Your Gift: The Signature 7 Leadership Framework Infographic

When I transitioned from corporate in 2009, it coincided with my foray into social media and working as a leadership speaker, consultant and executive coach. Something was missing. I realised I needed a framework, a system, a method of doing life that took into account my values and different priorities if I was going to excel in this entrepreneurial leadership space and serve my community in a cutting edge way.


Fast forward and this system has been polished and embraced by my team. It underpins our:

  1. daily leadership themes on social media
  2. the core of our executive coaching,
  3. maps our education and training programs against these key areas
  4. and my leadership keynotes, panel and breakout sessions at conferences and events


And after recent requests from colleagues, clients and friends we put together a simple Infographic to help you follow along, or perhaps even consider adopting this framework to have a clear daily focus, give more and get more out of every day – without becoming hard hearted or driven to the point of distraction.


It’s called the “Signature 7 Leadership Framework©“.


Enter your details in the box below to receive your automatic download of the PDF. From there, save it to your desktop or print it out as an A4 and consider using my Signature 7 Leadership Framework © as your daily focus theme.





It’s the perfect tool for executives, entrepreneurs and experts who speak who want more connection and more control without compromising flexibility.


This is how I simply get more done! It’s how I’m in the Top 3% of Leadership Infuencers on Linkedin amongst my network and in the Top 10 of Social Media Users for Leadership. All this leads to an ROI on our efforts that enables us to get more done and help more people.


It simply makes sense to use my Signature 7 Leadership Framework ©


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