Camping - are you kidding me? Here's four ways you can create more memories and reclaim your sanity on a mini-break by Tarran Deane - Tent in the Bag

Camping! Are You Kidding Me?

Camping: How to create memories, build resilience and reclaim your sanity on a mini-vacation!


I’m brave but I wasn’t sure if I was ready to join my new husband on a camping trip when we were first married, and merging our blended families. When Dave mentioned it, I replied, “Camping – Are you kidding me?”


I was still scarred from my pre-teen trips along the Oxley Highway, in the New England area of northern NSW where every school holidays my dad took us off-road, deep into the forest, believing ‘there was gold in them that hills’. Dad was right of course. There was. But I was a tall, gangly teenager, with glasses and lank hair standing in a river bed, filthy, desperately holding fast to the suction hose as it ran along the red soil edges of the creek. Pump and dredge noisily worked over time floating on truck tyre tubes behind me. Adventure tour buses passed by and passengers sat with their noses pressed up against the glass, wondering what on earth we were doing.


I remember the incredible self-consciousness I experienced, even as leeches crawled up my trouser legs. I discovered their swollen, blood -filled bodies only when I’d ventured far enough from camp, hoping I wouldn’t step on a King Brown snake or inland Taipan, to unzip my duds to the sounds of a blood-curdling scream that totally freaked my parents out.

As a 13 year old I was sure I was going to die.

I lived. A decade later my Dad died young, from a heart attack brought on by stress and smoking. Just didn’t wake up one morning. He was 43.

Can you believe it?

Dad and Mum worked so hard for us as a family. Dad was a builder and he taught us, by demonstrating, the importance of working together and playing together. Oh, it was messy and imperfect and I’m sure Mum was doing the majority of the work feeding us while we were away. Except for breakfast. Dad made the best poached eggs over the fire in a cast iron pan.

I must have been a right royal pain in the butt. No moaning or whining, just in that painful age of preferring books and solitude over ‘today we will have fun’.

Looking back, they gave us a priceless gift – TIME.

As working parents, blended, step, foster or any other kind, we wonder:  Is there more we could be doing for our kids? When in reality all they want is to do more with us and have our time and attention.

Working full-time as a manager and volunteering on weekends in Church, juggling shared care arrangements with my daughter’s Dad, there were always going to be demands on my time and a reason not to take a weekend off. My family was and always is my number one priority. I didn’t want to miss this and I craved to get it ‘right’. I took Dave up on his offer to trust him and see how easy and stress-free camping could be.

Maybe you’re a bit like us?

My husband helped me make new camping memories as a parent myself and I love that we’ve been able to share this activity with our kids. They love heading to the great outdoors and are way more confident than I ever was in my early teens. We’re so proud of our Little Women.


Wondering if Camping is For You and Yours? Give it a Go and Find Out

Honestly, taking the time whether for school holidays, a long weekend or an overnighter, is such a great strategy for clearing your mind and getting back to nature. Burnout and mental fatigue are impacting even the most dedicated employee, leaders and entrepreneurs. Make a decision to take time out. Get your toes in the sand and grass. Turn off electronics. Use a different part of your brain and be creative. Cook on an open fire or a gas flame. Pull out that Bunnings fold up table. Camping is the great equaliser. Keep it simple.

Here are our top tips to step away from the stress, get grounded, be creative, reclaim your sanity and give yourself permission to explore over the holidays:


1. C. CLARIFY Why would you go camping. I mean, really?

Here’s some of the reasons why we did it and you might too:

  • family as a team – no more separate rooms or TVs. Dive right in together. Everyone has a job to do.
  • family as part of a greater community – go make some new friends, strike up a conversation with the older couple in the campervan, plan cricket on the beach together
  • role-modeling and teaching resilience and problem-solving
  • resetting your emotional and physical clock
  • chilling out and laughing at yourself – I chased a bush turkey once after the rain. Fully acqua-planed in my thongs (flip-flops), landing square on my tailbone. The boys were gob-smacked, making sure I was alright before belly laughing hysterically, noting I must have launched a foot straight up, completely airborne!
  • letting the kids see the ‘unhurried side of you’. They pick up on and the ‘busyness’ of our schedules. Don’t rush. Relax, draw out the conversations and be present.
  • reconnecting with yourself and each other
  • reading the books you’ve wanted to read
  • build your own resilience and gently reflect on why you handle things a certain way
  • starting them young to be strong and capable
  • detaching from technology – enough said
  • meeting and talking to strangers within the campsite, developing conversation skills
  • re-establish the leadership within your family i.e. Mum & Dad on the throne vs. Kids on the throne and calling the shots
  • affordability for a family, proximity to home and fitting in with everyone’s schedules
  • slowing down, clearing your mind and re-evaluating your priorities


TIP: Give yourself permission to take a mini-vacation every few months, play in the sand, walk barefoot in the grass and tell tall stories as you sit by the fire. Making memories, whether by yourself or with friends and family is the stuff that life is made of.

You sort through the above considerations and camping may just be a perfect, low cost, fun option for you, your friends or family!


2. AGREE on your not-negotiables.

  • Safety 

For you and the kids. Choose a place that your friends recommend or search for good reviews on trip advisor. Secure your belongings in the car when you’re away from your site. Do not take valuables with you – leave the laptop and computer games at home. You may wish to leave the beaten track to experienced campers.


  • Tent or van 

Camping - are you kidding me? Here's four ways you can create more memories and reclaim your sanity on a mini-break by Tarran Deane - Tent in the Bag

Scroll to the bottom of the article for the blooper reel and watch me try and get that tent back in the bag!

