The Right Speaker, With the Right Message Can Create Lasting Change

Organising events is a big deal and we understand a lot rides on the success of the events – from the theme to the colour scheme, to the food and beverage, the timing and the technology, the content and community, but nothing underpins success quite like choosing a Speaker that gets you!

Tarran Deane is obsessed with communication and connection in the workplace to drive change and empower Leaders. With clearly defined workplace values and healthy cultures, both individuals and organisations prosper.

The alternative? Participation, performance, and people decline. Cultures erode and problem generators emerge.

Helping Leaders Lead, is the commitment of Corporate Cinderella CEO & Founder, Tarran Deane.

Let’s put some information at your finger tips that will kick start the conversation with Tarran and the Corporate Cinderella Team:

What You’ll Find Here: 

  1. Watch Tarran in Action
  2. About Tarran Deane
  3. Most Requested Leadership Topics
  4. Delivery Types Keynotes | MC | Facilitation
  5. Fee Indications
  6. Sample Client List
  7. The Value Our Clients Have Gained – in their words
  8. Memberships & Affiliations
  9. Pre-Program Questionnaire
  10. FAQs
  11. Speaker Package | Downloadable PDF to share with your committee or upline
  12. Contact Us to Make your Enquiry



1. Watch Tarran in Action: See Tarran Present

Click here to visit Corporate Cinderella TV and catch some of Tarran’s presentation footage


2. About Tarran Deane 

Want a Speaker your audience, client and brand are safe with? Absolutely! That’s why our clients include leading entities like Malaysian Institute of Accountants, Women’s Institute of Management Malaysia, Australian Institute of Management, Professional Speakers Australia, Team Management Systems (Australia), Griffith University, Women in Tourism Gold Coast, the Local Government Association of Tasmania, Women’s Institute of Malaysia, Global Events Asia, SpeakerBook Bureau and more, choose Tarran.

Tarran’s presented to close to 36,000 audience members in the last 3 years. Tarran also co-hosts “The Awesome Show” Leadership podcast with colleague Russell Pearson, and personally serves listeners and social media connections of more than 7,000 people. Tarran is featured on the pre-launch edition of Apple TV in the #Inspired category for the worlds first live streaming small business channel, Business Blueprint, reaching viewers in more than 83 countries around the globe. That’s very cool.

Tarran’s Klout Score is in the Top 10% of Leadership social influencers worldwide and a regular commentator on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Tarran also uses video for client engagements and strategically uses tools like Periscope to engage community.

Catch a glimpse of the reason Tarran resonates with audiences around the globe…


Combining more than 41,000 hours in Leadership, with a heart to serve, Tarran’s presentations inform, inspire and equip Leaders to shake the status quo!

Call us today to explore working together: +61 (0)417 654305


3. Most Requested Leadership Topics ~ DRAWN FROM TARRAN’S “SIgnature 7 Leadership FRamework (c)”


  • ACCELERATED LEADERSHIP: The power of vision, courage and capability to increase traction, reduce risk and propel performance
  • SPEED LEADING: How You Can Build Rapport, Set Direction, Get to Where You’re Going When the Rubber Meets the Road
  • EDUCATION: How 5 Little Letters Underpin Every Word You Speak, Decision You Make and Action You Take!
  • RESOLVE: Building Strong Leaders to Unite People and Deal With Problem Generators in 28 Days
  • MANAGING YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION: A Blueprint for Graduates, Managers & Executives to Build Profile, Performance and Profitability for You & Your Employer.
  • Breakouts & Keynotes Based on: The Alphabet Principle ~ Your A-Z Guide to Being a Compelling Leader drawn from Tarran’s NEW BOOK by the same name Order Your Copy Here


Check out these high-energy KEYNOTE Topics offered by Tarran from her eDUCATIon Series:

Keynote "Accelerated Leadership" by Tarran Deane _ eDUCATIon Speaking Topics by Keynote "Speed Leading" by Tarran Deane _ eDUCATIon Speaking Topics by









4. Delivery Types Keynotes | MC | Facilitation | PANELLIST


Tarran is a gifted communicator with capacity to draw all the threads of an event together, and create a seamless experience for the audience member.

Contact Tarran and the team with your enquiry today: +61 (0)417 654305



Tarran’s expertise is in 7 key areas of Leadership, drawn from real life leadership appointments across banking and finance, education and training, human services, entrepreneurship and strategic partnerships with NGOs, NFPs and government.

Thorough research, innovation and customisation guarantees a tailored experience to suit your theme and produce measurable outcomes for your event.

For your tailored package and information, contact our team on +61 (0)417 654305 and book a Complimentary Call with Tarran.

Tailored solutions start from:

Placing Value on Intellectual Property and helping inform the marketplace. As a sample you'll find listed Tarran's 2015 Indicative Fee's for a range of presentation options.

Placing Value on Intellectual Property and helping inform the marketplace.
As a sample you’ll find listed Tarran’s 2016 Fee’s for a range of presentation options.



6. SAMPLE Client List

Tarran has appeared in Media or at Conferences and Events for the following recognised organisations and is often called up to speak with associations, peak bodies, corporate inhouse events, education bodies, private enterprise and more.
Leadership Speaker, Change Strategist & Executive Coach Tarran Deane has worked with these organisations. Call us today +61 (0)417 654305


7. the value our clients have gained ~ in their words





  • Australian Institute of Management
  • Business Chicks (New York)
  • Professional Speakers Australia
  • National Speakers Association of America
  • Global Speakers Federation
  • Global Speakers Network
  • eSpeakers
  • Harvard Business Review
  • Leadership Think Tank


9. Pre-Program Questionnaire

Our 2017 Speaker Pre-Program Questionnaire is the foundation piece to our Relationship Agreement, in the likely event we progress working together.

Our Team will guide you through the specifics including:

  • Proposed Date | Day | Time | Duration
  • Location
  • Audience Profile | Numbers | Diversity
  • Core Theme | Focus
  • Travel | Accommodation
  • Key Decision-Makers

Simply call us to explore availability and fit, on +61 417 654305 or email


10. FAQs

If you’re a professional conference organiser you’ll be well versed in the range of Speaker Fees and the points of difference between Presenters and the packages they offer. 

We recognised some frequently asked questions and penned this blog to help new PCO’s and inHouse Event Organisers feel more comfortable when making enquiries. If you can think of some other questions we could answer, contact our Team: +61 (0)417 654305


11. Speaker Package | Request the PDF just for You & YOur committee

We prepare a tailored Speaker Package for your event that includes Tarran’s most requested Keynotes, Workshops and Events. Simply call us to obtain your copy on +61 (0)417 654305


12. lodge Your Enquiry

Contact Tarran and the Team today through:

P. +61 (0)417 654305