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Fear, Trust, Values & Strategic Planning in the Age of Scrutiny


Start with the end in mind. The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has yielded a whole serious of recommendations, that without accountability, and a systematic shift in how values inform strategic and operational planning, recruitment and performance management and clear action plans, may not go far enough.

Government has responded, but does responsibility end with them? I mean after all, they are people also working within a system. We are ALL people.

This lack of ethics and morals is a societal crisis. We see it played out across other sectors – like Aged Care and Disability, in this season where need is great, stakes are high and resources limited.



Leaders are afraid to act. Will they be backed up by their uplines and Boards? Will problem generators in the workplace cause additional angst, because their own undermining or sucky attitudes have been explained away as ‘that’s just how so and so is’.

Since when did it become OK to put up with crappy attitudes, lousy service and poor performance?

There are heaps of cliches:

  • ‘a leader gets the staff they deserve’
  • ‘a team will only rise as high as their leader’
  • ‘the skills that got you there won’t be enough to keep you there’

all of them true and sadly, unhelpful, because it ignores one thing; the responsibility of the follower, to follow well. If we approach this TOGETHER, we can all create a significant shift in society.


And it will require us to go from IDEA to EXECUTION. It will require us to INVEST our time, talent AND finance to bring about change. Now is NOT the time to step back in fear but rather to go boldly into this next season declaring, “Good things will happen on our watch!”



Tarran Deane - Strategic Planning with Consultant Tarran Deane Aged Carre Royal Commission, Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and Financial Planning Tarrandeane.com:consulting


Fear, Trust, Values & Strategic Planning in the Age of Scrutiny

What if..

In spite of our legislative environment, that our leaders and teams were encouraged to be clear on what they stood for and how the organisational values played out in the business? From the coal face to the board room, what if ethics and morals as discussed in The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader had aligning behavioural expectations assigned to them and every individual were held accountable for their behaviours at work.

When we know what each other stands for then we can build TRUST.

When TRUST is present we can navigate complex issues.

When TRUST is absent, society breaks down.

It starts with you and I.


2018 Strategic Planning Survey

I recently attended the QUT Business School, The Centre for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies, for an Annual Update. On this occasion, we were also keenly interested to participate in the  “Strategic Planning: How to Engage Your Non-Profit Board and Staff” with Denise McNerney from the Association for Strategic Planning.  Together we received a briefing on the ‘first round’ preliminary analysis / results from the 2018 ASP Strategic Planning Survey across industries and roles in North America. This Survey is a follow on to the initial 2012 Research conducted.



When asked in the 2018 ASP Survey “does strategic planning help your business?”

  • 90% of top performing organisations said YES
  • 64% of bottom-performing organisations said YES


Their research shows high capacity organisations ‘report plan progress and achievements more frequently than low capacity organisations’. Staying in touch with those we consult through a “Communications Plan”, that while not perfect, sets intention, creates confidence and adapts to changing circumstances as needed.


This can only be a good thing for Leaders who have are considering recommendations, endeavouring to manage their own energy and leadership pace, maintain the planning cycles in what has now rapidly become, the ‘new normal’ of unpredictable change in the age of scrutiny.



Tarran Deane - Strategic Planning with Consultant Tarran Deane Aged Carre Royal Commission, Royal Commission into Banking, Superannuation and Financial Planning


What if…

You brought your team together and had a ‘nameless, rankless debrief’, completely fear free and got it all out on the table or up on the walls? You then communicated with your people and gained their insights. And to enhance trust in the process you decided to start with the end in mind.


What if…

You brought in independent, external support that gave you the breathing space and clear head to approach this season, not from fear and overwhelm, but from a place of adequate resourcing and empowerment?

Your strategic planning efforts drew on external consultants to facilitate an objective birds-eye view of the business, courting participation from stakeholders that strengthened your understanding of the where you’re at and sought out key ways to be disruptive, innovative, and accountable for the growth you aspire to lead?

Tired people make mistakes.


Need a Little Help at Your Place?




What Does All This Mean for You and Your Business?

In light of the recent recommendations from the Banking Royal Commission, many industries will be seeking to ensure they have the right checks and balances in place, without losing their human connection.

The underpinning competitive advantage for every business will be clear values, that permeate every aspect of the organisations’ 7 facets: people, practice, process, products/production, performance, promotions and profit.

Once you know what you stand for it’s time for you reassess, do you align with the company values and as a team, have the robust conversations about planning, engagement and continuous quality improvement,


Then the consumer can decide, does the shoe fit?



Learn More about Our Strategic Planning Consulting





About the Author- Tarran Deane the Alphabet Principle Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader for Real Life at Work - Speaker, Keynote COnference Speaker, PCO Speaker, MICE Speaker, Bureau Speaker, Associations SpeakerDescribed as a warm, vibrant communicator and modern-day wordsmith, Tarran Deane loves helping Leaders to lead in industries like Aged Care, Disability, Mining, Franchise, Tourism, Health and Finance. As a Trusted Executive Advisor, Leadership Keynote Speaker, Change Consultant we work with Senior Leaders during times of stress and significant change to align organisational and personal values, bridge the internal silos and increase vibrant connection with all stakeholders, enhancing the capability of the team & exceeding commercial objectives – so everyone can make it home and stop cheating on their families.


Tarran Deane is Executive Director of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company, the 2018 National President of Professional Speakers Australia, Ambassador for the Australian Smart Rider Motorcycle Safety Program, Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee, and the Author of “CLIQUE”, “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader for Real Life@Work” and Emotional Intelligence for Profitable Leaders. Tarran is also the Chair of Professional Speakers Australia and serves as a Director for “Ganggalah Training Centre and Ganggalah Church”, Indigenous community organisations.


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Don’t Blame the I.T. Department

“Hi, how can I help you,” asked my colleague when I answered his unexpected phone call.

“Hi there, what do you mean?,” I replied

“You sent me an email asking for help,” he said

“Ah, no I didn’t. What are you referring to?,” I asked

“An email came in. Looks like one of your domains. Sounds a little like you. Wait. The sender NAME is your email address, the actual ‘sent from’ email address is some bogus gmail.”


