The 5 Things You Must Ask For When Being Offered a Job

The 5 Things You Must Ask For When Being Offered a Job or What You Wish You Knew Before You Started Working at Bakers Delight and Other Companies…for Real!

I have a 21 year old daughter who’s worked at Donut King, a Pop Up Book Store, Robins Kitchens and MacDonalds. The franchisee’s at Donut King were wonderful to the new employees. Well meaning, encouraging, expectant and more. The Pop-Up store owner personally told me he’d already been taken to FairWork.

Employers, Lead Like You Care About Doing the Right Thing and Be Just.

Even the good employers can become better by having a Job Start Employment Kit for new employees.

A simple folder, with key forms included for young people to take home and review. Sure the tax declarations go in there, but what about the other stuff?

It seems many EMPLOYERS still don’t know what they’re meant to giving their new staff a copy of and if they don’t know – or maybe some do and they simply don’t want to put in the work or stir the pot – than the responsibility lies on these young kids, new recruits and their family or support network to enquire without fear of reprisal such as decreasing hours or being labelled.

Here are my top tips you and any 1st time jobseekers & parents should request from any prospective employer following a Job Offer and BEFORE signing anything: 

1. Position Description confirming role title and functional responsibilities

2. Employment Contract stating conditions or status of employment eg part-time, casual, wage classification or remuneration package

3. Fairwork Fact Sheet >

4. Printed copies or links to the Business policies and procedures  

5. Plus any other referenced document including a company enterprise agreements you may required to acknowledge the existence of. 

TIP: Search online for any of these documents by typing into google:  ‘theirbusinessname enterprise agreement.pdf’ etc and go through the contents for areas you want to check eg hourly rate, weekend loadings. Your conditions should not be less than the minimum award for age, experience or role type

Certified Agreements, such as the case with the Bakers Delight 7 Company Stores, may have been in place for a period of years and be subject to review or simply roll-over if there are no objections. There is a moral, if not a legal obligation to ensure the anniversary of such review dates are raised with employees in the spirit of consultation and collaboration, particularly where under 21s are employed and life experience is limited.

Bakers Delight Facebook Page had this to say:


*update: A report in The Age Newspaper on February 1st reveals Bakers Delight have decided to replace all outdated certified agreements! That’s a win for Mr Marsh and proof sometimes parents must get involved on behalf of their kids and see justice and commonsense prevail. Thank you Mr Marsh for your courage!

Review all these items with your parent or a trusted business friend. Only when you are satisfied you’re awarre of what you’re saying yes to, should you sign off on paperwork. 

The more senior your employment roles the more I encourage you to obtain separate legal advice in relation to intellectual property, restriction of trade, rewards, recognition and remuneration.

Do this and you’ll be informed and empowered vs. demanding or fearful.

You’re in charge of YOU Inc. You have rights AND responsibilities. Don’t give them away through ignorance.

Now let’s get you out there and have fun as you serve and reap the rewards of your labour!”

If you’re an employer, learn from the recent social media outcry directed at Bakers Delight and ensure you’re developing detailed JOB START EMPLOYMENT KIT for recruits, not because you have to, but rather because you see the cultural and marketing advantage it gives you when your staff and their parents, feel valued.

It’s good for business!



Tarran Deane is an international Leadership Speaker, Trusted Advisor, Executive Coach and Author. A background in finance, training and education before expanding into consulting amd executive roles in the not for profit sectors, compelled Tarran to launch Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company in 2011. Tarran now travels regularly speaking, coaching, educating and consulting to executives, entrepreneurs, experts and emerging leaders in Accounting, Finance, Retail, Tourism, Mining, Government, Education, Disability, Aged Care, Churches and Non Profits.

An author of numerous publications, Tarran’s latest LEADERSHIP release is due early 2017 and perfect for graduates, employees and employers wanting to empower, inspire and equip their team. 

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