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Which Will You Choose: Door 1 or Door 2 | The Risk and Reward of Anticipation

I was having a conversation recently with a client about the power of anticipation; its risks and rewards. If you’ve had staff that have developed a reputation for being negative, moaning about changing or plain pessimistic, it’s reasonable you’d find it disappointing and frustrating.

You might be one of these Leaders, moving quickly, stumbling straight into unconscious bias and slap bang into resistance.

In a fleeting moment Resistance gives you TWO options:

Door One: Resistance that frustrates progress, erodes culture and drains you of energy.

Door Two: Resistance that provides opportunity for you to lead through the tension, grow in your capability, and dare to believe for the best in every situation.


The Risk and Reward of Anticipation

The next time you’re into the swing of a change process, delivering direction or negotiating, DECIDE beforehand how you will ANTICIPATE resistance. Wise Leaders think about what they’re thinking about, pursuing wisdom and developing their understanding of themselves – and others.

Make’s me all kinds of happy when Leaders do this. There’s great strength in being intentional and anticipating through faith in yourself AND your team

DOOR 1: your heart rate will change, you’ll be expecting a negative response from the other party/ies and you’ll be giving off all these tense vibes (not so technical word lol), and that’s what you’ll attract.

  • negativity
  • push back
  • fear
  • uncertainty
  • time delays
  • economic impact
  • poor reputation management
  • erosion of culture via gossiping
  • and all kinds of weird irrational responses from one or two problem-generators


If, however, you anticipate DOOR 2: then you’ll walk in expecting the best, geared with positive self-talk, aware that it may not be smooth sailing, but hey, “we got this people!” you’ll be:

  • honouring your stakeholders with truth
  • naming the elephant in the room
  • articulating the change and situations they may encounter, providing them with options of their own to work the plan and embrace the vision, values
  • equipping them with key phrases
  • challenging them to develop their critical thinking skills
  • developing internal leaders that have increased confidence, assertiveness and capability



The leaders that choose to walk through DOOR 2 on a regular basis, well they’re happier leaders, they know when to make the minor adjustments guarding against being emotionally hijacked, and confidently lead their teams according to company values and clever thinking.


Emotional Intelligence

Learning more about how we think empowers us as Leaders. recognising the impact of fatigue and stress on our cognitive function as it bubbles up out of our mouth, spilling out onto the relationships in our world is now a moral imperative. Too often, people have a short fuse or are bound up by fear and bias – conscious or unconscious, and don’t stop to think about what they’re thinking about. That’s a mistake.


Culture Leadership begins with Emotional intelligence - bit.ly:TarranBooks-EmotionalIntelligenceEbook

Grab this key resource to enhance your thinking and how you anticipate communications


Ideally as Leaders you’ll be creating a safe environment to have robust conversations that promote accountability, anticipating people will walk with you, towards a shared vision. And, for those whose path may lay in a different direction, they may create a door of their own, or through due diligence and genuine care…. you may just have to show them another kind of door….


And yet, imagine if we were rewarded with the best fitting people for the role and the season of the business, simply because we thought twice about how we anticipate reactions.


With experience and wisdom, you’ll learn how to communicate more effectively, manage your own thinking and practice the power of positive anticipation.


That would indeed be a just reward.




Shall we become a little wiser, a little less ready to be offended, and a whole lot more inclined to believe the best in others? I think that makes life a whole new level of lovely.” Tarran Deane


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We work with leaders and business owners across diverse sector to increase capability, confidence and competence, deepening connection and commercial success for our clients.

Tarran is our mighty leader and we’re inspired by her passion for people and the power of connection. Everything she does is intentional – except when big dogs come up to her Jack Russell, then her alter ego is at risk of coming out.

Everyday, consistent efforts will enhance your outcomes and give you a greater sense of joy.

This is a leadership lifestyle. Not a quick fix.