Then Russell uttered those words that put fear into the hearts of men and women everywhere: You may have been hacked. Better get onto it.”


Managing Your Digital Reputation 

One of the most complained about departments in most organisations seems to be the I.T Department.


In large corporations, not for profits and medium business owners you’ve got your IT Department. Ahhh, I remember the days where you could ring them on the internal line and ask for help, or lodge a ticket, and invariably there’d be some sort of hiccup like:

  • my computer is slow
  • the connection is slow
  • there’s not enough training on this
  • I can’t access this site and we need it for the services we deliver
  • I’ve forgotten my password or username
  • I can’t upload my own programs to it


The IT Department Guy (usually) would respond with questions like,

  • have you turned it on and off?
  • have you done a control, alt, delete,
  • have you used it on any open wifi networks,
  • what other programs have you got open at the same time

and the IT department reactions behind the scenes are pretty funny. Did you know they have a saying when they think it’s the person; not the machine. Yep, they do. They call it a PICNIC error:

Problem In Chair Not In Computer


Manage Your Online Reputation -ONLINE Leadership with TarranDeane.com - Man in Chair with Computer_opt


All jokes and reminiscing aside. I have a WHOLE new appreciation for that former IT Department now as a business owner celebrating 10 years being in charge of the whole thing for our company! We outsource to trusted suppliers where we need to and manage the day to day, internally, which means the buck stops with us.

I’ve been learning extensively in the past few years and it still blows my mind that there are people out there who use their power for evil. The playing field has become a lot more dangerous and nasty.


Here are my tips on what YOU can do as an employee, employer and business owner to protect your organisational and professional reputations:

Email Addresses

  • ensure your email address is not publically visible on the organisation website (mine was because I wanted to be accessible, and yet it only takes one person who is ill-intentioned to wreak havoc and chew up your time)
  • WordPress Website? Install a plugin similar to “Obfuscate Emails”, so that hyperlinked emails cannot be scraped from the view source code on the website
  • Consider whether you add your direct email in the social media contact pages OR if you default to their systems internal messaging systems (Note. LinkedIn no longer exports Profile contact email addresses, so that’s a great safeguard)

Images | Photos

  • put your name ACROSS your BIO Image to minimise the risk of people masquerading as you
  • save each and every image you take or download of you or your content, with your domain address in the filename.


Passwords & Logins

  • No brainer, change them regularly
  • Use a minimum of 10 letters – alpha, numeric and symbol
  • and use a password vault like LastPass, 1Password by Agile or iCloud


CRMs and Email Integrations

Oh, there are heaps of them. Think: Infusionsoft, Ontraport, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit/Seva and so on.

If your email has been compromised through a form of masquerading – someone pretending to be you, like they did with me, and you’re using that SAME email address to communicate through pre-scheduled, automated sequence, you need to be pretty quick to change it!


Why? If your email is reported as SPAM:

  • it will skip your recipient’s inbox and go straight to junk mail
  • it will impact your business lead generation and nurture strategies
  • it may lead to unsubscribes
  • you’ll need to be intentional and get busy boosting trust again through genuine, regular connection.


So the upshot of that recent incident?

Because my colleague picked up the phone to clarify, I was alert but not alarmed. We took actions to safeguard our customers, made sure there’d been no brute force attacks on our websites, all those passwords were changed, and the email sequencing outbound sender email replaced with a new one.

And we confirmed NO outbound emails from the masquerading address emanated from our email hosting system.

Thank goodness!



Manage Your Online Reputation -ONLINE Leadership with TarranDeane.com Leadership Speaker, Executive Advisor, Author



Shall we all just pause for a moment, grateful our skills are increasing as we take responsibility for our online reputations and offer up a big, sincere thanks to every I.T. Department we may have ever moaned about.

They’re worth their weight in gold!



A. Authentic – An Extract from The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader by Tarran Deane

A. Authentic Leadership


adj. AUTHENTIC: not false or copied; genuine; real; reliable; trustworthy; having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; entitled to acceptance or belief because of agreement with known facts or experience; authenticated; verified.1


When we speak the seed of value over the lives we are entrusted with, a root of quiet confidence begins its journey of conviction into the battlefield of the mind. The seed is watered, valiantly breaking new ground in the face of discouragement and word storms. The leader emerges to stand not in the shadows cast by others, but rather to turn her own face to the sun, certain of her place in the world.

– Tarran Deane


Just Who Are You?

The rise of social media has led to a shifting of real and perceived authenticity. People post with certain filters. They’re now able to tag the topic and context of their post in their personal profiles. As workplaces are increasingly disrupted by automation and shifting goal posts, the leader who has a clear sense of his or her identity and is able to articulate it with word and deed.


As a compelling leader, you can inspire your team, tribe or community by providing opportunities to others to:

  • understand individual strengths and inspire personal accountability
  • promote unity and share the vision
  • require peak performance and set clear expectations
  • rejoice in the outcomes
  • honour the role of family in the life of the team.


Oh, Have You Got Your Copy of Tarran’s Book “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” Yet? Click Here to Order a Copy for You and a Colleague!


Strip Back the Layers

It takes significant courage to lead from a clearly-stated values position in mainstream organisations. Those who do set themselves apart from the competition are fine with knowing they risk polarising some folks at work and in their target market.

So, get your brave on. Step into a higher level of personal satisfaction. Encourage your people to identify their values and take responsibility to genuinely declare the company principles or values as ‘this is how we do things around here’. is possible to be a compelling leader who has a clear vision whether you wear a pair of jeans or a pin-striped suit. It is less about what you wear and more about the vision you sow and the difference you’ll make.

Is it possible to be a compelling authentic leader who has a clear vision whether you wear a pair of jeans or a pin-striped suit? It is less about what you wear and more about the vision you sow and the difference you’ll make. Like walking your talk.


This takes time. I’ve read excerpts from The Four-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss2 and thought at the time that every workplace has its own context. There’s no way I could have cut down my executive hours working in Human Services.

