Critical Thinking: Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well © with Tarran Deane

Described as one of the TOP 3 Skills required by 2020, Critical Thinking is an economic and social imperative.

Mental health, change fatigue and the workplace pressure experienced by your leaders and team is evident in the rise of situational stress, cloudy thinking, prolonged task completion, missed milestones, bad PR, confusion and workplace conflict even at the senior level.

You have the power help your Leaders think right, act smart and lead well.

Take action to help your team get past the problems they’re facing now, protect your reputation and create extraordinary value for your stakeholders.


Who’s It For:

  • Executives and senior leadership teams
  • Regional and Area Managers
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Entrepreneurs and Small-Medium Business Owners


What you’ll cover in “Critical Thinking: Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well”© Training Course:

  • Understand the components of critical thinking
  • Utilize non-linear thinking
  • Use logical thinking
  • Recognize what it means to be a critical thinker
  • Evaluate information using critical thinking skills
  • Identify the benefits of critical thinking
  • Revise perspective, when necessary
  • Comprehend problem solving abilities
  • Action plans for each module to embed the learning beyond the day


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Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well

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Course Outline | Course – Critical Thinking

Module #01 Getting Started
Module #02 Components of Critical Thinking
  • Applying Reason
  • Open Mindedness
  • Analysis
  • Logic
Module #03 Non-Linear Thinking
  • Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • Don’t Jump to Conclusions
  • Expect and Initiate Change
  • Being Ready to Adapt
Module #04 Logical Thinking
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Organise the Data
  • Evaluate the Information
  • Drawing Conclusions
Module #05 Critical Thinkers (I)
  • Active Listening
  • Be Curious
  • Be Disciplined
  • Be Humble
Module #06 Critical Thinking (II)
  • Seeing the Big Picture
  • Objectivity
  • Using Your Emotions
  • Being Self-Aware
Module #07 Evaluate the Information
  • Making Assumptions
  • Watch out for the Bias
  • Ask for Clarifying Questions
  • SWOT Analysis
Module #08 Benefits of Critical Thinking
  • Being More Persuasive
  • Better Communication
  • Better Problem Solving
  • Increased Emotional
  • Intelligence
Module #09 Changing Your Perspective
  • Limitations of Your Point of View
  • Considering Others
  • Viewpoint
  • Influences on Bias
  • When New Information Arrives
Module #10 Problem Solving
  • Identify Inconsistencies
  • Trust Your Instincts
  • Asking Why?
  • Evaluate the Solution(s)
Module #11 Putting It All Together
  • Retaining Your New Skills
  • Reflect and Learn From Mistakes
  • Always Ask Questions
  • Practicing Critical Thinking
Module #12 Wrapping Up
  • Summary
  • Your Next Steps

^ courtesy reminder the number of modules that can be covered in a 1/2 program is limited. We’ll work with you to select the most relevant modules for a 1/2 day program in response to the client’s priorities for the participant

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Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well

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Who is This Training For:

Executives, Entrepreneurs, Experts, Established Teams, Sales Teams, Emerging Leaders, Graduates, Students

Mergers and acquisitions, significant change, shift in strategic direction, return to work, graduates, government initiatives, volunteers

Method of Delivery: Critical Thinking Course

All professional development relating to this course content is delivered by Tarran Deane Education and her team of subject-matter experts, trainers, consultants, executive coaches and professional speakers and may occur as: 

  • Public Seminar – Full or Part Course
  • eCourse | Virtual Learning | Webinar
  • Onsite Face to Face as a Full Day or 1/2 Day Course at your place of business
  • Roadshow or Showcase
  • Conference or Convention Breakout | Workshop by Tarran Deane
  • Conference or Keynote | High level introduction to topic only by Tarran Deane

Please confirm your preferred method at the time of enquiry, prior to booking.


 Location of Delivery: Gold Coast | Brisbane | Sydney | Melbourne | Auckland and on Request

Ask us about presenting this professional development on location at your venue, an upcoming conference, or enquire about our online self-paced learning options for you, your participants and staff.

This program may also be delivered by us in public and private seminars, tele-seminars, webinars and eCourse formats

How to Book Your Training Day | Course Name – Critical Thinking Course

As a starting point we typically allocate Tuesdays on a weekly basis for the running of our full or 1/2 day training and professional development workshops. To confirm our availability to work with you and your team on Tuesdays or at other times, be sure to contact Tarran, Karen, or Charlotte via email or call the number below:

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Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well

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Contact Details: Reference – Course: Critical Thinking

Phone: +61 417 654305
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COURSE PROGRAM COSTS | Manuals + Training & Delivery

Participant Manuals:

Each Full Day Participant receives a full colour “Critical Thinking: Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well”© 

  • 48 Pages
  • 12 Modules^ including Introduction and Summary. ^Note: if 1/2 day is selected Manuals will contain only the relevant 4/12 selected modules; not the whole program.
  • $35 per person printed by us and only available when our team deliver the training


Cost of Training Delivery:

  • Minimum size: 5-20 max people, cost $9,000 +gst. 1/2 Day Programs are charged at $5,000 +gst
  • Participant Manuals @$35pp
  • Larger group numbers, or for multiple locations, please enquire with our team for package options:


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Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well

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Other Formats: 

This topic can also be offered as an introductory Keynote or Breakout Session by Tarran Deane at your conference, event or meeting
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“United Synergies’ senior leadership team has engaged Tarran on two occasions and found her style, skill and facilitation of the highest standard. Our latest engagement was around critical thinking in our leadership of the organisation and has assisted us as a team to be more focused, discerning and engaged in our decision making. Tarran sets expectations high and assists the learning process for all involved. Her dedication to getting to know each team member, their perspectives and providing follow up support on these expectations is a great value add,” Christopher John CEO, United Synergies


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Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Well

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