You decide on your comfort and well your outlay, parking and insurance requirements. We love the tent because there’s barely $200 tied up in and we simply stow it away under the house when not in use. totally choose the throw-out tent. The best set up, full stop.


  • Amenities

Do you need wheel chair accessible toilets or maybe the thought of a secure shower block gives you more peace? Today’s camping grounds may range from rough and ready old school to mod con shared community areas, complete with catering fridges, toasters, kettles and some even have onsite coffee machines.


  • Budget

Staying in Australian campsites you can expect to pay a fee per person. The onsite managers usually only allow one car per campsite UNLESS your vehicle also has some side or tailgate awning then you could claim it’s part of your accommodation, similar to a caravan.


  • Duration

You know how much time you can get away from work and responsibilities in our experience if you really want to unwind give yourself time to set up, play for a minimum of 2-3 nights. Over school holidays, stay longer. 5 days maybe.


  • Location / distance from home

allow plenty of time to enjoy the journey in both directions. Gone are the days where you get in the car, strap the kids in and tell them to hold it till they get there! Enjoy the journey. Seriously, it’s a large part of the fun!


TIP: Check the long range weather forecast if you’re planning a few weeks in advance. You may not want to be stuck in a tent in the pouring rain for days on end, unable to light a fire or pee in the bushes without the fear of being struck by lightening! #Justsaying


3. MAYHEM – it’s the only guarantee.

Like the time to wheel fell off the trailer or I chased a bush turkey after the rain and became completing airborne after skimming across the water, to land square on my tailbone, or when the goannas came in across the boundary fence from the national park and into the tent. Honestly, they just don’t respect signage.

Or that time we tried to outrun a huge dust storm that we could see coming towards the campsite. It was the fastest tear-down and pack of the car. It chased us all the way back up the coast

Or the crowded campsites that unexpectedly happen when interstate long weekends or school holidays coincide with your plan quiet escape.


Tip: have a system for setup and tear down, that can happen fast! Always carry water, a firefighter and a torch. Have a pre-charged battery pack for your phone. Make sure you do turn the car engine completely off and don’t drain the battery listening to the radio or firing up the fridge that plugs into the vehicle cigarette lighter.



You’re not going to be able to PLAN for every contingency and there will be some clumsy, rough moments but here are a few of our favourite items we have ready to go and stored in our loft, whether we’re traveling as a couple or taking the kids with us:

CATERING or Feeding the tribe:

  • Cooking: a single gas burner cooker and/or a mini-weber style, enclosed fire with a grate for you to sit a pot on for heating up or making a cup of your favourite tea or coffee.
  • Pantry: 2 x54 Litre clear plastic containers: 1 with dry goods like condiments (anyone use that word still?), tea & coffee, tins of backup food like beans, cous cous and in the other, your cooking equipment, cutlery, mosquito spray, spray olive oil, knives, foil for those potatoes you’re going to throw in the fire
  • Cold Storage: an esky or plug in fridge. You may not want to take refrigerated items, but it’s up to you depending on length of time. We always take a long life milk and some of those sachet coffee packets and for short stays, a great esky with bags of ice and a cake rake. You may think this is weird, however a cake rake keeps the egg cartons and sald of the ice. I know, clever really.
  • Bench: Store a light weight 1500wide table for meal preparation or if you’ve got a car with a rear tray like a hatch-back or station wagon that could work.


TIP: Keep your food covered when out on benches as those bush turkeys, ibis and crows are cunning little campers and quite like picking at items left out – and your nerves!


TENTS or your accommodation of choice:

Oh this it what it looks like! Here's four ways you can create more memories and reclaim your sanity on a mini-break

“I know, how cool is this? So easy to set up!”, says Tarran Deane

  • Throw out tents like the one’s pictured, that have built in fly screens and good ventilation are so easy to set up! This one of ours fits a double self, inflating mattress.


  • 1 x self-inflating Double Mattresses
  • Sleeping: sleeping bags that unzip completely so you don’t over heat + pillows
  • 1 double fitted sheet for the base of the mattress
  • your pillows with old pillow cases so it won’t matter if they smell like wood fire



  • Take a mini-weber that you can use for an enclosed fire and a bag of wood and kindling from somewhere like Bunnings or your local service station. A lot of campsites are near national parks and have all-year round bans on collecting firewood or lighting open fires.
  • Fold up chair with built in side table. We love these. Otherwise if it’s your first camping trip, take a picnic rug and throw in some cushions from home.

TIP: practice folding your tent up at home in your garage and have someone FILM you on your smart phone. This way if you feel like you’re going to dissolve into a crazy person you’ll be able to reclaim your sanity, catch your breath and eventually nail it!


Now What? Do You Head Off on the Next School Holidays or Seize a Mini-Vacation?

Reflect on those 4 key points:

  1. Consider – the pros and cons
  2. Agree – talk about the details, include the family in the decision-making and ultimately, dive right in!
  3. Mayhem – let go of what you can’t control
  4. Prepare – deal with what you can

It’s your call.

I’m ultimately grateful for what my parents did for us, even though at the time it seemed like hard work. Now in our own family, we have it down to a fine art and all our kids are now doing it themselves, with friends and family.


There have been many times when I have sat around my own camp fires and listened to friends and family chat, staring into the firelight, grateful for the sanity that camping brings and what it adds to my life.


So next time you’re considering where to take the family the next school holidays or how you and a few friends can get together, consider going camping. You’ll be glad you did.


We’re heading out again in a few weeks and you know what? Dave makes the best poached eggs.