Authentic Leadership doesn’t demand you throw in the towel and join a start-up or ridicule policies and procedures that are their for your protection and quality outcomes for the business.  If you try to fake who you are or your preferred work style, then you may well live on coupons and go around the mountain a few more times before you realise that:

  • work is a noble pursuit and you don’t have to leave your job to be entrepreneurial
  • you may not have to leave your own business and ‘get a real job’ either
  • to serve in the shadows can be more rewarding and influential than being in the spotlight
  • relationships matter – it is important to be kind to one another, set clear boundaries and expect more of each other and yourself.


Wouldn’t life be easier if everyone on your team kindly respected each other’s differences and yet came together under ONE Vision? Let’s help you to help them be the best version of themselves. Buy Tarran’s book “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” here and we’ll send it right to you!


What’s the Alternative?

Often we need someone close to us or with an objective viewpoint who can challenge us if it looks like we’re ‘faking it’ or self-sabotaging. Blind spots, unconscious bias, lack of personal accountability and a readiness to blame are incredibly short-sighted and could exacerbate tensions with family and work colleagues.

If we’re afraid to pull back the layers and shy away from encouraging our people to do the same, then we may begin to see an increase in:

  • workplace conflicts
  • disengaged personnel
  • individual burnouts and mental health issues
  • loss of credibility and influence
  • loss of intellectual property
  • union involvement
  • lack of succession planning
  • loss of top talent.



Trust through Transparency and Track Record

The case is strong. You’re most compelling as a leader when you’re comfortable in your own skin and committed to learning, giving your best, bringing others on the journey with you, honouring commitments and keeping the lines of communication open.

Your life experience within your community, current industry or volunteer service will continue to shape you. Spend time to reflect on your achievements and celebrate the person you have become. Encourage yourself and be mindful that the person you become in pursuit of a goal is often as important as the goal itself.

Your team will be watching. Sometimes, it will seem like the whole world is watching how you move and respond to changes and confrontations. A lousy attitude hurts your health and limits your opportunities.




If you want to go far and go together, then navigate the tension of likeability while embracing the principle of ‘It’s none of my business what other people think of me’. Your language expresses a confidence of personal conviction and teachability, leading from a position of boldness and humility.


Vision – What Are You Aiming For?

Our values become clearer when we’ve come face to face with what we don’t want. Over time, were confronted with the opportunity to become better or bitter. Compelling leaders choose to become better, to develop a thirst for finding the good in other people, to pursue a cause greater than themselves and to delight in the simple things. See chapter V. – Vision.


Buy Your Copy of Tarran’s Book “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” & We’ll Send it Right to You!


Serving One Another – Become Better at It

If I am ever stuck or become increasingly tired and forget who I am and what I’m meant to be doing, then I am too busy in my ‘doing’.

Personally, I get on my knees and read the Good Book. I spend a bit of time reading my favourite passages of the Bible, listening to worship music and recharging my soul and gaining a fresh perspective on the challenges at hand.


Your Authenticity Checklist

Here are a few questions to ask yourself. Oh, and they’re great questions to use when you’re coaching a direct report as well.


  • What makes you happy or sad?
  • What ticks you off or inspires you?
  • How do you like to process information?
  • How do you like to connect with people?
  • Close your eyes and reflect on the company you Are those people encouraging you to be a better person, personally and professionally?
  • Do you understand why you like to work the way you do? Consider undertaking a work-preference style assessment with an accredited facilitator so you can gain a deeper understanding.3
  • Watch the old movie Runaway Bride and ask yourself, How do I really like my eggs? What sort of woman am I? What kind of man am I? What can I do better? Do I use banter in a harmful manner that erodes another person’s confidence?
  • Create a Timeline of Events and update it Record the date and the nature of your feelings about various key events in your life and the lessons learned.




You can no longer justify yourself by saying, ‘It’s just the way I am!’ or ‘This happened to me when I was younger.’

If you are self-righteous, rude, have a problem dealing with anger and avoid taking responsibility for yourself, then your time is up. You’ve been outed. Get help from your local doctor, healthcare professional or career coach.

Real Leaders understand the impact they have and are wisely responsible AND Authentic.

Be the real version of you on your best day.


That’s Authentic Leadership.



Be the Best Version of You. Buy Your Copy of Tarran’s Book “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”. It’s Time for You to Shine and Stand Up for What You Believe In!



  1. Dictionary.com, Authentic, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/authentic
  2. The 4-Hour Workweek, http://fourhourworkweek.com/
  3. Visit https://www.tarrandeane.com and work with us!





About the Author- Tarran Deane the Alphabet Principle Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader for Real Life at Work - Speaker, Keynote COnference Speaker, PCO Speaker, MICE Speaker, Bureau Speaker, Associations SpeakerTarran Deane is the Author of “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader, for Real Life@Work”. With executive and leadership experience, covering more than 41,000 hours, across human services, non profits, workforce planning, associations and peak bodies, along with banking and tourism, Tarran has spoken at conferences and events in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the United States on strategic and operational elements of Leadership, Communication, Change Management, Diversity, Inclusion and Workforce Engagement.

As a wife, mum & step-mum, Tarran loves the tapestry of family life and recharges by serving others, chilling out and racing her Ducati 800 Monster through the hills of Northern NSW.




MC Review of #CMAConfidentMinistry in a Complex World, June 2017

How MCing Improves Your Organisation, Capacity to Think on Your Feet and Readiness to Serve!

You recognise it don’t you when you walk into a room and the atmosphere is welcoming? That’s how I felt one recent Tuesday morning in Melbourne, as I was greeted by the team from CMA.

A hive of activity was underway as all their months of planning was coming to fruition. The front line of service and defense… the Registration Desk.

This was the first time in their 15 year history they’ve had a social media handle AND a lone female MC hosting the two conference. An absolute delight to be entrusted with the organisers runsheets and much loved speakers and stakeholders.

Please enjoy wondering through the tweets from the conference and also some of the photos taken to capture the spirit of the event.




