Faith, Work & Rest – Midseason Motivation

Faith, Work & Rest – Midseason Motivation

There are messages birthed in our toughest moments. Striking the balance between faith, work and rest is so important.
Every growth season in my life, my family and my business has followed some of the toughest seasons.

Tarran Deane is an Intentional Leadership Speaker and Guest Preacher helping executives, entrepreneurs and experts to Think Right.Act Smart. Lead Better. Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Organisational Strategist and Change Consultant Australian Speaker Tarran Deane, flies from the Gold Coast or Brisbane, working with PCOs, Event & Meeting Planners in Singapore, New Zealand, USA, Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney

What are you labouring to achieve? Does it align with your values and faith? Are you doing what you can physically and then getting out of Gods way and resting? If what you’ve been doing isn’t yielding the results you expected then try something new. Be intentional. Do a little reading up and then have a fresh look at the task at hand. There may just be a better way… Order Tarran’s latest book

When we dare to put a stake in the ground, lift our gaze and truly believe Gods Word for our lives some mind blowing stuff happens.

Rest in Him.

Oh, and don’t confuse rest with apathy, laziness or disinterest. Resting in Him, studying His Word and declaring Him in the midst of the tough stuff makes the tough stuff not so tough anymore and your capability and character is refined for the next season of your growth.

Your productivity increases, your relationships are stronger, your communication is clearer and your outcomes are tracking in the right direction.

Right now, at this point in time, how ready are you for the next season?

Faith, Work and Rest.

Prepare baby, this year isn’t done yet!

Tarran Deane is an Intentional Leadership Speaker, Executive Coach, Guest Preacher, Author & Organisational Strategist. To enquire about Tarran speaking at your next event or executive coaching for you or your team contact Paula or Charlotte:
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