Bloopers – Trying to Fold Up the Tent and Put it in the Bag

Blooper Reel – No.1 with Tarran Deane – nope it’s not folding up


Blooper Reel – No.2 with Tarran Deane [She gets it about 2 mins in]



*Media Release*

The four key camping commandments for these school holidays....

Whether it’s for school holidays, a long weekend or an overnighter, camping is great for clearing your mind, connecting with your kids and getting back to nature. Burnout and mental fatigue hit even the most dedicated employee, boss or student and the best antidote is the great outdoors. Get your toes in the sand and grass. Turn off electronics. Use a different part of your brain and be creative. Cook on an open fire under the stars. Tarran Deane was once a reluctant camper, scarred by teen camping adventures with her gold-prospecting father. Now she’s taken to it like a duck to water. Here’s her 4 key CAMP commandments 1: Consider – the pros and cons of location, climate and amenity. 2. Agree – include the whole family in the decision-making and dive right in! 3. Mayhem – let go of what you can’t control – chaos is part of the fun. 4:  Prepare – plan as best you can, and let the rest go!

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What I Learnt About Leadership & Life From a Special Effects Makeup Class

What I Learnt About Leadership From a Special Effects Makeup Class by Tarran Deane Speaker, Mentor, Executive Coach, Commentator on Life & Leadership. Visit

What I Learnt About Leadership from a Special Effects Makeup Class

Working remotely is part of my professional life. I catch lessons from the most interesting environments and observations.

Recently I had the opportunity to support our daughter during one of her assessments in her Special Effects Makeup Class in Brisbane. Ellie was studying the anthropology of Egyptian Makeup: it’s use and significance in the culture of the day.

I knew I had the capacity to be flexible with my work and support Elle, so we headed off to Brisbane with my laptop, all set for her class and me to work in the Student Lounge until I was needed. I was helping her (and soaking up my time with her, let’s face it!) and still getting traction on my focus areas. It got me thinking as I was surrounded by all these creative Millennials…

Leadership, Makeup Artists and the Makeup of Ancient Egyptians have a lot in common:

  1. Head First:

    We all need to be aware of why we are doing what we are doing AND the company we’re keeping when we set about our tasks. We all have ‘mini-empires’ set up between our ears, with thoughts threatening to rule and have dominion over moods and moments.

    Get your head in the game and be fully present in your role. Serve one another, see through myths (and there were a few of those in the prosthetics class next door) and pursue truth. Oh and just because you think Leadership should look or behave a certain way, think again. I’m always delightfully surprised when stereotypes are challenged.

  2. Be Aware of the Environment:

    Political, Spiritual & Economic: It matters and if it’s not influencing you, it will be influencing members of your team and your client base. Don’t be naive. Research it.

    The ancient Egyptians, male and female, believed the eye makeup they wore gave them healing powers and protected them.The same can be said about other peoples beliefs and their faith. Do a bit of reading on the different faiths; not to judge, but to learn. Be curious and seek to understand. Be prepared to confront your own bias – conscious or unconscious and reflect on what has influenced your opinions to date. Are they consciously yours or a lazy mirror of someone else’s?

  3. Skin in the Game:

    Be invested. Be prepared for people to get to know you. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the makeup chair, sitting on the high cushioned seat with the bandanna holding my long blonde hair back. My face was being examined. Skin tone, variations, patterns. It’s the same in leadership if you are prepared to be helped and supported you must be willing to take the scrutiny and feedback.People will typically look at your appearance. Your face, your eyes, your mouth. Your gestures, your movements, your hair. Are you attentive, kind, considered?

    Perceptions are being formed in nano seconds like that looping sound track in that retail store right near the food court at the local shopping centre.

  4. Raw Materials:

    Know your tools. Ellie had her range of brushes and palettes, mixing trays, combs, sponges and equipment that put her at ease so she could work through the project at hand. The Ancient Egyptians used a range of local supplies to support their efforts including malachite and galena. While the ingredients formed the khol that lined the eyes, many substances were derived from lead and provided resistance to eye infections cause from local bacteria.Where are you getting your materials from? Are they healthy for you and your team to be working with? Do you have the latest MDSS – Material Data Safety Sheets?

    by @tarrandeane #leadership #speaker

  5. Study to be Your Best:

    You can be better or be mediocre. As I worked on my laptop at the National Academy of Beauty, the students were all in prepping for the practical session by researching and confirming their knowledge of the history of the Egyptian makeup, its’ history and application.In your workplace, make a point of discovering and documenting the history. You can download the Pinterest App, scroll through Snapchat and Instagram threads, but if all you are doing is glancing and NOT studying, your skill set won’t be enhanced.

    Organisational story-telling AND the real facts – warts and all, empower individuals to deal with the real truth and carry out their work with full transparency.

    Decide: Look at the methodology of people you admire. What do you see about their character and capability, their talent and their regard for others by @tarrandeane #leadership #speaker

  6. Practice Your Skills with Different Models:

    No two workplaces or people will be the same. Be gracious, study the individuals, ask questions, build rapport, know what is shaping appearances and behaviours.As an educator of more than 20 years I know how deceptive and risky it can be to find your delivery-style groove, a treat every audience the same way, without taking into account the different learning styles people have.

    Take the images below of me with the black wig on. Some of you absolutely love it; others loathe it. Some see the eye-makeup and totally miss the deeper story or possibly think this is REALLY how I dress up for work.


  7. Review the Results and Leverage Them:

    When Ellie finished my special effects makeup she was content but not satisfied, always ready to improve. I like that in my team – that sense of continuous quality improvement, without being paralysed by perfection. Ellie’s teacher assessed, thought the eyes were brilliant, base blending was good and the photograph was taken with the accompanying black wig a’la Cleopatra-esque.

