SpeakerMagazine Interviews Tarran Deane Keynote Leadership Speaker, Author, Executive Coach & Corporate Cinderella

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Speaker Magazine Author Marquesa Pettway New York City interviews Tarran Deane, Australian Keynote Speaker for the upcoming December 2016 edition


It’s the Saturday morning of the AFL Grand Final here in Australia, and a Friday evening in New York City. My husband gone motorbike riding and I’m here with this gal filming our interview for the December Edition of Speaker Magazine.

Just like players on the sporting field, entrepreneurs, who happen to be professional speakers, need to know when to make their move. We need to know what plays will give us the greatest returns, which players are on our side, which voices to listen to, how to engage the crowd without getting caught up in everyone’s opinions and simply play your best game.

In our interview Marquesa Pettway of SpeakerTalk and Speaker Magazine Author asks me what was one BIG move that shifted my business. In the interview, I:

  • debunk the myths about Speaker Show Reels
  • the importance of understanding right message, right method, right time
  • gaining ROIs on your finances, time, and physical energy
  • how vital it is to be surrounded by people that catch your vision and help draw out your message
  • and importantly to embrace a new sense of boldness and the power of ‘yes’ and ‘no’

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As the recording becomes available in December 2016, we’ll be sure to provide you with a link right here, so check back in. Set your calendar alerts!

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Tarran Deane is a professional Keynote Conference Leadership Speaker. Helping Leaders Lead through her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, this CEO and Founder of Corporate Cinderella is one of Australia’s most influential women Leadership Speakers. Visit www.tarrandeane.com to enquire about Tarran speaking at your upcoming event.