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Fear, Trust, Values & Strategic Planning in the Age of Scrutiny


Start with the end in mind. The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has yielded a whole serious of recommendations, that without accountability, and a systematic shift in how values inform strategic and operational planning, recruitment and performance management and clear action plans, may not go far enough.

Government has responded, but does responsibility end with them? I mean after all, they are people also working within a system. We are ALL people.

This lack of ethics and morals is a societal crisis. We see it played out across other sectors – like Aged Care and Disability, in this season where need is great, stakes are high and resources limited.



Leaders are afraid to act. Will they be backed up by their uplines and Boards? Will problem generators in the workplace cause additional angst, because their own undermining or sucky attitudes have been explained away as ‘that’s just how so and so is’.

Since when did it become OK to put up with crappy attitudes, lousy service and poor performance?

There are heaps of cliches:

  • ‘a leader gets the staff they deserve’
  • ‘a team will only rise as high as their leader’
  • ‘the skills that got you there won’t be enough to keep you there’

all of them true and sadly, unhelpful, because it ignores one thing; the responsibility of the follower, to follow well. If we approach this TOGETHER, we can all create a significant shift in society.


And it will require us to go from IDEA to EXECUTION. It will require us to INVEST our time, talent AND finance to bring about change. Now is NOT the time to step back in fear but rather to go boldly into this next season declaring, “Good things will happen on our watch!”



Tarran Deane - Strategic Planning with Consultant Tarran Deane Aged Carre Royal Commission, Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and Financial Planning


Fear, Trust, Values & Strategic Planning in the Age of Scrutiny

What if..

In spite of our legislative environment, that our leaders and teams were encouraged to be clear on what they stood for and how the organisational values played out in the business? From the coal face to the board room, what if ethics and morals as discussed in The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader had aligning behavioural expectations assigned to them and every individual were held accountable for their behaviours at work.

When we know what each other stands for then we can build TRUST.

When TRUST is present we can navigate complex issues.

When TRUST is absent, society breaks down.

It starts with you and I.


2018 Strategic Planning Survey

I recently attended the QUT Business School, The Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, for an Annual Update. On this occasion, we were also keenly interested to participate in the  “Strategic Planning: How to Engage Your Non-Profit Board and Staff” with Denise McNerney from the Association for Strategic Planning.  Together we received a briefing on the ‘first round’ preliminary analysis / results from the 2018 ASP Strategic Planning Survey across industries and roles in North America. This Survey is a follow on to the initial 2012 Research conducted.



When asked in the 2018 ASP Survey “does strategic planning help your business?”

  • 90% of top performing organisations said YES
  • 64% of bottom-performing organisations said YES


Their research shows high capacity organisations ‘report plan progress and achievements more frequently than low capacity organisations’. Staying in touch with those we consult through a “Communications Plan”, that while not perfect, sets intention, creates confidence and adapts to changing circumstances as needed.


This can only be a good thing for Leaders who have are considering recommendations, endeavouring to manage their own energy and leadership pace, maintain the planning cycles in what has now rapidly become, the ‘new normal’ of unpredictable change in the age of scrutiny.



Tarran Deane - Strategic Planning with Consultant Tarran Deane Aged Carre Royal Commission, Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and Financial Planning


What if…

You brought your team together and had a ‘nameless, rankless debrief’, completely fear free and got it all out on the table or up on the walls? You then communicated with your people and gained their insights. And to enhance trust in the process you decided to start with the end in mind.


What if…

You brought in independent, external support that gave you the breathing space and clear head to approach this season, not from fear and overwhelm, but from a place of adequate resourcing and empowerment?

Your strategic planning efforts drew on external consultants to facilitate an objective birds-eye view of the business, courting participation from stakeholders that strengthened your understanding of the where you’re at and sought out key ways to be disruptive, innovative, and accountable for the growth you aspire to lead?

Tired people make mistakes.


Need a Little Help at Your Place?




What Does All This Mean for You and Your Business?

In light of the recent recommendations from the Banking Royal Commission, many industries will be seeking to ensure they have the right checks and balances in place, without losing their human connection.

The underpinning competitive advantage for every business will be clear values, that permeate every aspect of the organisations’ 7 facets: people, practice, process, products/production, performance, promotions and profit.

Once you know what you stand for it’s time for you reassess, do you align with the company values and as a team, have the robust conversations about planning, engagement and continuous quality improvement,


Then the consumer can decide, does the shoe fit?



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