Attention Please. HuHmmmm…. Step Forward

Think Right. Act Smart. Lead Better

The phrase “It’s Hard to Be Strategic When Your Hair’s On Fire,” struck a chord with many participants at the recent event. After a brief introduction and setting the scene, we acknowledged some home truths about change and the demands of work crowding in on our ability to pause and think critically about how we make decisions, form opinions and lead like we mean it.

A quick look at the Sudoku grid was enough to make us laugh at ourselves. No one in the room said they had mastered it. Leadership is much the same….

I reassured the guests there’d be no role-playing before bringing everyone forward to take a close look at one particular slide and the physical impact of change on people.

We’re Making the Slide Available to You Too!

If You Want a Copy of the Change Cycle Flowchart. Click to Request >

If You Want a Copy of the Change Cycle Flowchart. Click to Request >

If you want a copy of the “Change Cycle Flowchart PDF” Request Your Download HERE.

Often, we hear the murmurings of colleagues and wish they’d just get their act together, or that we could just catch our breath before the next wave of change.

Maybe you’re not incompetent, slacking off or disengaged. Perhaps you just need to see where you’re going so you can think more clearly about the changes ahead and make decisions more wisely.

Pulse Check Please

Critical Thinking happens best when you can do a pulse check on yourself and your team and understand where everyone is at. This is real leadership in action – facing the white elephants and encouraging people to take responsibility and communicate how they’re responding to the current ‘business as usual model’ before embarking on anything else.

Exploring the Change Cycle Flowchart slide reveals how changes – good or bad – can be unsettling, bring physical and emotional ramifications that impact individuals and ultimately cost our people and our practice.

Imagine what that Cycle Flowchart would look like in your business if you brought every person together and they plotted where they see themselves on that chart BEFORE you attempted to roll out changes in function, practice or processes. It’s a huge consideration when it comes to strategic and operational planning and could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in stress claims, injury or lost productivity.

Think critically before you sit down to design change and research where everyone is at. in a climate of rapid innovation the one thing we can innovate is “our capacity to demonstrate empathy and genuinely connect,” Gerd Leonhard, Futurist.

Down to Business

We work with organisations just like yours to come alongside and lead change effectively. We do so in a few ways:

  1. In a consulting capacity we explore the current status and co-design
  2. In c-suite and senior leadership team group or individual executive coaching programs
  3. With inHouse Training Programs for senior leaders, emerging leaders and teams. These training programs may be led by Tarran or our inHouse Educator Karen.

In the conference and seminar space you’ll find me sharing on a variety of stages leading the conversation in 7 areas of Leadership:

  • Personal – follow this topic on Sundays on social
  • Toolbox – follow this topic on Mondays
  • Strategic – follow this topic on Tuesdays
  • Culture – follow this topic on Wednesdays
  • Speaking – follow this topic on Thursdays
  • Online – follow this topic on Fridays
  • Family – follow this topic on Saturdays

For recent event participants:

My hope as a result of the Event is that you TAKE ACTION. Here’s how you can do so:

  • Complete your 90 day action card and make it your business to combine faith and works, executing on ideas and intention.
  • Consider learning and development opportunities for yourself and your leadership team


Remember you can request your download of the “Change Cycle Flowchart PDF” when you click HERE.

Once downloaded, print and stick as a poster in your lunchroom or laminate and keep as a reminder that you are responsible for your life, your actions and inactions.

I am cheering you on. Let’s do this!