Speaker. Helping Leaders Lead through her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, this CEO and Founder of Corporate Cinderella is one of Australia’s most influential women Leadership Speakers. Visit www.tarrandeane.com to enquire about Tarran speaking at your upcoming event.
Cliques at work - conflict . tarrandeane.com

Clicky Workplaces: How to Recognise Them and the Impact on Your Health and Do Something About Them.

POSITIVE CLIQUES vs. Negative Clicks

  1. A small exclusive group of friends or associates. Vb. To form, associate in, or act as a clique.[1]
The most important thing to a lot of people is to belong to something thats hip or whatever. To be a part of something thats not society, just a clique. 

– Ric Ocasek


There is no doubt that there are some people that you will connect with more easily than others. You’ll gravitate towards them during break times. You’ll enjoy similar conversations and maybe have a fair bit in common away from work.  Some groups form naturally based on personality and common interests or departmental responsibilities. Occasionally, negative groups gather to erode culture and ‘accuse to excuse’.

Cliques aren’t all bad. In some instances, they’re extensions of the positive relationships you formed in the school grounds. You gained a sense of belonging. At work, you have the opportunity to create something pretty special and share a common objective.

On other occasions you may have felt excluded. Rejection is such a torrid emotion and we don’t want anyone experience this kind of bullying.

Are You a  Welcoming Person?

Welcoming people can transform a workplace into a community, a clan or tribe. Members are linked through a united purpose and common focus that goes beyond the individual weaknesses and strengths.

Keith Abraham, Certified Speaking Professional, speaks about building a Passionate Tribe. Allan Pease, FRSA CSP, is the expert on Body Language. The authors of numerous books, both gentlemen impart insightful, practical tips in a down-to-earth manner on how you can build passionate performance [Keith] and increase the effectiveness of communication [Allan].

The Clicky Workplaces: How to Recognise Them and the Impact on Your Health

If you’re in a destructive workplace click you’ll recognise it by the:

  • negative language that is used,
  • the gossiping that occurs about people that aren’t present including colleagues and the mysterious ‘management’
  • meal and break times are extended inappropriately
  • there’s careless regard of company resources
  • the emotional hold that the ‘negative influencer’ will have over you
  • divisions start to occur and one or two people are really feeding it


Cliques at work - conflict . tarrandeane.com

If you start to feel any of the symptoms of stress: heart palpitations, headaches, nauseas, or a general unease, you may be finding it difficult to extract yourself from an ‘advancing click.’

Check out the policies and procedures on bullying, review your team development goals, and be confident in aligning your behaviour with company expectations. At the end of the day, the clique is not going to pay your mortgage. Honour your employer and your employment contract.’

Signs of a Healthy Clique Within Your Workplace or Networks

You’ll notice your workplace has a healthy clique if:

  1. people don’t gossip negatively about each other
  2. they believe the best in each other and care enough to confront
  3. team members are in unity behind the vision, mission, and values of the organisation
  4. there’s a willingness to serve one another.
  5. People are demonstrating clear personal boundaries, dignity, and respect
  6. communication channels are clearly defined and utilised
  7. they spur each other on with encourage and back up their words with action
  8. encourage ongoing learning and continuous quality improvement
  9. the workspace is inviting – whether sparse or luxurious


How to Find a Positive Clique – The Checklist:

  • Join social networking sites individually and as a company that align with your core values and affiliated industries.
  • Work together to establish regular intentional team building opportunities amongst various departments and areas of responsibility. Engage an external facilitator to run the events
  • Look for instances where individuals are being held accountable for their behaviours if they’re not lining up with the organisational values
  • lnnovation and service are highly prized
  • Find a coach or mentor that will help you be a better leader. Choose a skilled person that you really connect with, who can resource you with practical tips, and coach your conversation skills.

[1] Source: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/clique




Tarran Deane CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, Conference Speaker, Breakout Speaker, MC, Executive Coach, Change & Trust Consultant #Leadership #PSA www.tarrandeane.com/alphabet


Tarran Deane CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, Conference Speaker, Breakout Speaker, MC, Executive Coach, Change & Trust Consultant #Leadership #PSA

Buy Your Copy of the Book: www.tarrandeane.com/alphabet