    I liked what I saw in my daughter, this creative Millennial that is forging her own path.

    The culture of their workplace was abuzz with banter over in one corner, quiet concentration in another. The natural light streaming in from a Brisbane winter 23 floors above ground was calming and gorgeous. This team of young professional makeup artists were given the opportunity to serve, nurture, lead, hone their craft, work with others and be enterprising. It felt good to be amongst them, this cohort. I am excited for them.

    Here’s How I Leveraged the Makeup, the Artistry and the History of the Egyptians and you can too in your workplace
  • Applied various filters directly in the photo gallery. Reality can be harsh, that’s a fact. Stark highshadow is just that – stark!
  • Used various photo editing apps on my iPhone including: Canva, AdobeSpark and RIPL
  • Once back in the office, I turned on the tripod lighting and took a range of stills and video that I can now splice away and insert to my hearts content
  • Created thumbnail templates, website images, quotes, and Social posts.
  • Wrote this Blog
  • And, spent time with my daughter. Now that was priceless.


And Now with a little text on the image courtesy of RIPL Pro by Tarran Deane BLOG What I Learnt About Leadership From a Special Effects Makeup Class by Tarran Deane Speaker, Mentor, Executive Coach, Commentator on Life & Leadership. Visit











So, next time you’re working remotely, take a look around and consider:

  1. Go in Head First
  2. Be Aware of the Environment
  3. Put Some Skin in the Game
  4. Check Out the Raw Materials
  5. Study to Be Your Best
  6. Practice Your Skills With Different Models
  7. Review the Results and Leverage Them

Now, all you have to do is Decide and Execute!




Tarran Deane is the CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company. Wife, Mum and Step Mum to four daughters, Tarran is a regular Commentator on life and leadership.

Consulting across diverse industries and speaking in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Auckland, Phoenix and Orlando, Tarran has presented to more than 36,000 audience members and been featured in numerous articles, blogs, podcasts and magazines

From fleeing Victoria Bus Station in London as a 17 year old, at the height of the IRA bomb raids, to walking the runway as a National Finalist in the Face of Australis, to stepping up into key influential roles in Australia’s Not for Profit sector, and now running alongside leaders from diverse industries including finance, engineering, mining, health, ministry, associations, government, private enterprise, retail, hospitality and tourism, this woman is adept at braking under speed, cornering safely and doing what she can to help others live life by design, on purpose and full throttle, so no one gets left behind.

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Faith, Work & Rest – Midseason Motivation

Faith, Work & Rest – Midseason Motivation

There are messages birthed in our toughest moments. Striking the balance between faith, work and rest is so important.
Every growth season in my life, my family and my business has followed some of the toughest seasons.

Tarran Deane is an Intentional Leadership Speaker and Guest Preacher helping executives, entrepreneurs and experts to Think Right.Act Smart. Lead Better. Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Organisational Strategist and Change Consultant Australian Speaker Tarran Deane, flies from the Gold Coast or Brisbane, working with PCOs, Event & Meeting Planners in Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

What are you labouring to achieve? Does it align with your values and faith? Are you doing what you can physically and then getting out of Gods way and resting? If what you’ve been doing isn’t yielding the results you expected then try something new. Be intentional. Do a little reading up and then have a fresh look at the task at hand. There may just be a better way… Order Tarran’s latest book

When we dare to put a stake in the ground, lift our gaze and truly believe Gods Word for our lives some mind blowing stuff happens.

Rest in Him.

Oh, and don’t confuse rest with apathy, laziness or disinterest. Resting in Him, studying His Word and declaring Him in the midst of the tough stuff makes the tough stuff not so tough anymore and your capability and character is refined for the next season of your growth.

Your productivity increases, your relationships are stronger, your communication is clearer and your outcomes are tracking in the right direction.

Right now, at this point in time, how ready are you for the next season?

Faith, Work and Rest.

Prepare baby, this year isn’t done yet!

Tarran Deane is an Intentional Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Guest Preacher, Author & Organisational Strategist. To enquire about Tarran speaking at your next event or executive coaching for you or your team contact Paula or Charlotte:
Within Australia: 1300 556 553 or 0417 654305
Outside Australia: +61 417 654305

Let Patience Have Its’ Perfect Work

Patience: The Important Virtue of Leadership [Faith]

I’ve been taking some time this season focusing on my faith walk and relationship with God. 

You see I have big dreams. Time is short and the stakes are high. I can’t and don’t want to do it in my own capacity.

Leadership across every spectrum of our lives is important; so is knowing how to follow, how to sit and rest, and quietly listen and correct our course. 

There’s one brand I want to be greater than mine: the Jesus Brand. 

Folks watch how we live our lives ‘on and off line’. It matters how they see us waiting. 

We are not perfect, but we are perfect in our imperfections, submitting our plans to God – boldly and humbly. Understanding the seasons, developing our critical thinking and the virtues of prudence, temperance, justice and fortitude.

Prudence, the skill of pausing and thinking.

Temperance, the skill of pausing and thinking before reacting

Justice, the skill of pausing and thinking before judging

Fortitude, the skill of pausing and thinking before drawing on strength and determining our next course of action.

I’m learning to be patient in my progress and let God have His perfect way”

In the Book of James 1:4 New King James Version (NKJV), it reads “But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing”.

To work patiently, we have to learn to take what’s uncomfortable or learn how to BE comfortable with the uncomfortable. Growth happens in the midst of the stretch.



#personal #leadership #speaker #executivecoach #corporatecinderella


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Patience: A Virtuous Work for Every Leader. In all our striving we occasionally forget the importance of pausing and reflecting and reconnecting with why we do what we do... What does your brand say about you? Is there a bigger BRAND you want the world to see when they connect with you?