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What I Learnt About Leadership & Life From a Special Effects Makeup Class

What I Learnt About Leadership From a Special Effects Makeup Class by Tarran Deane Speaker, Mentor, Executive Coach, Commentator on Life & Leadership. Visit www.tarrandeane.com

What I Learnt About Leadership from a Special Effects Makeup Class

Working remotely is part of my professional life. I catch lessons from the most interesting environments and observations.

Recently I had the opportunity to support our daughter during one of her assessments in her Special Effects Makeup Class in Brisbane. Ellie was studying the anthropology of Egyptian Makeup: it’s use and significance in the culture of the day.

I knew I had the capacity to be flexible with my work and support Elle, so we headed off to Brisbane with my laptop, all set for her class and me to work in the Student Lounge until I was needed. I was helping her (and soaking up my time with her, let’s face it!) and still getting traction on my focus areas. It got me thinking as I was surrounded by all these creative Millennials…

Leadership, Makeup Artists and the Makeup of Ancient Egyptians have a lot in common:

  1. Head First:

    We all need to be aware of why we are doing what we are doing AND the company we’re keeping when we set about our tasks. We all have ‘mini-empires’ set up between our ears, with thoughts threatening to rule and have dominion over moods and moments.

    Get your head in the game and be fully present in your role. Serve one another, see through myths (and there were a few of those in the prosthetics class next door) and pursue truth. Oh and just because you think Leadership should look or behave a certain way, think again. I’m always delightfully surprised when stereotypes are challenged.

  2. Be Aware of the Environment:

    Political, Spiritual & Economic: It matters and if it’s not influencing you, it will be influencing members of your team and your client base. Don’t be naive. Research it.

    The ancient Egyptians, male and female, believed the eye makeup they wore gave them healing powers and protected them.The same can be said about other peoples beliefs and their faith. Do a bit of reading on the different faiths; not to judge, but to learn. Be curious and seek to understand. Be prepared to confront your own bias – conscious or unconscious and reflect on what has influenced your opinions to date. Are they consciously yours or a lazy mirror of someone else’s?

  3. Skin in the Game:

    Be invested. Be prepared for people to get to know you. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the makeup chair, sitting on the high cushioned seat with the bandanna holding my long blonde hair back. My face was being examined. Skin tone, variations, patterns. It’s the same in leadership if you are prepared to be helped and supported you must be willing to take the scrutiny and feedback.People will typically look at your appearance. Your face, your eyes, your mouth. Your gestures, your movements, your hair. Are you attentive, kind, considered?

    Perceptions are being formed in nano seconds like that looping sound track in that retail store right near the food court at the local shopping centre.

  4. Raw Materials:

    Know your tools. Ellie had her range of brushes and palettes, mixing trays, combs, sponges and equipment that put her at ease so she could work through the project at hand. The Ancient Egyptians used a range of local supplies to support their efforts including malachite and galena. While the ingredients formed the khol that lined the eyes, many substances were derived from lead and provided resistance to eye infections cause from local bacteria.Where are you getting your materials from? Are they healthy for you and your team to be working with? Do you have the latest MDSS – Material Data Safety Sheets?

    by @tarrandeane #leadership #speaker

  5. Study to be Your Best:

    You can be better or be mediocre. As I worked on my laptop at the National Academy of Beauty, the students were all in prepping for the practical session by researching and confirming their knowledge of the history of the Egyptian makeup, its’ history and application.In your workplace, make a point of discovering and documenting the history. You can download the Pinterest App, scroll through Snapchat and Instagram threads, but if all you are doing is glancing and NOT studying, your skill set won’t be enhanced.

    Organisational story-telling AND the real facts – warts and all, empower individuals to deal with the real truth and carry out their work with full transparency.

    Decide: Look at the methodology of people you admire. What do you see about their character and capability, their talent and their regard for others by @tarrandeane #leadership #speaker

  6. Practice Your Skills with Different Models:

    No two workplaces or people will be the same. Be gracious, study the individuals, ask questions, build rapport, know what is shaping appearances and behaviours.As an educator of more than 20 years I know how deceptive and risky it can be to find your delivery-style groove, a treat every audience the same way, without taking into account the different learning styles people have.

