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Signing Electronic Documents?  How To Remove The Background On Your Signature Image Using Your iPhone In a Few Mins #Tarrantip #YoureWelcome www.tarrandeane.com:blog

How to Remove the Background from Your Signature Image in Under 2 Minutes

It’s often the little things that cause Leaders angst. Like the time taken to simply sign an electronic document, when you don’t have your signature image loaded on your computer.

You may ask yourself,

  • Do I try and sign on my touchpad with no stylus?
  • Wait I have a stylus – ughh that looks terrible!
  • Okay so what if I do it on a piece of paper; but then how do I remove the background?

Don’t despair!

You can do it easily, without wasting time and people-resources getting someone else to do it.


Check out this quick #TarranTip so you can execute quickly and save everyone the hassle =>

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Signing Electronic Documents?  How To Remove The Background On Your Signature Image Using Your iPhone In a Few Mins #Tarrantip #YoureWelcome www.tarrandeane.com:blog


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^No Affiliate arrangement exists for any of the resources mentioned other than Zoom. TARRAN has been an Affiliate of Zoom Pro Account through TarranDeane.com since 2016 and highly recommends this tool for its leveraged features.

Recently Tarran negotiated a Strategic Alliance Partnership (S.A.P) between Zoom.us and industry peak body, Professional Speakers Australia (PSA). Tarran does not receive any affiliate payment for this S.A.P. If you’re a Certified Speaking Professional or Professional Member of PSA, please check out the Member Benefits tab for our PSA Connect Benefit launching Jan – February 2019

How to Use Canva to Create Graphics that Position Your Brand & Communicate Your Message as a Leader in Your Field _ Host Tarran Deane Professional Speaker, Leading Change Consultant & Author

[Video] How to Use Canva to Position Your Brand and Communicate Your Leadership Message with Tarran Deane

[Video TeleClass] Leading Change, Influencing Others, Positioning Your Brand or Creating a Movement is Enhanced When Your Leadership Embraces Different Modalities to Get Your Message Across.

Working for one of Australia’s key banks many years ago, I had the privilege of communicating a change message across 17 branches and witnessed at the time how the same message can be heard, understood and implemented by the majority of people, but still miss the mark with others. I learnt here, the different learning styles people have and how that impacts their ability to process information and implement actions.

That’s a large reason behind why I love using Canva as a regular part of my delivery methods.

The other reason, I just love the interface and ease with which we get stuff done. No convoluted, time-consuming outsourcing for simple tasks. We just do it inHouse. Oh, and for the big stuff, I still definitely go to the experts, like my friend Russell Pearson at Crimson Fox Studios in Melbourne. One clever branding guy!.

With my executive coaching, leading entrepreneur and speaker clients reaching out to ask me how I do what I do, I recently hosted this Teleclass on “How to Use Canva to Position Your Brand and Communicate Your Leadership Message”


You Can Watch It Here: 


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[Video] Duration: 59 Minutes | Open Your Computer and Play Along or Watch on Your Phone and then Click the ‘Send or Save to My Phone Screen’ to Come Back and Watch Later. 

Want to Watch Faster?

You Can CLICK on the Youtube COG Settings Wheel on the bottom right of the video, and Select a Faster Viewing Speed if You’re Short on Time and Big on Focus.

Summary of What We Cover: 

  • Once You Login Create Your Design
  • Your Creations on the Front Home Page and How to Name Them
  • Setting Up Album Folders & Uploading your Own Photos
  • How to Use Chrome Plugin ‘Eye Dropper / Color Picker’
  • How to Use and Modify Canva Templates
  • How to Create a Style Guide for Your team
  • Case Study – Tarran’s Youtube thumbnails
  • Check out Tarran’s “Signature 7 Leadership Framework” for planning out your work week. (Infographic can be downloaded at https://www.tarrandeane.com/signature7leadershipinfographic/)
  • Share this MEDIA with your friends and let’s help more leaders lead


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Technology for Leaders

What Happens When Some of Australia’s Certified Speaking Professionals and Top Earners Come Together and Tarran Deane Shares on Technology for Leaders?

Ah-haa moments everywhere! Comments from people like, “I follow you on social media and I love what you post. Now I see behind the scenes and how you’re doing it and I’m both blown away and encouraged! I can do that!”

You and your executives, leadership team and conference delegates can too.

Some of the Memories from the CSP Platform Professionals Summit, Sydney Australia.