Patience: A Virtuous Work for Every Leader. In all our striving we occasionally forget the importance of pausing and reflecting and reconnecting with why we do what we do… What does your brand say about you? Is there a bigger BRAND you want the world to see when they connect with you?

Ten Reasons Why You Should Care About Your Professional Brand at Work

Professional branding is one way we’re recognised and draw or repel business. Do you remember seeing those brave souls standing on the sidewalks, wearing billboards or chicken suits, beckoning you to come inside their business and buy their burgers? That’s kind of like you and me, only we’re the billboard and you’re wearing a different kind of suit. 

We’re brand ambassadors. That’s why so many popular TV shows in recent years are gaining attention. They’re combining high end suits, lifestyle and ethics in a package, which in turn is selling a service or communicating a message. You’re the BRAND.


  1. Definition of a Brand N. Unique design, sign, symbol, words, or a combination of these, employed in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. Over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the consumer’s mind.[1]


“A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.”
– Jeff Bezos



The commercial world thrives on brand recognition. Coca Cola, McDonalds, IBM, Apple, Fedex. The brand is only as effective as the product it sells and the people who serve there.

The ‘dis-service’ to an organisation’s brand occurs when the employee’s behaviour does not line up with the customers’ expectation. The company has a brand. They have made a significant financial investment in developing a marketplace presence that includes stationery, advertising, website, uniforms, signage, and…you.


You, the employee, are the walking billboard for your company. If you’re representing your business, organisation or church in any capacity, you’re representing the Brand.

Some customers may never access the internet or pickup a brochure. Some potential students or community members may never go to your school or enter your church because of appearances. You may be the only thing they know about the organisation you represent. How you speak of the business, talk about the product or extol the values of the personnel, will influence an individual’s ‘buying and buy-in’ decision.



In answer to your W.I.I.F.M. (What’s In It For Me) question, you’ll see the following unfold in your work-life:

  1. achieve greater referrals from your clients
  2. achieve increased sales conversions
  3. achieve increased job satisfaction
  4. achieve positive marketplace positioning by your company
  5. achieve excellent feedback at your annual performance reviews
  6. achieve longevity of employment and promotion
  7. encourage your team’s development
  8. enhance your workplace culture
  9. make your boss look good to the board, and
  10. impact your community for the greater good.

It does seem to make sense: You want to stand out because of who you are, the work you do and the difference you make; not because you’re awful.

Want to turn up the feel good factor and focus on what IS in your control?


Your Branding Checklist – some practical tips to help you stand out for the right reasons…

  • Attitude: a ‘can-do’ willingness to go the extra mile and join in unity for the success of the business and to have a positive impact on clients
  • Language: every word implies “I’m with you on this journey and I want us all to succeed.” No swearing, snide remarks, red-faced temper outbursts, or false accusations.
  • Suits, Trousers, & Shirts: Clean, ironed, in good repair AND appropriate to your industry
  • Uniform: wear it the correct way, in good repair
  • Hair: clean, cut to suit position or type of work – no mullets please (but that’s a personal bias I admit)
  • Face: clean shaven (for the men) and washed – unshaven faces only look good when you’re fishing on vacation.
  • Piercings & Tattoos: unless you’re on NCIS or work at a body art parlour, keep these respectful. Also check your organisation’s PP&P regarding this
  • Shoes: Safety first for the tradesmen (and women – rubber soles only for casual or nonslip environments; no broken heels, peeling leather, or broken zippers
  • Laptop: take your personal photos off the screensavers BEFORE you show your presentation, unless you have a casual relationship with the audience or it adds to your introduction
  • Workspace: clearly defined work areas, orderly filing and completion areas. No confidential data to be left out in view of unauthorised individuals. Clear desk. Clear mind.
  • Car: if you travel with your work, maintain the vehicle mechanically and keep it clean, inside AND out.
  • Socially Smart: Safeguard your reputation online and be wise about what you share and post
  • Execution: Honour your word, complete the functions of your role and the emerging responsibilities as effectively and timely as you can. If you come across obstacles make sure you’re keeping people in the loop.


Feeling a Little Strung Out?

Don’t let your reputation slide. Engage an external 3rd party and gain a fresh perspective and keep a short account with a few key people you trust. Let them speak into your life and highlight if it seems you’re becoming more reactionary or allowing yourself to be emotionally hijacked. Or if you’re beginning to look like a freaky wild man or woman and you’ve stopped taking care of your health or presentation. That should definitely be a give away.

If you need to, apply for leave and make sure you gain some much needed downtime.

Burnout is a sign you’ve been doing way too much for way too long. Take a look in the mirror. How are you really feeling about this? What’s your reflection saying back to you? You’re both a message and a messenger.


The Final Word

The final word on branding goes to Rachel Quilty, the author of “Brand Yourself” and a past guest at the Professional Speakers Australia Queensland Chapter Meeting. Rachel’s advice goes, “Branding should confirm your confidence, vitality, and competency. Your presentation should not get in the way of your message.

It begs the question, what are you saying?”



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Mothers Day: How One Woman Called Deborah Stepped Up When Gender Equality Wasn’t Even a Thing

Why Mothers Day? One daughter wanted to recognise her Mother and earnestly pursued the initiative through letter writing and giving a voice to her Mother, and Mum’s everywhere, who sacrificed for their families and community. American President Wilson in 1914 signed a Bill for Mothers Day to be recognised on the 2nd Sunday in May. You can watch the whole video here.

This is the intention, to honour the act of sacrifice women make at home, in times of war and in the day to day. I love it and have fond memories of crayon cards and little fingers touching my face.