    Take the images below of me with the black wig on. Some of you absolutely love it; others loathe it. Some see the eye-makeup and totally miss the deeper story or possibly think this is REALLY how I dress up for work.


  7. Review the Results and Leverage Them:

    When Ellie finished my special effects makeup she was content but not satisfied, always ready to improve. I like that in my team – that sense of continuous quality improvement, without being paralysed by perfection. Ellie’s teacher assessed, thought the eyes were brilliant, base blending was good and the photograph was taken with the accompanying black wig a’la Cleopatra-esque.

    I liked what I saw in my daughter, this creative Millennial that is forging her own path.

    The culture of their workplace was abuzz with banter over in one corner, quiet concentration in another. The natural light streaming in from a Brisbane winter 23 floors above ground was calming and gorgeous. This team of young professional makeup artists were given the opportunity to serve, nurture, lead, hone their craft, work with others and be enterprising. It felt good to be amongst them, this cohort. I am excited for them.

    Here’s How I Leveraged the Makeup, the Artistry and the History of the Egyptians and you can too in your workplace
  • Applied various filters directly in the photo gallery. Reality can be harsh, that’s a fact. Stark highshadow is just that – stark!
  • Used various photo editing apps on my iPhone including: Canva, AdobeSpark and RIPL
  • Once back in the office, I turned on the tripod lighting and took a range of stills and video that I can now splice away and insert to my hearts content
  • Created thumbnail templates, website images, quotes, and Social posts.
  • Wrote this Blog
  • And, spent time with my daughter. Now that was priceless.


And Now with a little text on the image courtesy of RIPL Pro by Tarran Deane BLOG What I Learnt About Leadership From a Special Effects Makeup Class by Tarran Deane Speaker, Mentor, Executive Coach, Commentator on Life & Leadership. Visit www.tarrandeane.com











So, next time you’re working remotely, take a look around and consider:

  1. Go in Head First
  2. Be Aware of the Environment
  3. Put Some Skin in the Game
  4. Check Out the Raw Materials
  5. Study to Be Your Best
  6. Practice Your Skills With Different Models
  7. Review the Results and Leverage Them

Now, all you have to do is Decide and Execute!




Tarran Deane is the CEO of Corporate Cinderella Leadership Development Company. Wife, Mum and Step Mum to four daughters, Tarran is a regular Commentator on life and leadership.

Consulting across diverse industries and speaking in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Auckland, Phoenix and Orlando, Tarran has presented to more than 36,000 audience members and been featured in numerous articles, blogs, podcasts and magazines

From fleeing Victoria Bus Station in London as a 17 year old, at the height of the IRA bomb raids, to walking the runway as a National Finalist in the Face of Australis, to stepping up into key influential roles in Australia’s Not for Profit sector, and now running alongside leaders from diverse industries including finance, engineering, mining, health, ministry, associations, government, private enterprise, retail, hospitality and tourism, this woman is adept at braking under speed, cornering safely and doing what she can to help others live life by design, on purpose and full throttle, so no one gets left behind.

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Got Yourself a Little Stage Fright or Performance Anxiety?

Got a little stagefright? They say public speaking is right up there in the top 10 stressors. It’s normal for even the most experienced Speaker to have that little twinge of performance anxiety.

You know what I’m talking about, right? The old adrenalin rush before you speak…In my 20’s I could feeeel the colour blush up my neck, to my cheeks and into my ears. I am so grateful for every opportunity to refine my skill and increase my ease with presenting public. Executive and c-suite roles provide great opportunities to showcase the achievements of your team or business to a wider audience.


I’m seeing more and more Leaders finding their voices and stepping into the spotlight and that’s a good thing!

