Crunching the Numbers – Is It the Only Measure of Success?

Every Senior Leader I know in Australia has started crunching the numbers, gathering data and preparing to present budgets to their Boards. Are they missing something?

I’m so glad I did those few semesters of accounting when I first left school. I get how it works and I love contributing to meeting targets, reviewing progress, and reading the reports that shed light on the strategic and operational performance of the organisation.

But I know financial reporting only tells part of the strategic story.


"Crunching the Numbers Only Tells Part of the Strategic Story", says Tarran Deane CEO Corporate Cinderella Leadership


In my work as a Change Agent, working with enterprises and NFPs, happens through helping map Values into the numbers game and ‘the way we work around here’ to guide how success is measured across all aspects of the business. It’s about being “on-purpose” and keeping the end gain in sight, while embracing the capacity to be agile, innovative and responsive to market trends and the needs of yours clients.

Want to see our Values Tree? Want to have a conversation on how strategic consulting can work with your business through the new financial year planning cycle.

You know you want too!




Tarran is a Strategic & Operational Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Conference Speaker. Author of the upcoming book “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran is also Queensland President for Professional Speakers Australia and Board Member for Newlife Uniting Care Services. A Wife, Mum, Ducati rider and sought after speaker at conferences in the Asia Pacific, Tarran equips leaders and executives using her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, to build connection and culture that drives business and organisational success.

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