In a video clip on Motherhood by The Skit Guys, a radiographer is completing an ultrasound on an expectant Mum, who asks “What’s it like? Is it worth it?”

My answer. Yes.


Guest Preaching this Mothers Day at my home Church I was considering all the women in the Bible, and I knew immediately who had influenced me. I knew whose story would take centre stage.

I am considerate and recognise we’re all on this crazy journey called life and, well, life can be messy, relationships imperfect and families on a scale rating from pain through to flourishing vitality. You’ve got to know the likelihood of who will be sitting in the audience, without shrinking back…


Daniel Grothe in his Blog shares how Mothers Day evokes a range of emotions for some who gather in church services and we need to be mindful of them: 

  • “their Mum has passed away, old or young
  • a mum’s child has passed away, from miscarriage or stillbirth, a prolonged sickness, at someone else’s hand or their own, or through a crazy gut wrenching accident or war
  • there will be those who yearn to be Mum’s and for whom it hasn’t happened yet or don’t fit someone’s criteria or mould
  • There are those who have chosen a life of singleness or not to have children 
  • there are those whose life with their Mum has caused them deep sorrow, through addiction, absence or disappointment and are simply not close
  • there will be those Mum’s who’s children have caused them great pain and remain at a distance.” 

God see’s you wherever you are.

And then there are those

  • who have suffered at the hands of other women and  are reframing their thinking about what it means to be a daughter, a woman, a person of value.
  • who are finding their way in foster, blended or step families, 
  • those who have made their peace with their circumstances, 
  • and those who have forged their identity in families with love and diversity, strength and wisdom

We are all seen and valued. Let’s acknowledge that. Honour it and not over think it. Let us focus on GOD over our circumstance and allow faith to mobilise us.


It is a different world now than it was in 1965 when singer, lyricist and artist Joni Mitchell, gave up for her daughter for adoption. It was 33 years before they were reunited… 

Thank God, legalism has given way to reason and grace!

Singer Celine Dion describes her journey through 5 failed IV attempts and miscarriages, before giving birth to twins, 10 years since she gave birth to her first son Rene Charles. Celine set clear boundaries – no business in the house. Everyone has a story, right?

What steps do you take to implement boundaries in your home?


Maybe. Not in our household. Simple actions, treasured moments and cherished conversations. Sigh. I’m happy.

Around the world spending has been taking place on cards and flowers. In 2014 more than $21.2 billion was spent on Mothers Day gifts in the USA.

There will be burnt toast and handcrafted gifts, hushed tones and loud noise in many households. 

DEBORAH: The Woman Who I Would Have Over for Dinner

Thank God for daughters. These girls become women and influencers at work and home, they may parent their own or others peoples children and shape the course of history. 

Our world is a different place but there have always been women who have shaken the status quo throughout biblical times. Some we know, like Ruth, Naomi, Mary and Martha. 

There is a woman written about in the Book of Judges 4: who I look forward to sitting at the table and having TEA with. 

Deborah the Prophetess

Her name is Deborah. In an age where gender equality was not a theme, but rather where the focus was on relationship with God and anointing, one woman forged a path that shaped her country and led to peace in the land for more than 40 years.

I feel like my spirit cries out as I read of her character and spirit, this woman who was trusted by God, loved by the community and positioned herself halfway up a hill with a view of what took place, who was accessible to the people. Her garments rustling in the breeze and the stones of the river bed glistened in the sun.

Here was a woman whose story demonstrated three key traits by the way she lived her life. Deborah

T: was Tenacious in life

E: Exhorted Others, encouraging them in their faith and skills

A: Walked in her Authority as Prophetess and Judge.

T: Deborah was Tenacious in life

Oh she was feisty this Deborah woman. Can you imagine it? Talk about the old boys club. Different to other women of the day, she held her ground

Judges 4: 4 Now Deborah, a prophet, the wife of Lappidoth, was leading [a] Israel at that time. 

  1. Deborah, known by name. Her Identity is secure in her relationship with God Psalm 139. She was known and loved by Him, as we all are. The root word of her name ‘Darab’ which translates in Hebrew as Word or Speak
  2. A Prophet – a spiritual call . You know that ‘something different’ you recognise on someone when you meet them. theyre different
  3. A Wife – relationship. Part of a team. Released. protected. covered. Not ‘controlled’ by her husband. But rather supported by him. We hear nothing about children and for all we know never had them.
  4. A Leader – role. Anointed to influence and bring about change. Honoured in that role as evidenced by all the people who came to have their disputes resolved. 

Judges 4:5 We Find Out What She Does

  • Holds Court – knows her role, understands her calling
  • Hears Disputes – listens intently
  • Gives Her Verdict – is trusted for her counsel 

E: Exhort Others

Judges 4:6 Read it here

Barak was a military man

Deborah was a judge. Barak was used to submitting to the authority of the role. He understood the protection and insight, yet sought to negotiate with Deborah. 

We see that he knew the anointing was on her. Could he have not wanted to go with her for this reason? Was he fearful without her? 

Deborah could see that someone else would have the victory, beyond perceptions, the scriptures do not suggest that it would come by a different woman’s hand. The reader can naively interpret the passage in isolation to infer it comes by Deborah. 

Deborah knows the power of unity. 

Here she exhorts the woman who has no name until we are introduced to Jael in verse 17.

She exhorts Barak that victory will come into his hands.

As a parental figure she calls to the people ARISE! ARISE!

A: Walk in Your Authority

Deborah models how to walk in your authority, with boldness and humility, confidence and certainty! 

