[Video] How to Use Canva to Position Your Brand and Communicate Your Leadership Message with Tarran Deane

[Video TeleClass] Leading Change, Influencing Others, Positioning Your Brand or Creating a Movement is Enhanced When Your Leadership Embraces Different Modalities to Get Your Message Across.

Working for one of Australia’s key banks many years ago, I had the privilege of communicating a change message across 17 branches and witnessed at the time how the same message can be heard, understood and implemented by the majority of people, but still miss the mark with others. I learnt here, the different learning styles people have and how that impacts their ability to process information and implement actions.

That’s a large reason behind why I love using Canva as a regular part of my delivery methods.

The other reason, I just love the interface and ease with which we get stuff done. No convoluted, time-consuming outsourcing for simple tasks. We just do it inHouse. Oh, and for the big stuff, I still definitely go to the experts, like my friend Russell Pearson at Crimson Fox Studios in Melbourne. One clever branding guy!.

With my executive coaching, leading entrepreneur and speaker clients reaching out to ask me how I do what I do, I recently hosted this Teleclass on “How to Use Canva to Position Your Brand and Communicate Your Leadership Message”


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[Video] Duration: 59 Minutes | Open Your Computer and Play Along or Watch on Your Phone and then Click the ‘Send or Save to My Phone Screen’ to Come Back and Watch Later. 

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Summary of What We Cover: 

  • Once You Login Create Your Design
  • Your Creations on the Front Home Page and How to Name Them
  • Setting Up Album Folders & Uploading your Own Photos
  • How to Use Chrome Plugin ‘Eye Dropper / Color Picker’
  • How to Use and Modify Canva Templates
  • How to Create a Style Guide for Your team
  • Case Study – Tarran’s Youtube thumbnails
  • Check out Tarran’s “Signature 7 Leadership Framework” for planning out your work week. (Infographic can be downloaded at https://www.tarrandeane.com/signature7leadershipinfographic/)
  • Share this MEDIA with your friends and let’s help more leaders lead


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