MC Review of #CMAConfidentMinistry in a Complex World, June 2017

How MCing Improves Your Organisation, Capacity to Think on Your Feet and Readiness to Serve!

You recognise it don’t you when you walk into a room and the atmosphere is welcoming? That’s how I felt one recent Tuesday morning in Melbourne, as I was greeted by the team from CMA.

A hive of activity was underway as all their months of planning was coming to fruition. The front line of service and defense… the Registration Desk.

This was the first time in their 15 year history they’ve had a social media handle AND a lone female MC hosting the two conference. An absolute delight to be entrusted with the organisers runsheets and much loved speakers and stakeholders.

Please enjoy wondering through the tweets from the conference and also some of the photos taken to capture the spirit of the event.




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