Are You Being Taken Seriously - Leadership Podcast with Bella in Your Business & Tarran Deane

Leadership: Are you being taken seriously?

[Podcast] Interviewed by entrepreneur Bella on her Jump Consulting Episode 37: “Leadership, Strategic Planning, & Vision” Tarran asked the audience “Leadership: Are you being taken seriously?”

I loved it when Bella invited me to be on her PODCAST!

I first met Bella at a little soiree in a funky part of Phoenix, Arizona in the American Summer of 2016. Arriving a few days early for the annual #NSAInfluence Convention I joined my Australian friend and colleague Trish Jenkins who happened to be in town to speak at a different conference. Trish is brilliant at building relationships through LinkedIn and on this occasion had reached out to a contact Gelie Akhenblit. Social proof and a track record on LinkedIn gave Trish ‘credibility’ and made it easy for Gelie to decide to coordinate the soiree and welcome Trish and I. Trish enquired about a possible lift from one of the other women driving in and who do you think picked us up? The fine Bella!

And that was it.

Instant friends, we knew we’d end up doing something together to serve our respective worlds.

And so here we are with our Leadership PODCAST for you!


Listen to the Podcast with Bella and Tarran HERE

Podcast Duration: 27:41 minutes — 20.2MB

Summary of What We Cover: 

  • How, as a woman, you can be taken seriously in the corporate world
  • Dealing with problem generators in the workplace. it’s not easy but you can RESOLVE issues
  • Why vision and strategic planning matter whether you’re in corporate land or self-employment
  • Tarran’s “Signature 7 Leadership Framework” for planning out your work week. (Infographic can be downloaded at
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Tarran Deane is Interviewed by Bella on the Jump Consulting PODCAST speaking leadership, are you being taken seriously? Strategic Planning and more.

Meet Tarran’s great friend Bella, CEO of Jump Consulting!

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S01.E04 Real Conversations ~ The Awesome Show #LeadershipPodcast with Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

The Awesome Show Podcast S01.Episode 04: real conversations, confrontation & other awkward moments

Ep 04 Season 001 of The Awesome Show Podcast with Tarran Deane and Russell Pearson Subscribe at


In this episode Tarran and Russell discuss Real Conversations, Confrontation & Other Awkward Moments

Leadership is not always the glamorous soapbox position that many believe it is. We know there’s not always a cheering crowd of supporters.

From time to time, it’s necessary to have often difficult, robust and sometimes confronting conversations with those we’re working with, in all areas of life.

This episode we review the different obstacles and pitfalls that you may find in your leadership conversations and discuss strategies for getting the very best results from your communication.

This episode, like every episode of the Awesome Show, captures the warmth, banter and straight forward conversation shared by Tarran and Russell as they draw on their combined skills of the executive and entrepreneur. It’s jam packed with insights for current and emerging leaders!


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ABOUT THE CO-HOSTS: Tarran Deane & Russell Pearson

Tarran and Russell met during an International Leadership Institute in Arizona, during November 2014. They were representing Professional Speakers Australia in volunteer Leadership positions in Queensland and Victoria. Both flat out with work, and loving their spouses and kiddywinks, Tarran and Russell weren’t even sure if they’d like each other! Then they met and a madcap, crazy brother-sister relationship emerged. They came back from the United States with some great ideas, purposefully kept in touch, and launched The Awesome Show as a Pilot Podcast Season for Emerging Leaders.

Since launching the Program and partnering together they’ve both enjoyed a great sense of community, strengthened the bonds between their respective PSA states, grown their businesses, spent time with each other’s family and reached more Leaders together!

Now that’s simply awesome!

Tarran Deane: Speaks and Consults to Executives and Senior Leaders on Change, Connection & Communication to Drive Results from Brisbane – Gold Coast Australia

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Russell Pearson: Speaks and Consults to Companies and Organisation on Brand Design and Execution from Melbourne Victoria

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