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How to Add Value as a Speaker for Your Client & Conference Organiser by @TarranDeane. Visit to learn how you can work with us - VIDEO

How to Add Value to Your Clients & Conference Organiser as Speaker


From Live Video to WordPress, Email to inBox – How You Can Add Value as a Professional Speaker and Make Your Client the Hero!


No cape here. Just a smart phone, the right motive, a good backdrop and away you go.

In this edited Periscope recording I filmed at the end of an event recently, you’ll learn how you can add value in simple, elegant ways to suit any corporate or conference client.

Watch the VIDEO below and hear how I make them Heroes!


It can be pretty daunting if your job is to front a room full of strangers and share your ideas and insights.


Not everyone is a Professional Speaker. Standing out in the midst of a marketplace and value-adding creates a sense of confidence in the presenter and speaks of great character and a desire for relationship; not merely a transaction. So whether you’re presenting at a conference for a Peak Body or Industry Group, stand up and stand out in your quality preparation and value-adding.


One of our executive coaching clients carries enormous responsibility within the Health Sector and was due to present twice at an International Conference in North America.

We worked together to ensure she was very clear on:

  • Why she was presenting at all?
  • What was the long term aim?
  • Where was she experiencing nerves?
  • How to negotiate a fee for the presentation if appropriate?
  • How to leverage your authority while speaking on a Panel?
  • How to make the most of the Panel to draw them into your Breakout Session

My clever client was beaming when she returned from the conference. through working together and identifying a few clever strategies, she was able to showcase the great work being done, forge new relationships, build her personal brand and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing she’s made the most to serve the event host for a win:win.

What else do you do to offer great service? How do you:

  1. Turn-up?
  2. Show-up?
  3. Follow-up?

Outside my recent event in Melbourne Victoria, you catch a small glimpse of how I use live video to make heroes of my clients and event host. Let’s set the standard!

You can do it too. Let’s set the standard!

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