Recognise and Reward Publically

Recognise and reward others publicly and privately. Correct in Private.

I popped into the airconditioned McDonalds after Church recently. My husband was on shift, and I had an hour to pass before picking a colleague up from the nearby airport.

As I waited in line to place my coffee order I observed the supervisor, the busy drive-through, and smiled at the young cashier greeting the family in front of me, as the previous customers walked to their seats. People are an interesting study.

This isn’t about finding fault, but rather looking at ways we can ‘build each other up’ rather than unintentionally ‘tear them down’, be it in public or in private.

The Supervisor kindly delivered the previous customer’s completed order to their table, discovering the drink items weren’t on the docket she had on the tray. Wrong docket.

In the Supervisor’s haste to correct an oversight, she corrected the cashier in front of the new customers being served.

I could see the young cashier quietly retreating into herself as the red blush crept up her neck and my heart went out to her.

I wished the Supervisor had demonstrated an awareness that her comments had publically shamed this young worker.

There’s a better way to enhance a process bring about change, place value on others and demonstrate dignity.




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