S01.E05 Workplace Politics, Perceptions & Performance~ The Awesome Show #LeadershipPodcast with Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

The Awesome Show LEADERSHIP Podcast S01.Episode 05: WORKPLACE Politics, Perceptions & Performance

Ep 05 Season 001 of The Awesome Show Leadership Podcast with Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson Subscribe at www.theawesomeshow.com.au


In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss Leadership Politics, Perceptions & Performance

Ongoing changes in the Australian Political landscape have us reviewing our place as leaders in the current environment.

In this episode you’ll hear a frank discussion of our perceptions and insights around leadership in the 21st Century. We look at what honouring leadership means for leaders today and the dangers to watch for in a very transparent yet highly scrutinised, biased and subjective communication space. Workplace politics and trial by media are an invitation to stand on your values, be increasingly agile and make the tough, unpopular decisions when you might need to.

You’re always “ON”, being mindful of perceptions but not driven by them requires a strong sense of personal awareness, emotional intelligence and the courage of your conviction when you or your team are under the microscope.

Redundancies impact the recipient and the team. Rebuilding trust and confidence takes time.

This episode, like every episode of the Awesome Show, captures the warmth, banter and straight forward conversation shared by Tarran and Russell as they draw on their combined skills of the executive and entrepreneur. It’s jam packed with insights for current and emerging leaders!

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ABOUT THE CO-HOSTS: Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

Tarran and Russell met during an International Leadership Institute in Arizona, during November 2014. They were representing Professional Speakers Australia in volunteer Leadership positions in Queensland and Victoria. Both flat out with work, and loving their spouses and kiddywinks, Tarran and Russell weren’t even sure if they’d like each other! When they met and a madcap, crazy brother-sister relationship emerged. They came back from the United States with some great ideas, purposefully kept in touch, and launched The Awesome Show as a Pilot Podcast Season for Emerging Leaders.

Since launching the Program and partnering together they’ve both enjoyed a great sense of community, strengthened the bonds between their respective PSA states, grown their businesses, spent time with each other’s family and reached more Leaders together!

Now that’s simply awesome!

Tarran Deane: Speaks and Consults to Executives and Senior Leaders on Change, Connection & Communication to Drive Results from Brisbane – Gold Coast Australia

Russell Pearson: Speaks and Consults to Companies and Organisation on Brand Design and Execution from Melbourne Victoria