Key references for you:

Polarize, Politics & People: How to Galvanize Change – Leadership Lessons from the US Election

Something extraordinary happened as we watched news coverage and followed social media feeds. Donald Trump was appointed President-Elect of the United States of America.

We watched from our lounge rooms and dining tables and wondered what does this mean for our American friends and colleagues, and businesses in the Asia-Pacific and global community? Can we galvanize people into positive action when change evokes a raft of emotion?

These things are true:

  1. Government – The result is what it is and Leaders from every party must rally together to promote unity
  2. Business – Leaders must become very clear on the objectives, agility, skillset and culture of our organisations
  3. Individuals – Your personal leadership and the values you stand on can still be clear and expressed, with consideration to drawing people together not intimidating them to abandon their beliefs or values, but rather to seek unity and reconciliation for the greater good.

Former Australian New South Wales Premier Bob Carr, states that Trump won the election based on his slogans, clarifying, “It’s one thing to activate the grievances of people who had been badly treated and another to show how your sloganeering can turn things around…This [Mr Trump’s] is a different [type of] leadership.”

Our house was divided. I was not in favour of Trump. Let me state I don’t know the man. I am basing my opinion purely on media representation and I suspect many others have done the same. My husband did not agree with much of Trump’s behaviour, but he did like how Trump shook up the status quo and mobilised people to talk about the elections and be active in the debates.

As a Leadership Consultant and Business Strategist I wanted to look at the new President-Elect and the conceding nominee, objectively as the news broke.

That’s what we need to do as Leaders – we examine ‘change’ in light of what it means for us in the everyday function of our lives. We must deal with what we know and cast down those things which may be fear-based and never eventuate, while seeking wisdom and taking charge of our business.

Change is both thrilling and nerve racking. What matters is people made a choice. Not everyone likes the choice. Someone’s favourite is another one’s rocky road to uncertainty, or a pathway to delightful surprises!

"Rocky Road - This is Where We Become Stronger, Learn More About Our Each Other & Navigate the Terrain Ahead," Tarran Deane Leadership Author on Donald Trump US President-Elect

“Rocky Road – This is Where We Become Stronger, Learn More About Our Strengths & Navigate the Terrain Ahead,” Tarran Deane Leadership Author on Donald Trump US President-Elect

Now You’ve Polarized, Galvanize Them

Donald Trump polarized his audience and so did Hilary Clinton. They engendered support from different corners.

In business, Marketers understand the sheer power and momentum achieved through polarizing your audience and drilling down into your niche. It is by no accident that President-Elect Donald Trump is describing his achievement as a movement. There has been a ground swell of support for change within the the hierarchy of the Untied States Government.

In a world of vanilla and beige, the world is crying out for Leadership and strong, decisive action. The ripple is felt around the world and in organisations, companies and business. Even in the defeat of unmet expectations and uncertainty, there can be shades of purple – of dignity and and regard, without chaos and tantrums.

Leading change is for the brave and the bold, not the faint hearted. Politics happens in governments and all kinds of workplaces.

Change that is either positive or negative can still have an impact on people leading to short term or sustained disappointment, grief and loss. The cost to families, community and business is staggering if not understood, brought out into the open, discussed and dealt with.

In this climate of significant change, understanding the cycle of change gives a sense of empowerment to people who feel power has been taken from them and demonstrates there is a way through it, even if contradictions occur and fear knocks at the door.

It’s up to you as a Leader, to lead them through it, encourage self-leadership and positively demand participation as co-authors of the future, not victims of decisions they didn’t like.

If You Want a Copy of the Change Cycle Flowchart for you or your team, click to request your download > www.tarrandeane.com/changeslide

If You Want a Copy of the Change Cycle Flowchart for you or your team, click to request your download > www.tarrandeane.com/changeslide


Effective Leaders Shift from Polarizing to Galvanizing Unity in the Workplace & Community



Stop Doing this

  • stop focusing on labelling and segregating your community and team
  • stop judging others for what they believe
  • stop speaking with disdain about your opposition
  • stop shifting responsibility for the outcome of your life and blaming leaders
  • stop being part of the problem right now on social media and in real time conversations and perpetuating segmentation
  • stop looking for things to complain about or be fearful of
  • stop polarizing and creating factions in your workplace or community that build internal silos


Start Doing This

  • know your niche and use language that galvanizes them into action
  • be aware of your personal presentation
  • promote unity amongst your team
  • speak positively about your competition
  • choose words that bring people together
  • increase your knowledge of the political, social, economic and cultural landscape
  • Be part of the solution and seek to know yourself and others
  • explore your own bias and prejudice
  • be expectant of good things and intentionally seek out moments to praise
  • start galvanizing one another in your workplace and community and work towards a shared vision and bridging the divides

As Leaders in your field, you’re influencing people everyday. Not everyone is vocal, many lurk in the playgrounds and corridors, transport systems and board rooms quietly observing and reflecting on how you handle defeat and lead through change, how you graciously acknowledge your companions and colleagues on the field and stand firm in the victories.

The first 24 hours since President-Elect Donald Trump was announced the victor in the presidential campaign for the American Whitehouse has said as much about the spectators as the participants.