Tarran Deane Shares on Technology for Leaders | Speakers | Managers | Executives using the iPhone for Greater Influence, Impact and Outcomes. Book Tarran Deane Speaker by emailing our office info[at]tarrandeane.com

Tarran Deane was asked to present to Australia’s leading Speakers in Sydney on Socialising their IP, through leveraging technology and being the leaders in their field. Your Leadership can extend its’ influence when you develop a framework for your business and use it daily for routine, results and fun! – Tarran Deane

Creating real time examples with people in the room to demonstrate technology leadership, iPhone productivity and iphone efficiency for c-suite leaders and executives by Speaker Tarran Deane

Creating real time examples with people in the room to demonstrate technology leadership, iPhone productivity and iPhone efficiency for c-suite leaders and executives by Speaker Tarran Deane


Showcasing talent, communicating with your team, leveraging technology in real time with productivity hacks to extend your brand position, and demonstrate intentional leadership that bridges internal silos, creates a buzz and mobilises the troops is easy when you’ve got the right tools as shown by Tarran Deane, and Karen Jacobsen The GPS Girl and Voice of Siri.



Sometimes you've just got to spell it out and hit the shift key, if you want to be better and you want to confidently know you can rely on your team to have your back and deliver on promises. Pre-Order https://www.tarrandeane.com/alphabet/

Sometimes you’ve just got to spell it out and hit the shift key, if you want to be better and you want to confidently know you can rely on your team to have your back and deliver on promises. Available for pre-order and delivery at some point in the near future, in between speaking gigs, coaching, parenting and doing life. 35,000 words and still hitting the keys just for you! Pre-Order your copy here. 

Tarran Deane AFAIM CEO Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, is a Keynote Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Change Consultant and Author. As Tedx Melbourne Convenor Jon Yeo recently said, “You want someone to do something remarkable? Get Tarran Deane”

Need to hit the “Shift” key at work? Feel like you’ve got to spell some things out? Pre-Order Tarran Deane’s new Book “The Alphabet Guide ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling LeaderOrder your pre-release copy here!

Want Tarran to Speak at Your Event in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020?

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How to Use Timetrade Booking Calendar in Your Business & Eliminate Scheduling Headaches

We all face scheduling headaches. Coordinating inHouse meetings, working across different timezones or simply trying to find a time that suits everybody? Managing your calendar and staying focused is a priority for Leaders in every field. I faced them too, until I chose TIMETRADE calendar as my ‘administration assistant’ and mobile ‘receptionist’.

I work across 5 different countries and Summer time used to throw us into a spin, juggling multiple timezones. Not anymore. In the last two years we’ve been using this TIMETRADE booking calendar and we love it. Timetrade’s recent interface upgrade has now made it even more attractive to work with.

There are 5 Steps to making the most of Timetrade. You can watch this Video below which covers Steps #1 and #2 and that’s enough to get you started and improving your productivity.

Step 1: Set up an appointment type and configure it

Step 2: Customise the URL

If you really want the best results from this tool, you’ve got to leverage it and do more with it than the average person. In my next Video I’ll show you how in Steps #3, #4 & #5. Watch out for the update on my blog.

Let me know how you end up using Timetrade, what you like about it what you don’t and if you have any other secret hacks you’d like to share with scheduling!



Our Corporate Cinderella Crew are working hard back at Palace HQ to bring you the transcription. Until then soak up the video!

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Tarran’s one of Australia’s favourite Leadership Speakers, with the deep understanding and insight of what it truly takes to lead on the strategic and operational fronts. A woman on a mission, backed by a great guy and blended family, this business chick is standing out, on her bike and making a difference.


Have you pre-ordered your copy of “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, my upcoming new book?

If you want to hit the ‘shift’ key, change a few things and spell it out you’ll want to buy two copies, one for you and maybe even one for your Boss 😉

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Save Me! How to Avoid Your Copywriting Disappearing into the Vortext!

In my broken slumber my mind kicked in with ‘there’s a promise outstanding. It’s coming back to me… Oh no! I forgot to create the copywriting for the event website!’

Really, this morning I should have simply got up at 4am when I was over heating. The autumn pre dawn sky couldn’t decide if it wanted to rain or allow the sun to break through, so they fought for dominion and humidity won, causing me to toss a little and moan a lot – on the inside.

As the war raged guilt threw a blanket over me that lasted until I fell into a restless slumber. I woke with a fresh resolution and sandy eyes, eating my breakfast I resolved to undertake the copywriting in less than 1 hour; 2 at the most. It won’t take more than that. Oh, really questioned my inner critic?

Lesson: Rest well. Get your job done in less time without the guilt.