Businesses are seeking recognition as disruptors and shakers of the status quo. If you have someone in house, brilliant who can coach your team to enhances their communication skills to this public persona and brand ambassador standard, hold onto them. Your firm is the exception.
What if you see a gap, you have an upcoming speaking opportunity – sitting on a panel, presenting a paper, or offering main stage speech?
Want Three Quick Things to Help You Overcome Performance Anxiety?


  1. know your stuff
  2. hone your craft,
  3. serve them well – pre, mid and post event


Here Are My Insider Secrets for the First 2 Hours Before I Go On Stage to Speak or MC:


who’s the client? why them? why you? why not you? what do you know? who are you representing when you stand up on stage? what are the stakes? Settle this ~ are you the best person for this role? are you putting the time in to know who’s in the room and nurture the audience before you even get up on stage? Few things for you to think about, right?


Before I go anywhere near the stage I know I’ve prepared. I am a subject matter expert who is skilled, competent and My content answer the Brief and delivers additional value.


I’m upholding the values of my own organisations and the code of ethics of our Peak Body, Professional Speakers Australia.


I’m physically feeling energetic and vibrant. I’m bringing the best version of me


En Route to the venue I practice vocal warm ups. I went to singing lessons with this firebrand of a teacher, all 5 foot 2 of her and gee could she belt out the ballads! Marissa taught me the ‘Ba-Si-Noor-or-rah-haaaaa’. I sing. A lot – and not always well but it makes me laugh and lifts my spirit.


If, on the random occasion a headache threatens, I’m onto it fast. I drink plenty of water 24 hours before and in the hours after my presentation – not during unless I really need it, because I don’t want to be running to the restroom with a radio mic battery pack on my belt.


My AV requirements were emailed through weeks before, with my preferred microphone listed, the details of media images, presentation formats and versions. With corporate presentations, keynotes, breakouts, panels and MC work contributing to 35% of our revenue year to date, we make sure the numbers are done, agreements signed and financial terms are signed off well in advance, so we can focus on the upcoming delivery.


  • Need an AV Checklist? I’ll send you mine for inspiration. Email us here:office@corporatecinderella.com.au subject line: “AV Checklist Template Please” and we’ll send you mine for inspiration.

On the day, professional speakers are being remunerated to expertly deliver, present and facilitate. We’re not there to practice on you. We’ve been honing our craft for years before we even undertook paid engagements. This is what we do for a living. if you’ve recently spoken at your brothers wedding or a networking event, it doesn’t mean you’re ready for the main stage. There’s a lot more to do!


Here’s one of my tactics for overcoming stage fright:


I arrive with more than enough time to meet the Audio Visual Team and through sound checks. We troubleshoot dead spots in the room, looking for issues that can draw attention away from the flow of the event or cause discomfort to participants, VIPs and venue staff. I check for emerging issues with the host and PCO. I mingle with the audience, check the details and run sheet. I breathe.


Remember this fun. It’s Show Time!



As much as it’s about you, it’s actually nothing to do with you. You’re a conduit for information. Sharing key learnings, research, breaking down information into bit size chunks, in fun, informative ways. You may leverage personal stories that entice the different learnings styles, seal your authority as a goto company or individual


Where possible provide opportunity for people to continue growing and by “taking you home”. Make available resource and marketing collateral that cements your content and leave a footprint.


Engage the Audience. Embed the Learning. Extol the Host


That’s a Wrap!

Got a Little Performance Anxiety? Speaking Leadership with www.TarranDeane.com


Those three things you must remember: Prepare, Hone Your Craft and Serve Others!




Tarran is a Strategic & Operational Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach and Keynote Conference Speaker. Author of the upcoming book “The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader”, Tarran is also Queensland President for Professional Speakers Australia and Board Member for Newlife Uniting Care Services. A Wife, Mum, Ducati rider and sought after speaker at conferences in the Asia Pacific, Tarran equips leaders and executives using her Signature 7 Leadership Framework, to build connection and culture that drives business and organisational success.

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