View Donald Trumps Acceptance Speech Here

Lessons from Trump’s Speech Whether You’re the Leader or the Follower in Your Company: 

  • Communicate without tension, relaxed and appreciative
  • Acknowledge leadership is complex and there’s no easy way through
  • Honour your opponents, competition, or even that person that missed out on the job you were appointed to.
  • Extend your thanks to your team – your support crew, those staff who laboured even before you came on the job, and those that have been behind the scenes or in full view
  • Extend a call to unity and come together as one team, whether they know, like or trust you yet.
  • Pledge your leadership is for the whole organisation, not one part of it, even if you didn’t have full support
  • Entreat those who are on the fringe to bring their expertise to the table
  • Acknowledge the Movement and the need for change to serve the people
  • Outline your vision for the future to build, renew the dreams and maximise potential
  • Share the strategic objectives ahead of you and the team, the fiscal responsibilities and framework you can operate within
  • Communicate with your trusted partners, stakeholders and suppliers how much you appreciate them and seek to leverage and honour their contribution through this season of change
  • Extend gratitude to all who have served so far and prepare them for what lies ahead
  • Yes the season of change is tough, it does require hours of input and declare your expectations and hope for the future
  • Then take a moment to rest, recognise the responsibility ahead of you and your team, raise the bar of excellence and reward your partners and contributors


View Hillary Clintons Concession Speech Here

Lessons from Clinton’s Speech Whether You’re the Leader or the Follower in Your Company: 

  • Be gracious in defeat and go straight to the ‘winner’ and congratulate them and assure them of your support
  • Acknowledge the Outcome Isn’t What You Wanted with your network and recognise the influence you have to draw people through the change, even if it’s unpopular
  • Be Vulnerable and let them know you’re hurting with them
  • Remind them this isn’t about one person and lay your ego down. When you sign on to work for the company, whether you got the promotion or not, commit to the buy-in and demonstrate your total commit, know when the season is at a close and retire gracefully or resign from the arena and live to fight another day

Galvanize Each Other to:

  • Extend Grace & Work Together
  • Uphold the Values & Principles (of your organisations in times of change)
  • Demand Daily Participation not Seasonal Uproar in your workplace & community
  • Commit to Being Part of the Solution Even Under Different Leadership
  • Be Grateful for Those Who Have Laboured With You: Peers & Confidantes, Past Leaders, Family, Labourers


Change is complex.

Show people how to navigate through it.

You will need a team behind you and a circle of colleagues or professionals you can call on. I consider it essential as someone that delivers education and executive coaching, to be both a teacher AND a student, submitting myself to Masterminds and Mentoring. Working with clients in Sydney Australia recently 40 leaders stepped forward and looked at the Change Cycle

Have the robust conversations and don’t shy away from the white elephants.

Pull back the curtains and care enough to confront.

People have power for good and evil. Different doesn’t equal evil anymore than it equals good.

History will reveal through the course of YOUR leadership, the impact and influence your and your peers will have.

As a community member, or ‘company guy’, lead with integrity, get behind the vision of the business. Check your values and if it’s not a good fit design your own outward transition.

Go and lead right now, where you are with what you have in your hand.

Be bold and galvanize one another for unity behind the shared vision, the constitution and closer to home, the values of your company.

Now, get out there and lead.






Pre-Order Tarran’s latest book “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, www.tarrandeane.com/alphabet/ and contact our team to enquire about Tarran Deane Speaking at your event via info[at]tarrandeane.com

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Tarran Deane has worked with some extraordinary folks and loves coming alongside leaders to navigate change and help them Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Better. And, that's very cool! Contact the team today info@tarrandeane.com for information on bringing Tarran in to work with your people and audiences.

Tarran Deane works with some extraordinary folks and loves coming alongside leaders to design and navigate change, helping them Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Better. And, that’s very cool! Contact Tarran’s team today info@tarrandeane.com for information on bringing Tarran in to work with your people and audiences.



Executive Coaches are a Leading Business

Ever Wondered How Tarran Got Started in Coaching? Find Out in This Article Written for Coaching Life Magazine

Tarran Deane must be doing a lot right, when the Publisher of Australia’s Coaching Life Magazine, Stewart Fleming, asked her to write the go-to-piece on Designing Your Coaching Practice.

Read Tarran’s article here:


You’ve got the latest iPhone and the bright shiny iPad, the funky shirt and polished shoes, the runs on the board in your industry and you’re ready to take on the world!

Whether you’re new to the coaching profession or taking a fresh new look, check out my FIVE key questions to stay at the top of your executive coaching profession and I’ll even share some bonus resources[1] and links


  1. Are You Clear on What Makes YOU Tick?

The skills that got you the job, or brought to you to this point in your career,  won’t be enough to sustain you into the future. You’ll be questioned, challenged, pressured and out manoeuvred on more than one occasion. Change will come at you rapid fire and with more and more employees leaving the workforce to become small business owners, you and I need to be extra clear on why we do what we do and how we’re going to do it!


Start with these:

  • What are your values? What are your strengths. Once reaffirmed, use them as the foundation for your business decisions.
  • Consider at least 10 objections you think potential clients will have about working with you. Address them, write them down, and make a note to develop your FAQ page
  • Who do you picture yourself working with? More than a marketing avatar and the problems you’ll help solve, unpack the positive and negative behaviours you imagine these people will demonstrate while you’re working together. This exercise helps you to build stronger professional boundaries and equip you to negotiate better and say NO, when it’s appropriate. Not everyone who wants to work with you should
  • Is coaching really for you? Am you cut out for this? What do you have to offer? What accreditation or qualifications do you need?
  • Examine your ideal working hours in light of what it’s really going to take to grow your business and serve your ideal client. That 4 hour working week? For me? Hang on while I stop laughing and pick myself up off the ground. If building from scratch, be realistic. This baby is going to take some time unless you’re [2]Canva. Then you can employ a team, get Guy Kawasaki[3] on board and leverage like crazy only because your product and service is like, amazing!



I was inspired to become a coach through my first client Antonia, and my own past coach Phil Daly from [4]Pinnacle Business Solutions in northern NSW. In 2008-2009 Phil gave me achieve incredible perspective while I was in my role as senior executive contributing to the c-suite team of a $55million company and it was here I experienced personally the very real difference a coach can make in complex environments.


Antonia, walked across the room at the end of a speaking event I’d presented at in Brisbane 5 years ago. Neither of us knew at the time her simple question, “How can I work with you one on one?” would lead me to expanding our suite of services to include executive coaching and represent close to 45% of our company revenue stream by June 30 2015.



Find out who’s doing what you aspire to be doing and sit at their feet, humbly learn and soak it up – their knowledge, the way they execute and engage with their markets. Often more is ‘caught’ rather than taught’. It’s called ‘impartation’. If it’s virtual learning… pace yourself. Its easy to regard the internet, and professional development generally, as a buffet and over eat. Pace yourself. Learn, process, implement, review, consolidate before racing out to do every course. Bring in the revenue this is not a hobby.