  • Hear God’s voice
  • Declare what you see and hear
  • Speak victory
  • Lift others up
  • Own you achievements to His glory. The Hebrew scholars remark the song of Deborah is poetically one of the 

Deborah’s efforts brought peace. We may not fight a physical war. We may not have our own children. We may be facing our own distractions. 

Ephesians 6:12  “We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers of the unseen world.”

Ephesians 6:10 Cladding ourselves in the Armour of God

We have a choice. Will you make yours to encourage your sons and daughters, brothers or sisters, to

  • eliminate fear
  • maximise talent
  • accept responsibility for their actions?

We could all have a little touch of Deborah in us and find our voice to Live Boldly and Rise Up! Remember these three things: 

Time for TEA

  • Tenacity of Spirit
  • Exhortation of Others
  • Walking in our Authority


Yep, I’m looking forward to meeting this woman one day who was called the Mother of Israel, who heard the voice of God, spoke her convictions, lifted her voice, saw the big picture and came alongside others like Barak, felt the loss of people and loved and helped pave the way for people to achieve freedom.

My kind of Mother.

Suits me to a T.E.A

Chalking It Up to Experience & Celebrating Community

I have fond memories of chalk. I cast my mind back to the classroom at Hillvue Primary School, and in the hot stillness of a Summer’s Day I see the chalk dust rise from the duster as it bangs against the board.

Chalk is a constant, just like community. It brings back learning, captures memories, and evokes emotion.

Building Community: Church, Celebrations and Cul de Sac Conversations all Happened Last Sunday...

Building Community: Church, Celebrations and Cul de Sac Conversations all Happened Last Sunday…

Today was one of those community kind of days.

Our Sunday morning’s move between my hubby preparing for an early start as an Advanced Care Paramedic and an easy breakfast of poached eggs with that special organic pumpkin seed loaf I buy down at our local store. No matter the priorities and the pressures of deadlines that linger, this is the one day of the week I set aside to truly renew my strength and my spirit. I play. I have fun. I hang out with community


COMMUNITY | Chalking Up Another Sunday in Church

Breakfast cleared away, makeup and hair done, and grabbing my worn bible I careened down the stairs to my chariot and headed to Church.

Greeting friends, celebrating Asa receiving his citizenship, lifting our hands, singing our hearts out, and listening to the Pastor share wisdom. I followed along turning the pages in my Bible.

Phrases like:

  • Iron sharpens iron
  • What you sow is what you reap
  • We are valuable before we do anything
  • We are more than the sum of our mistakes
  • The grass is greener where you water it
  • Without a vision people perish


Pastor Dianne Pearson travels to Korea and China, preaching and encouraging men and women to live a life of faith. Speaking here at Church in northern NSW

It’s the stuff songs are written about and an evergreen message. From orthodox to traditional, faith is important. Statistics say we live longer and have greater emotional resilience. Marriages have that little something extra weaving them together. We heal better, when we hold onto hope and serve others, do life together and all that jazz.

Are you setting time aside to sing out loud – even if you won’t make it to the finals of the Voice or Idol? Do you stretch yourself and let your guard down with people who share the same values as you? Could you do that next weekend? 

Morning gave way to lunch and I felt conflicting emotions. Torn, because I would have like to finish listening to Pastor Di’s sermon and excited, knowing we were about to catch up with extended family and friends over a birthday celebration.



What’s normal anyway, right? We say yes to gatherings of family that strengthen bonds, encouraging one another. It can be weird on the surface to some who may not understand how blended and step families make it work, but we do in a messy, straight up kinda way.

I’m mindful of being thoughtful and honouring boundaries of this one. My daughter’s Dad’s family have been an active part of my daughters life since she was born. Her dad and I went our separate ways when she was 20 months old. She’s now 20. He travels, my husband Dave and I are invited to events with my girl and love her grandparents and extended family. We feel honoured to be part of the extended family…

Today we celebrated Ellie’s Uncle and Aunty’s 50th birthday. They’re twins living miles apart. Special occasions, unspoken moments, knowing people are missing through loss, travel and overseas residency.

So we find a way to connect and include them:

  • Recording a video
  • Taking photos
  • Sharing stories
  • Admiring china teacups
  • Promising to see each other again before the next big birthday


Great Aunt Marcia's china cups are catalyst for conversation and warm memories...

Great Aunt Marcia’s china cups are catalyst for conversation and warm memories…


Are you rushed or pausing to admire the treasures other people hold dear? Are you navigating relationships, considerate to boundaries and timing? What could you be doing differently? Who could you be sending a handwritten note to? What could you draw a line under and choose to do differently? 


Seeing hubby in the garage catching up with a friend of ours, being brought up to date of the antics of neighbourhood children who came bearing freshly baked cookies… it makes my heart swell and remember ‘this is community’. My husband writing my daughter’s nickname on a homegrown Paw Paw for her to take with her conveyed – ‘you’re loved, you’re remembered, you’re special’.

Sweetness of Celebrating Community - Ellie and her Paw Paw from her StepDad by Tarran Deane_opt


The last 24 hours were filled with love, compassion, celebration, conversation and community.

When your joy threatens to fade or weariness stands at the door, grab some chalk, draw a hopscotch, write a note on the footpath for your neighbour or your postman, pick yourself up and go be amongst community. 

When’s the last time you connected with your neighbours and simply stood around chatting while the kids ran around?

Stop worrying about everything and striving for this or that. Learn to be content and …

  1. Chalk Up Another Sunday with Community
  2. Chalk Up Another Celebration with Community
  3. Chalk Up Conversations with Community

Don’t give in, give up or turn the other way.

You were never meant to have a chalk outline around your body.

You were always meant to live your life in community. 

