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Culture Leadership begins with Emotional intelligence -

Which Will You Choose: Door 1 or Door 2 | The Risk and Reward of Anticipation

I was having a conversation recently with a client about the power of anticipation; its risks and rewards. If you’ve had staff that have developed a reputation for being negative, moaning about changing or plain pessimistic, it’s reasonable you’d find it disappointing and frustrating.

You might be one of these Leaders, moving quickly, stumbling straight into unconscious bias and slap bang into resistance.

In a fleeting moment Resistance gives you TWO options:

Door One: Resistance that frustrates progress, erodes culture and drains you of energy.

Door Two: Resistance that provides opportunity for you to lead through the tension, grow in your capability, and dare to believe for the best in every situation.


The Risk and Reward of Anticipation

The next time you’re into the swing of a change process, delivering direction or negotiating, DECIDE beforehand how you will ANTICIPATE resistance. Wise Leaders think about what they’re thinking about, pursuing wisdom and developing their understanding of themselves – and others.

Make’s me all kinds of happy when Leaders do this. There’s great strength in being intentional and anticipating through faith in yourself AND your team

DOOR 1: your heart rate will change, you’ll be expecting a negative response from the other party/ies and you’ll be giving off all these tense vibes (not so technical word lol), and that’s what you’ll attract.

  • negativity
  • push back
  • fear
  • uncertainty
  • time delays
  • economic impact
  • poor reputation management
  • erosion of culture via gossiping
  • and all kinds of weird irrational responses from one or two problem-generators


If, however, you anticipate DOOR 2: then you’ll walk in expecting the best, geared with positive self-talk, aware that it may not be smooth sailing, but hey, “we got this people!” you’ll be:

  • honouring your stakeholders with truth
  • naming the elephant in the room
  • articulating the change and situations they may encounter, providing them with options of their own to work the plan and embrace the vision, values
  • equipping them with key phrases
  • challenging them to develop their critical thinking skills
  • developing internal leaders that have increased confidence, assertiveness and capability



The leaders that choose to walk through DOOR 2 on a regular basis, well they’re happier leaders, they know when to make the minor adjustments guarding against being emotionally hijacked, and confidently lead their teams according to company values and clever thinking.


Emotional Intelligence

Learning more about how we think empowers us as Leaders. recognising the impact of fatigue and stress on our cognitive function as it bubbles up out of our mouth, spilling out onto the relationships in our world is now a moral imperative. Too often, people have a short fuse or are bound up by fear and bias – conscious or unconscious, and don’t stop to think about what they’re thinking about. That’s a mistake.


Culture Leadership begins with Emotional intelligence -

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Ideally as Leaders you’ll be creating a safe environment to have robust conversations that promote accountability, anticipating people will walk with you, towards a shared vision. And, for those whose path may lay in a different direction, they may create a door of their own, or through due diligence and genuine care…. you may just have to show them another kind of door….


And yet, imagine if we were rewarded with the best fitting people for the role and the season of the business, simply because we thought twice about how we anticipate reactions.


With experience and wisdom, you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively, manage your own thinking and practice the power of positive anticipation.


That would indeed be a just reward.




Shall we become a little wiser, a little less ready to be offended, and a whole lot more inclined to believe the best in others? I think that makes life a whole new level of lovely.” Tarran Deane


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Change Management – Leadership Book by Tarran Deane

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Change Management can be a whole lot easier when you know how to communicate effectively with all stakeholders, you're clear on the VISION and you're resourced to deliver on it.

Fulfilling, and at times incredibly consuming, downright frustrating and challenging, many individuals find themselves torn between executing well, rapid change, limited resources and conflicting personal values. If this is you, you’re not alone!

Change Management is an ever-increasing hot topic!

In her new book “THE ALPHABET PRINCIPLE: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran Deane hits the shift key and spells out 26 short ,sharp chapters that today’s leaders must get a handle on if they’re to cut through the whispered frustrations of today and lead strategically and tactically in the fast pace of change, artificial intelligence and real life @ work.