If it’s face to face be prepared to PAY for it.

Examine your own relationship with money too. Check out Roger Hamiltons Wealth Dynamics [5]



  1. What are the tools you have to work with, and how do you stay ahead of the pack with your knowledge of emerging trends and technologies?


Time to do an inventory! Take a look at those devices you’ve got in your hot little hand’s your iPad smart phone your laptop your desktop and consider what are the apps that you have on their are they serving you is it just more white noise. How are the tools that you currently have going to help you serve your future, and current clients?

I knew I didn’t want to become a slave to followup notes and activities. I’d learnt how to be effective in meetings during my Executive roles and took action there and then, before leaving a room. As an entrepreneur I have the same focus. Deliver great value there and then, before distraction gets in the way.



Want to know my favourite iPad app? A professional speaker colleague Mags Bell, herself a coach, shared this with me 3 years ago. I Love it. It’s called NoteShelf. The Pro version costs around $10 from the app store. I can use a stylus or keypad. I can email a single page or the whole coaching journal to my client. I can insert files, photos or draw models to highlight points.


Check out the Apps on my iPhone Home Screen today. It literally is my mobile office. You might find one you like!


  1. What is your strategic framework for success?


If you’ve elected to embark on Coaching as a Business through franchising, you’ll have a model to follow. But what if you don’t? What if you’re a pioneer, a renegade, an Innovator and you’re leading the charge?


You might want to sit down with your life or business partner, a mentor or your financial advisor and answer some of these questions:

  • Have you considered exactly what success looks like to you?
  • Have you conducted market research?
  • What financial constraints will you be operating under?
  • Exactly how does your business structure look? Are you working for someone else and sub contracting? How long will it go on for?
  • What is your rainy day fallback?
  • What financial platforms will you be using to manage your business?
  • What risks exist for you in your business, in the niche that you’re planning to operating in?
  • Who are your potential strategic partners? Who are your Marketplace Hero’s in This Coaching Industry?
  • Just where are you going with this thing and what is this going to really look like?


My husband is an Advanced Care Paramedic. A day in the office can be pretty rough for him and his colleagues. I knew at Corporate Cinderella[6] combining structure with flexibility was a priority for me so we could go play, while honouring my Speaking | Coaching | Consulting schedule.


Everyday of the week is themed and each day, 2 hours is focused on one of my core seven, whether I’m at home or abroad. It’s reflected in my social media posting and conversations, so everything is ‘on purpose’.



I leveraged opportunity, refined my process and continued my professional development in this space, sat at the feet of some terrific Group Mastermind | Coaching Leaders. People like Dale Beaumont of Business Blueprint [7] and his community including, Taki Moore[8], James Schramko[9], Greg Cassar[10], and [11]Chris Ducker.



Investigate whether 1:1 Coaching or 1: Many (Group Coaching) is your thing. Both have benefits including speed of change, active participation, peer support, sustainable community, revenue forecasting. There is a buzz in the marketplace with Group Coaching and Mastermind Models, for increasing leverage. Consider joint ventures or strategic alliances in this space, or you’ll be putting in a ton of energy by yourself!


Consider how you can schedule each day of your week so you can stay in your groove and not be blindsided by pressing distractions – or people that drop in to your home office.


  1. How would you describe the culture and experience you would like your clients and strategic partners to have as a result of working with you?


From the team you create – internal and external – to the clients you bring on board and the suppliers you engage. As you consider each of these questions you’ll be in a stronger position to determine the experience you want your clients to have when they work with you.


Becoming part of a community that feeds you, and one where you can serve, has brought me enormous joy, perspective and referrals. I’ve been volunteering at Professional Speakers Australia since 2009 when I left my Executive Role. They are my tribe. As an Entrepreneur who Speaks, Coaches and Consults, this group has helped shaped my success.


Your brand experience is the sum of all the little things… quality of products, beauty of design, the written word, the issued accounts, your followups and promises kept. We can’t do everything or be everything to everyone. Just do what you can, be aware of perceptions, and embrace continuous improvement without becoming a slave to it.


It’s all about building your business with the end in mind.



Identify your preferred industry niche. Consider three providers – small, medium and large. Map your current budget and resources against the most relevant one. Now what lessons can you learn and apply for your business in the customer service experience you can deliver. Zappos and Google are inspiring, but you may not have their budget.



  1. What’s your communication strategy for liaising with your market, staying connected with opportunity and audiences? As a coach will you be using other methods to reach your prospects and current and past clients?


There are so many options that comes to mind relationships or client management tools to those that are building a database or currently have one, You’re going to want to make sure that you are sincerely committed to building relationship with the people in your world.


The number one rule: never spam people.

The number two rule: don’t hoard business cards.

Make it three rules: Pause and spend time with people.


The United Nations Director General for the Office of Outer Space Affairs, a revered Malaysian Moslem woman said to me, “You have given me hope for the future.” All through listening and gentle conversation.


Let people you generally care for them.


Here are a few suggestions to help you build your communication strategy:

  • Speak Up – do a professional speaking course with members of Professional Speakers Australia and begin sharing your message through your website with video’s and podcasts
  • Utilise an email autoresponder program to execute on your good intentions: Active campaign, Constant contact, Infusionsoft, Ontraport, MailChimp, LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Access Hootsuite or Buffer and schedule your social media content a month in advance for a specific time of day. This will leave plenty of space on the clock for you to add spontaneous posts and contribute to discussions in Groups on LinkedIn or Facebook.


“If content was King, then Connection is now Queen” Serve People. Implement Boundaries. Value Your Expertise. And work it Baby!




About the Author:

Tarran Deane is a Ducati riding, Mum and stepMum and CEO of Leadership Transformation Company “Corporate Cinderella”. An Innovative Business Award Recipient, Tarran is also President of Professional Speakers Australia – QLD NT and serves as a Non-Executive Director of Newlife Care. With more than 24, 697 audience members and 43,000 hours in leadership Tarran works with Executives from Mining, Academia, Churches, Health, Government, Aged Care, Disability and Accounting. Connect with Tarran at www.tarrandeane.com

[1] Declaration: Tarran loves the resources she mentions here and does so from using the resources herself. Tarran is independent and receives NO affiliate commissions or financial benefit when you click on any of the links mentioned.