Laptop and internet were good to go. Well the laptop was fully charged and so was my teacup. The content I needed from a third party hadn’t come through. No matter, I could craft something pretty easily. Wait, I hadn’t done this for a couple for months and well there’s always more than meets the eye, right? Right!

Lesson: Recognise when you really, really, need to delegate this to another volunteer member of your team and not do it yourself.

I copied a previous event post into my Notes section. Edited away. Hyperlinking as I went. oops, wait. That didn’t work properly. I know, I said to myself while tapping away at my dining table, let’s go straight onto the web and into the live event tab, paste my copywriting and edit as I go. Fabulous idea in theory.

Lesson: Save frequently. That is all. I did not. Rooky mistake.

When the dreaded ‘searching for wifi’ led to me being timed out from the website, all my creative writing went into the vor-text. You know, it’s that magical place where all that lost text seems to go when experienced bloggers and writers, forget the time-honoured requirement of saving their copywriting frequently while on WordPress.

Needless to say, today’s blog post is brought to you by the dedicated writer who needed more than a little moment…. and was soon after spotted sipping a lovely, therapeutic skinny latte at the nearby Coffee Club. Laptop open on the table, writing a way in notepad on her Mac Air before copying and pasting the content into the website.

Lesson: Do not despair when you make dumb mistakes. You can only do what you can do. in the end, the copy was more succinct, refined by caffeine and a good dose of humour.

Know, you’ll probably make a few more before your time here is done.

Now, where is that event link for PSA? Oh here it is! How beautiful is that copywriting? If only they knew the backstory!

It’s time for bed. 9 hours later!

Wait, that was a great idea for a blog!


Have you had a run in with technology, only to swallow your pride and acknowledge it was really you? What have been some of your clunker mistakes, large and small? 

Click to read as a PDF >> “Save Me – Protect Your Blog and Website Copywriting” 



Tarran is a Strategic & Operational Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Conference Speaker. Author of the upcoming book “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran is also Queensland President for Professional Speakers Australia and Board Member for Newlife Uniting Care Services. A Wife, Mum, Ducati rider and sought after speaker at conferences in the Asia Pacific, Tarran equips leaders and executives using her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, to build connection and culture that drives business and organisational success.

Tarran and the team do short, sharp daily posts on one aspect of her Signature 7 Leadership Framework™. Check it out and join the conversation for your key interest areas:

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S01.E09 Sales for Leaders ~ The Awesome Show #LeadershipPodcast with Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

The Awesome Show Podcast S01.Episode 09: Sales for leaders

Ep 09 Season 001 Sales for Leaders _ The Awesome Show Podcast with Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson Subscribe at www.theawesomeshow.com.au


In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss SALES for LEADERS | ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP

Sales is a major part of getting things done, whether you look at it from a financial stand-point or from that of influence. Whether you’re convincing a child to go to bed, influencing a team to attack a challenge or convincing a multi-national corporate to invest in your business. Every leader is selling.

In this episode we explore the components of selling as they relate to leadership, limits leaders put on themselves, their relationship with money and discuss how we apply the learnings in our own world, grow the business and embrace future trends to shape the organisation.

This episode, like every episode of the Awesome Show, captures the warmth, banter and straight forward conversation shared by Tarran and Russell as they draw on their combined skills of the executive and entrepreneur. It’s jam packed with insights for current and emerging leaders!

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Join us >>> for a practical look at leadership, resources that we’ve found helpful and have your questions answered on…The Awesome Show!

We’d love to know your thoughts and experience!



ABOUT THE CO-HOSTS: Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

Tarran and Russell met during an International Leadership Institute Conference in Arizona, during November 2014. They were representing Professional Speakers Australia in volunteer Leadership positions in Queensland and Victoria. Both flat out with work, and loving their spouses and kiddywinks, Tarran and Russell weren’t even sure if they’d like each other! Then they met and a madcap, crazy brother-sister relationship emerged. They came back from the United States with some great ideas, purposefully kept in touch, and launched The Awesome Show as a Pilot Podcast Season for Emerging Leaders.

Since launching the Program and partnering together they’ve both enjoyed a great sense of community, strengthened the bonds between their respective PSA states, grown their businesses, spent time with each other’s family and reached more Leaders together!

Now that’s simply awesome!

Tarran Deane: Speaks and Consults to Executives and Senior Leaders on Change, Connection & Communication to Drive Results from Brisbane – Gold Coast Australia

Russell Pearson: Speaks and Consults to Companies and Organisation on Brand Design and Execution from Melbourne Victoria