Could you do better at it?



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Summer and the Shifting Sands of Time

It was the Summer of 1997, my daughter had just turned 2. A few short months before my life had been turned on it’s head.

My body and heart were slowly mending from a relationship that had given me both one of life’s most cherished gifts, new life and lessons I would hold dear.

They apply to you and personally and professionally. Ones like..

Don’t confuse:

  • love with a longing to be loved
  • caring with control
  • passionate conversations with verbal abuse
  • or choice with convenience.

Don’t confuse:

  • loyalty with bondage
  • conviction with condemnation
  • fear of the unknown with ‘this is my bed and I must lay in it’
  • Honour with obligation

Throughout our young lives throw-away lines from our parents or influencers, stick to the subconscious and create neural pathways in our mind, if left unchallenged, that become our default view point – even to our own detriment – at home and at work.

Since becoming a Mum I’ve been consciously thinking about what I’m thinking about. It’s my responsibility. No excuses. My story. My choice.

I ended the relationship in August of 1997. In the Summer of that same year I began to learn a new kind of normal of soulParenting.

Faith was my constant companion as I learnt to trust God to take care of my toddler when she would go off in her Dad’s car.

Now it’s the Summer of 2016 and the toddler is 20 and living less than 30 mins away.

Her Dad is somewhere in Western Australia, living his life and doing well.

There were years of chaos and arguments, delight and merriment, revelations and reflections, careers and businesses, yearnings and new dreams birthed in the passage of time in between.

In the January Summer of 1998, the shifting sands, faith and a fresh set of friends nurtured my weary heart and soul.

I walked a lot. I cried myself to sleep some nights with my toddler in the other room, yearning for a better life for her. It seemed time stood still and Gods’ grace planted me in the company of beautiful friends. But even then I felt alone. Not exactly lonely. Separate. Attuned to the story being written of my life with every new decision and circumstance.

I began to share occasional ‘balcony days’ in Tallebudgera Creek with Dave, who I’d met in Church. We’d talk for hours and hours and crack ourselves up laughing about nothing at all. Breath cane back to my lungs and the blood began to flow again in my veins and hope birthed new vision.

Today is a breezy, clear beautiful Summer day like back then.

My daughter is now a young woman and charting her own course.

I married the balcony man, 16 years this May. We’re the Deane Team. We’ve done our best to champion our blended family of four daughters. We’ve made heaps of mistakes. We’ve done a lot of things right.

I’m taking a moment to thank God for the shifts that take place in our life and my decision to trust that He is smarter than me.

Then, I’ll head down to that same creek and listen to the cackling sounds of little people embracing life and splashing on the waters edge.

This story is still being written….


Tarran Deane is one of Australia’s most loved Conference Speakers sharing on the practical elements of high level leadership. Passionate about Communcation & Connection, Tarran Helps Leaders Design Change Mechanisms and Culture Pathways.

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S01.E10 Declarations, Resolutions & Good Intentions _ The Awesome Show Podcast with Russell Pearson & Tarran Deane

The Awesome Show Podcast S01.Episode 10: Declarations, Resolutions & Good Intentions

Ep 10 Season 001 Declarations, Good Intentions & Resolutions _ The Awesome Show Podcast with Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson Subscribe at

In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss Declarations, Good Intentions and Resolutions

This week in our final episode for season number one, we discuss the declarations and resolutions that we make as leaders throughout the year. What can we do to ensure that these are not simply good intentions but a pathway to growth and long term achievement? Let’s find out.

Please excuse the audio quality of this episode, technology was not on our side and we wanted to ensure that we had this conversation prior to the New Year so that you too can set yourself up for success in the year ahead.

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S01.E07 Manage Your Online-Reputation ~ The Awesome Show #LeadershipPodcast with Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

The Awesome Show Podcast S01.Episode 07: online-reputation management

Ep 07 Season 001 Managing Your Online Reputation _The Awesome Show Podcast with Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson Subscribe at


In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss Managing Your Online-Reputation

What is your online reputation? What is being said about you and how are you acting in the online space? The ability for people to share your comments, and view public transcriptions of your statements makes amplification of your message so much easier and more powerful than ever before. Like a double edged sword, it can swing both ways.

Today we talk about the people, practice and process of leadership and online presence so you are armed with the tools to manage your digital footprint and take advantage of your online-reputation and importantly so that it works for you.

Online tools we discuss in this episode:
– (It’s a different tool)


This episode, like every episode of the Awesome Show, captures the warmth, banter and straight forward conversation shared by Tarran and Russell as they draw on their combined skills of the executive and entrepreneur. It’s jam packed with insights for current and emerging leaders!

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ABOUT THE CO-HOSTS: Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

Tarran and Russell met during an International Leadership Institute Conference in Arizona, during November 2014. They were representing Professional Speakers Australia in volunteer Leadership positions in Queensland and Victoria. Both flat out with work, and loving their spouses and kiddywinks, Tarran and Russell weren’t even sure if they’d like each other! When they met and a madcap, crazy brother-sister relationship emerged. They came back from the United States with some great ideas, purposefully kept in touch, and launched The Awesome Show as a Pilot Podcast Season for Emerging Leaders.

Since launching the Program and partnering together they’ve both enjoyed a great sense of community, strengthened the bonds between their respective PSA states, grown their businesses, spent time with each other’s family and reached more Leaders together!

Now that’s simply awesome!

Tarran Deane: Speaks and Consults to Executives and Senior Leaders on Change, Connection & Communication to Drive Results from Brisbane – Gold Coast Australia

Russell Pearson: Speaks and Consults to Companies and Organisation on Brand Design and Execution from Melbourne Victoria