[2] Click here to view www.canva.com

[3] Click here to view http://www.guykawasaki.com

[4] Click here to view www.pinnaclebusiness.com.au

[5] Click here to view Roger Hamilton’s www.wealthdynamics.com

[6] Click here to view Tarran’s site www.corporatecinderella.com.au | www.tarrandeane.com

[7] Click here to view Dale’s site www.businessblueprint.com

[8] Click here to view Taki’s site www.coachmarketingmachine.com

[9] Click here to view James’ site www.superfastbusiness.com

[10] Click here to view Greg’s site www.collective.com.au

[11] Click here to view Chris’ site www.chrisducker.com

Pledge for Parity: The Threat of Being Luke Warm #IWD

Pursue vision and rebel against being lukewarm - Image credit: Tarran Deane © I’ve encountered bias a few times – even in myself at times. The ingrained patterning of childhood that wars with maturity and heritage, dividing truth and overcoming self doubt with each new test of faith and perseverance.


PLEDGE FOR PARITY – 2016 Theme for International Women’s Day
Did you catch the Periscope interview with Patricia Arquette on #PledgeforParity recapping her now famous Oscars speech? I love that this topic remains top of mind. We need to keep speaking truth and standing in the gap for one another as women leaders.


Importantly we need to equip women leaders to seek out champions that help them articulate their value and be better negotiators.


Angela Mentis NAB Group executive of business banking in an article by Glenda Korporaal and Damon Kitney in The Australian Newspaper, says ‘in a speech to be made in Sydney on March 8, 2016… that she will argue that it is important for women to raise their profile to inspire younger women to ‘set the bar high for themselves’.


Fear is a dangerous weapon. So too is comparison. As women we toy with desire and doubt like a ship tossed in the sea. At some point we must settle it. We must determine that our lives matter. We must acknowledge that people watch our lives and how we dare to fulfil our potential.


No More Luke Warm – Be Hot or Cold. Choose.

I recall in the months leading up to me launching Corporate Cinderella in 2011, I was working my butt off to develop a brand, leading change and helping others realise their potential. It was hard work and I was seriously shifting to an entrepreneurial, disruptive model of Leadership. I was blindsided by doubt and walked out to my living room one morning. I sat in the upholstered chair, placed my smart phone on the side table and had a little chat to myself that went a little something like this….


“Who am I kidding? Maybe I should just get a job at Bunnings. I like Bunnings [it’s like Home Depot]. I’m great at customer service. I like their organic rainforest cafe too. Maybe I should get a real job,” weary and exhausted I sat bolt upright when I heard the Voice of God – no, not Morgan Freeman. He sounded a little frustrated with me, “Will you settle this?!” Oh. my.goodness. The Bible verse came to mind, and that was it for me! There was no Plan B.


To the women in our world I say, “Back yourself. Be either hot or cold. No more lukewarm. Standup for what you believe to be important. Pursue faith. Seek wisdom and make a difference. Serve others and plant yourself in a community that will build you up, challenge and inspire you!”


Suffragettes the Movie
I caught the film Suffragettes while on a recent flight from Melbourne to the Gold Coast and I was deeply, deeply moved. how can humanity abuse each other so? Male and female alike. We all have blinkers on of some sort. The film portrayed it. Deep down there is a knowing that we can be more, do more, love more.
Today more than ever we would be well placed to honour the price paid by so many others and stand for equality.


Watch My 7 Minute Conference Talk

Catch a glimpse of my Opening 7minutes of the International Women’s Day Australian Institute of Management Lunch. It was Brisbane’s largest event at the time with 1,650 women and men in attendance.


It’s a timeless message and the first PLEDGE FOR PARITY is to ourselves. How can we do this? How can we navigate uncertainty, ambiguity and arrive at a point where we stand on principles.

Watch it below:



International Women’s Day with Tarran Deane CEO Corporate Cinderella on

“Why You Do Have to Be an Iron Lady to Make Your Mark” at the AIM IWD Debate

Iron appears everywhere.

It has multiple uses. It describes people, places and behaviour:

No, not an iron-ing Lady

  • Iron man  [image slide]
  • Iron woman  [image slide]
  • Iron chef  [image slide]
  • Iron curtain  [image slide]
  • Iron rod  [image slide]
  • Iron lung  [image slide]
  • Iron maiden  [image slide]

We know that it simply means to have an iron fortitude; an enduring capacity. Iron provides the framework and scaffold for our lives.

Iron is the 6th most abundant element on the planet.

Why, only last week when I turned to my bedside table and reached aside for my trusty scientific table as only we women do, I was thrilled to discover, the symbol for iron is feminine!

Why look – iron ‘Fe” [image slide]

Female – Fe  [image slide]
How can we doubt that you are required to have an iron fortitude to make a mark?
Yet 20% of women are iron deficient! If you are iron deficient, you cannot operate to your potential. Without the right levels of iron you’re:

  • increasingly fatigued
  • unable to think straight
  • drained of energy
  • experience increased stress
  • & unfocused

It is important to supplement your life with clarity, courage, humility, wisdom and strength.
Without an iron fortitude you won’t stand the test of time. Without iron you won’t have the scaffold or framework to go the distance, to make a mark.

You must be an iron lady to make a mark.

Making a mark

Is to leave an impression, a legacy, foot prints for other people to follow.
To make a mark is to inspire, equip and empower.
It is to influence change.
It is to have your voice heard. It is to be a voice for others.
To make a MARK you need an IRON FORTITUDE

What MARK are YOU leaving?

You and I are gathered here today, celebrating International Women’s Day because other women have walked ahead of us through time.