During Change Management projects and rollouts, redundancies and evolving roles, the threats to leadership are many:

  • lack of self-awareness and identity
  • increasing sense of isolation and avoidance of real issues
  • rapid pace of change, contextual and critical
  • demands of honouring and juggling family responsibilities
  • opinions and judgements versus reconciliation and relationships
  • political correctness and offence gone made versus real conversations, grace and grit
  • chasing the numbers and losing the dream to name but a few!


It’s time to put a stake in the ground, look up, and declare “I can do better! We can do better! We are in this together and if we’re to step boldly into the future, we must get over ourselves, learn what makes each of us tick, stand on values and run towards the future, proactively bridging the gap between artificial intelligence and internal silos. It’s time for grace and grit to rise up and lead like we mean it! Every word, gesture and deed matters. Be compelling.”

Change management must stop being reactive and give considered thought to being proactive. Most focus has been on frontline and minimising union involvement or rocking the boat, while senior leaders and executives, nut out strategies behind closed doors, wanting the best for the team and broader stakeholder group, while feeling hamstrung by problem generators and squeaky wheels. We want leadership empowered, seen as real people, doing the best they can and daring to have the straight forward conversations that spell out behavioural expectations, leading to greater growth in followers, and relevant rewarding results for the business.

Working with leaders from companies and organisations like BHP, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, Pilots, Ministers, Emergency Services, Executives, Enterpreneurs and even the McDonalds Junior, highlights that change impacts us all in pretty much the same way. The difference lies in determining the stakes, having each other’s back supporting the change, delivering on instruction and debriefing effectively and appropriately.

Dealing with change management is woven throughout The Alphabet Principle. Grab your copy today so you can highlight, write in it, fold the corners over and maybe even wave it under the nose of someone at work saying “See this is what I’m talking about!”



Tarran Deane is an international leadership speaker, change consultant and executive coach who knows what it takes to lead as a former national executive of a $55million not for profit organisation and now, maverick entrepreneur. Purchase your copy of “The Alphabet Principle: Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader” at while stocks last!


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Daniel Mangion


Tarran’s ability to quickly understand and empathise with my business situation is a true testament of her knowledge and experience. Tarran clearly conveyed strategies that I was able to implement immediately to create a positive effect on my business and me personally.

Danielle Mackenzie

Danielle Mackenzie

General Manager Quality & Risk / LifeLine Australia

When I was offered the opportunity to have an executive coach, Tarran Deane was THE person top of mind. As a national executive in a high profile organisation, with complex dynamics, Tarran is the person who guided me through the season, who helped me clarify focus and direction and equipped me to navigate it. My team directly benefited as a result. I highly recommend every executive having a high-level Coach and Mentor. My recommendation is Tarran Deane. Brilliant.

Michelle Keenan

Clinical Nurse Coordinator / Queensland Health

"Thank you Tarran you are a brilliant Leader and Coach. I've received so many benefits from my time with Tarran, the most important were the development of resilience, confidence and emotional intelligence in my Leadership roles. Words cannot express my gratitude. I am glad you are in my corner"

Kerrie Grice

Kerrie Grice

CEO / Rural Lifestyle Options

I have had the pleasure of working with Tarran on a number of occasions and WOW seems to sum up my experience perfectly. I have benefited from one on one coaching and Senior Leadership team building workshops with Tarran where she encouraged me to understand my personal values and how these impacted my thinking and decision making when working with my team.

Ron Pauley

Faculty Librarian / University of Southern Queensland

"Imagine receiving a new appreciation of life's challenges, a deeper respect for others, and a stronger focus on personal values... Imagine gaining renewed inspiration and motivation to accept personal responsibility for leadership in work, life and family... Imagine awakening to a holistic view of, and approach to, a work-life balance that encourages evaluation and renewal of personal vision, goals and priorities... do this and you have a glimpse of the profound impact experienced when working with Tarran."

Jane Anderson

Jane Anderson

Personal Brand Expert / Jane Anderson Speaks

When someone asks me who I think is an extraordinary female leader, Tarran Dean's name is one of the first names I say. Tarran is world class, eloquent, and her genius lies in being an intentional leader, bringing the best out of others. Tarran is a true inspiration as she is the living example of what she speaks about, writes about, and coaches on. For those who are fortunate to work with Tarran, they will level up, step into their conviction and become a leader worth following.