In the face of personal opposition they brilliantly demonstrated that an iron fortitude is to be revered, not feared!
Standing on the courage of their convictions and pursuing causes greater than themselves, we too are compelled to embrace principles, courage, strength, wisdom, and confidence.

You and I will need to draw on iron fortitude everyday to make a mark.

Vote in Upcoming Elections
Elections are coming up in a few weeks time. You and I will have an opportunity to make a mark.

Why, in fact only last week I received in my letterbox a postal vote application inviting me to apply for a postal vote: “sign here” or “make my ‘mark’”

Many sisters around the world don’t have that opportunity or fail to exercise it fully.

Ensure your voice counts.

You must be an Iron Lady to Make a Mark!

Yet that doesn’t imply we’ll receive the recognition that we would like.

It’s not about being Maggie Thatcher, a former Prime Minister or a mineral magnate, it’s not about academy awards – but I love Meryl Streep

You see you and I and others like us do things day in and day out that require an iron fortitude with little recognition.

Whether you are at work, in corporate land or family land, you have a choice everyday to draw on iron fortitude that equips you to stand the test of time and be the scaffold for the people around you. To have the courage of your convictions, working together for the greater good and standing on your values.

Please understand. You will be challenged.

You will encounter opposition. You will have to make a choice.

To not lie down in the face of opposition but to ‘press on’. An iron lady who leaves a mark presses on with integrity, and purpose determined to leave a mark .

One’s life must matter.

We will stand on principle, or we will not stand at all!

That is the fortitude of an Iron Lady who Makes a Mark!”

~ Tarran Deane, is CEO of Corporate Cinderella. A Business and Theology Graduate, a passionate leadership expert, executive coach and change consultant. Wife, Mum and Step Mum, Tarran’s also a  contributor to publications including RescueACEO, Australian institute of Management, Coaching Life Australia, author of numerous resources. May 2016 marks the release of her first book “The Alphabet Principle – Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” and is available Pre-Release Orders at https://www.tarrandeane.com/alphabet/

Click Here for > Speaking Engagements with Tarran
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Take the Money & Run or Run Your Own Darn Business?


I travel a bit for my work and meet all kinds of fascinating people. 

Occassionally, I catch myself hesitating before crossing the floor to connect with a colleague if our eyes have met a couple of times over the clang of coffee cups and buzz of voices in the frequent flyer lounge.

You know what I mean, right? 

It’s the ‘I know you from somewhere’ or ‘I know who you are and if I don’t go up and say I hi I’m going to sit here all weird like until one of us breaks!’ kind of reason to start a conversation.

Fear of Rejection

Do you remember the awkwardness of school dances, waiting by the wall for someone to ask you to dance? Or raising your hand in class in case you were made fun of and you got it wrong? 

I put all that aside to approach a fellow speaker recently who had, through a gut wrenching, publicised event, achieved celebrity status and was being booked a lot through a major Speaker Bureau. I simply wanted to touch base ‘face to face’ for the first time and honour them, not for the outward signs of that day, but for the message shared on the platform. 

We introduced ourselves and started chatting…

I was reminded of Deborra-Lee Furness, Australian Actress and Adoption Advocate whose lucky husband is Hugh Jackman, spoke at a Business Chicks event on the Gold Coast. Deborra-Lee highlighted one of the things she misses the most about being well known is that while people know of her, she knows nothing of them and misses the ‘dance of getting to know people and becoming friends‘.

As my fellow Speaker, who was kot Deborra-Lee, and I danced briefly under the huge TV screen and sipped our beverages, we spoke about why we do what we do and how we approach it as Leaders and Speakers.

Want to find out what we said? 

This is where YOU run if you don’t or read on if you do.

She Takes the Money and Runs

Motivation is different for everyone, including the people on your team.

My colleague wants a certain lifestyle whether as a result of circumstance or by choice and that’s okay. My colleague is leveraging the opportunity. My colleague’s approach is transactional.

Your People are going to have various reasons for working with you as well. Some will be there for the whole show; others only for a brief performance – a cameo role. 

I’m Running a Cross Country Business and I’m Not Running Alone

In my work with clients we see it as transformational; not transactional. We’re in it for the long haul and the different seasons. 

We are a business. We aim to nurture our customers and our peers. We’re in this race together, as a team. 

It could be the same for you in your area of influence with a range of runners on your track and team. They could be operating with:

  • Different conditions
  • Different aptitudes
  • Different team members
  • Different officials
  • Different spectators
  • Different reasons to be there in the first place

When you walk away from conversations with colleagues and clients, ask yourself these important questions – not them – you. 

  • Why you running in the first place? 
  • Are you running to something or are you running away from something else?
  • How prepared are you for this Leadership race?
  • What do I need to get abfresh perspective on as Entrepreneur or Executive?
  • How are you going to adapt to the conditions if the money runs dry or your funding gets cancelled?
  • Who are the officials 
  • Who’s on your team and who’s got your back?

Different Perspectives

Some conversations serve us in most unusual ways. Don’t judge another person’s motivation, seek simply to understand it.

Next time you’re at an airport, walk across the room and start that conversation.

Oh… And keep running in your own darn lane. Forget about comparing yourself or being surprised by other people’s motivations.

You were never meant to run someone else’s race!

You know what I mean. 

There’s my flight. Gotta run!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By Tarran Deane AFAIM CEO Corporate Cinderella 

Books we recommend:

Find out about Tarran’s upcoming book “The Alphabet Principle- Your Guide to Compelling Leadership” due for Release this year.

Weekend Business Seminars with the Family

“Why I believe attending business seminars with my daughter is important,” says Tarran:

  1. shared experiences
  2. personal revelation and disrupts old thinking
  3. increased understanding of the parents | own family business
  4. exposure to cutting edge technologies and business principles
  5. provides opportunities for vision casting and possibility thinking

Why I think it’s great attending a business seminar with my Mum,” says my daughter Elle

  • I learn things that will help me start my own business once I graduate
  • I get to see Mum do her thing and understand her more
  • I can share some of the information with my friends and we all benefit.

Quite a nice way to spend the day together I say. One generation to another learning and equipping each other for life at work.